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CuboDrom company profile, services and case studies

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Cubodrom profile

  1. 1. CuboDrom Dive into the data… CuboDrom
  2. 2. How can we help you CuboDrom We can discover data around you: • Whether data governance succeeds in linking data with business activities - what data is required when and what would be the impact of a violation • What are the top 10 defective records you need to resolve right now - list of top data defects by business area with justification of priority • How is the performance of the data management is measured - ability to deliver data in accordance with the business requirements Or we can coach you do it by yourself
  3. 3. Our Services - Data analysis from social networks CuboDrom • Customers segmentation • Predictive analytics • Sentiment analysis • Predict customer behavior Solution Hadoop-based analysis provides the ability to: • Find the events in the client streams, identify needed reaction • Propose a product to a client, based on his interests Business Challenge Knowing the actual customer reaction to products is essential for business growth, but it’s difficult to get valuable insights. Social media is the place where customer really share their opinion
  4. 4. Our Services - Classic Data Warehouse CuboDrom • Requirements gathering • Data modeling • ETL development • Reports design • End-to-end delivery
  5. 5. Case Studies - Data flow management CuboDrom Business Challenge • Sync up data between elements of company IT landscape • Have up to date information in a proper places • Prevent any latency within business processes Solution EasyMorph -based solution provides the ability to: • Transform data visually • 30+ transformations for any needs • Able to use most common data formats • Fast start & easy maintenance • Affordable pricing
  6. 6. Case Studies - Data Consolidation CuboDrom Business Challenge • Easy and clear consolidation rules • Fast access to details • Understanding reporting data • Forecasting and modeling Solution EasyMorph + Tableau / QlikView / Excel: • Rapid data profiling and prototyping • Behavioral analysis • What-if analysis • Data reconciliation • Integration with Tableau & QlikView
  7. 7. About us CuboDrom Our Mission • add value for our customers by helping them achieve their desired level of quality and safety for their products, assets and processes Everyone has more than 10 years experience in IT! Our Values • commitment to supporting and adding value for our customers, drives everything we do. We deliver innovative solutions to facilitate our customer’s success in the global marketplace. And, most importantly, we provide our customers the confidence Email: Phone: +380677640202
  8. 8. Technologies and Professionals CuboDrom INTEGRATION  Data Warehousing  Data Services  Data Migration  Master Data Management  Data Virtualization  Real-time integration SERVICES  Business analyses  Architecture design  ETL design/development  Standard and ad-hoc BI reporting  Quality assurance and testing  Maintenance and Support (L2 and L3) OUR TEAM  Strong seniority level – each of team members has not less than 15 years of overall experience in software engineering)  Each has experience in developing and architecture design of data warehouse, BI and complicated data integration projects  Good understanding and practical experience in data model design based on Inman and Kimball methodology  Dimension/Fact based architecture and customizing to database features for best performance  ETL processes design is a key point of their technical background  Cutting edge technologies like Big Data, Hadoop and no-sql databases is also the strong side of our expertise  Deep management experience of complicated data integration projects
  9. 9. Engagement Models CuboDrom • Value: People with proper skills • Most delivery risks are on client side • Value: Project executed by project team • Delivery risks are shared between client and Cubodrom • Value: Full service in particular business domain (area) based on solutions • All delivery and support risks are on Cubodrom side Client’s team extension Projects execution Managed Services CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY  Project scope, estimations and planning  Project management  Quality management SHARED RESPONSIBILITY  Project scope, estimations and planning  Project management  Quality management CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY  Provide business vision  Accept results
  10. 10. Contacts CuboDrom Address: 65000 Odessa, Ukraine Botanicheskiy Ln, office 34 Phone: +380677640202; +38661376845 Email: