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CuboDrom machine learning studio


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Different businesses and industries have their own needs and challenges, where Big Data and Machine Learning technique can provide strategic advantages:
- optimize the production process and distribution
- run basket analysis, design loyalty programs and streamline inventory management
- reduce defection through improving customer services
- gathering the findings and conclusions from the analysis

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CuboDrom machine learning studio

  1. 1. CuboDrom Mind the data… CuboDrom Machine Learning Studio
  2. 2. Reasons & Goals “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy” Hamlet Act 1, scene 5 Reasons: • discover hidden relations • build accurate forecast • get deep data insights • analyze markets and trends • social media analysis & text mining Goals: • solve complex business problems • establish right decision • select the right way of further development • choose the proper strategy CuboDrom
  3. 3. How it works 1. Get source data 2. Define the scope of analyses 3. Select proper algorithms 4. Train/customize the model 5. Evaluate the results 6. Deploy the model as a service 7. Use ML everyday ;) CuboDrom
  4. 4. Functional Details Train the model: • get train data from source • extract the features • design features transformation steps • train the model Test the model: • prepare test data • run the features extraction pipeline • run the trained model • evaluate the results CuboDrom Use the model: • develop data-service • deploy data-service to cloud • integrate process with client services
  5. 5. Technics and Solutions ML algorithms: • Classification • Regression • Decision trees, random forests,... • Recommendation • Clustering • Frequent itemsets, association rules, and sequential pattern mining ML workflow utilities: • Feature transformations • ML Pipeline construction • Model evaluation • ML persistence CuboDrom AWS Azure
  6. 6. Case Studies Business cases: • Spam Detection • Credit Card Fraud Detection • Digit Recognition • Speech Understanding • Face Detection • Product Recommendation • Medical Diagnosis • Stock Trading • Customer Segmentation • Shape Detection CuboDrom ML archetypes: • Classification • Regression • Clustering • Rule Extraction
  7. 7. Contacts Address: 65000 Odessa, Ukraine Botanicheskiy Ln, office 34 Phone: +380677640202; +38661376845 Email: CuboDrom