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100 Reasons I Want a Herman Miller Office Chair


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Editor of, Jeremy Estes, lists the 100 reasons he wants to own a Herman Miller Office Chair. First published at

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100 Reasons I Want a Herman Miller Office Chair

  2. 2. You’d think the guy with an awesome office furniture site (yes, I am talking about could have any chair he wanted. Sadly, that is not the case. I’ve wanted a Herman Miller office chair since I saw my first Aeron years ago. With releases like the Embody and the new Mirra 2, my desire to own and work from a Herman Miller has grown to the point where I’ve been hanging out at office furniture showrooms just sitting in their chairs. Without further delay, here are the 100 reasons I want a Herman Miller Office Chair: 1. The Herman Miller Embody This, to me, is THE office chair. If I were to have written a blog post called ’1 Reason I Want a Herman Miller Office Chair’, I’d have simply written about the embody. 2. I work from my computer a lot, and have never experienced the kind of chair that would allow me to do that without paying for it with pain. 3. When you see an embody up close, you almost can’t help but want to take it with you. 4. The way Herman Miller sees their customers as HUMAN is evident in the embody. 5. The embody promotes oxygen and blood flow that supposedly helps you think better while you work. 6. The Herman Miller Embody is the only piece of furniture I’ve ever seen that can claim to lower heart rate and stress. 7. The back of the chair looks like a spine. How cool is that? 8. I read about “pixelated support” on the Herman Miller website several months ago, and was intrigued at how much effort and attention was put into movement while sitting in the chair. 9. The arm rests are sizable and adjustable in more ways than any other chair I’ve seen or read about.
  3. 3. 10. The Herman Miller Aeron Herman Miller Office Chair: The Aeron I don’t think I’ve ever heard or read anyone say something negative about the Aeron. I’ve sat in plenty of crappy knock offs, though – and I find it difficult to spend much time in them. I REALLY want a real one… here’s why: 11. I’ve read dozens of tests, case studies, and reviews on the Aeron, and it’s clearly a proven ergonomic chair. 12. The Aeron is one of the few Herman Miller office chairs I’ve actually sat in, and I can attest to its comfort. 13. This is a modern chair designed for modern work. 14. I also feel that the chair was designed and built with common sense. HM Obviously realize there are a great deal of people who work in a chair ALL DAY! 15. These aren’t the crap you can pick up from Staples. I’ve got friends with Aeron chairs close to 10 years old that still feel as good as they did on day 1. 16. Herman Miller products, and the Aeron in particular, are extremely eco-friendly. 17. I mentioned above about my need for performance. I feel like the Aeron embodies that term. 18. Herman Miller Aeron Reviews Are ALWAYS Positive. I’ve never seen anyone complain about the chair. Here’s the best review I’ve ever seen on it: 19. Herman Miller Celle Herman Miller Office Chair: The Celle The first time I sat in a Celle, I thought it was an Aeron. I was at a tech conference, and when I sat in this char, I didn’t want to get up. If I absolutely can’t get my hands on an Aeron, I would love a Celle… here’s why: 20. The ventilation on the back of the chair is perfect.
  4. 4. 21. Minimal configuration required to get a near-perfect fit. 22. Very ergonomical, and easy to sit in for a long time. 23. The Celle looks really cool. 24. One of the greenest chairs around… almost 98% recyclable. 25. The temperature is perfect due to the back and cushions. 26. The Celle is built like a tank. Seriously, I saw one go down a flight of fire exit stairs and not so much as a scratch. 27. Herman Miller SAYL Herman Miller Office Chair: The SAYL 28. I haven’t sat in one of these yet, but doesn’t it look like one of the coolest chairs you’ve ever seen? 29. The “suspension bridge” technology Herman Miller talks about on their site looks like it offers a healthy range of motion for the pelvis area. 30. The chair has a good back tilt so I can lean back during those stressful moments at work. 31. The colors offered on the Herman Miller SAYL are definitely among the most creative of the other seating products they offer. I love that. 32. The SAYL is ridiculously light, making it super easy to move around. In my experience, when you get a light chair, you’re looking at a cheap chair. I don’t think that’s the case with the SAYL. 33. The shape of the back is slender towards the top, so my shoulders can move freely. 34. The curve of its back would fit the shape of my spine comfortably. 35. The arms are fully adjustable, meaning that I can sit back and watch something on my computer while resting my hands on my chin.
  5. 5. 36. Herman Miller Setu Herman Miller Office Chair: The Setu 37. Herman Miller Setu allows free movement around the office which makes it convenient to pick any item. 38. The adjustable height will allow me to enjoy any height position I desire at different times of the day. 39. The self adjusting spine will ensure my comfort due to body movement. 40. The five star base of the chair will ensure my stability as I work around my office. 41. I feel like this is the kind of chair that wouldn’t get dirty. I have kids at home, so this could be the most practical choice for the home office. 42. Its lightweight makes it portable while cleaning my office as i must lift it every now and then. 43. The higher height with most spaces it provides allows free air flow and aeration. 44. The chair is strong and durable due to the double interlocking weaving of the fibers. 45. Herman Miller Eames Chairs Herman Miller Office Chair: The Eames Executive There are actually 2 styles of Eames that make me want to own a Herman Miller office chair: the classic Times Executive, and the new Lounge (with ottoman of course) 46. Classic executive styling makes me feel like a bad ass. 47. I always feel taller than everyone else in the room sitting in this chair. 48. This chair makes me think of Mad Men, and who doesn’t wish they were Don Draper?
  6. 6. 49. I feel like if I were sitting in this chair, I could fire my father or even my grandfather. This chair was made to fire people. 50. The crazy thing about this chair, is that the older it gets, the better it feels for the person who’s sat in it the whole time. Herman Miller Office Chair: The Eames Lounge The Herman Miller Eames Lounge is quite possibly the coolest piece of furniture I’ve ever seen. I first saw it during a contest being run on There was a configuration app that let’s you choose the colors, and there are some incredible options. 51. The base and leather color options are insane. 52. So much comfort loaded into one chair. 53. When I see this chair, I think “a stylish wealthy person would sit in this.” Which is why I need one 54. This chair looks perfect for using a mobile device like an iPad while sitting in it. 55. The thing I like most and the biggest reason I want this chair, is because it has the look of already being comfortable… not like something I would have to break in. 56. Herman Miller Mirra Herman Miller Office Chair: The Mirra If I had a Mirra, writing this blog post would be a LOT easier. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had to stand up and stretch. 57. The material and padding of this chair provides comfort thus increasing my productivity level. 58. Herman Miller Mirra is adjustable thus it reduces the occurrence of chronic back pain that I get from my junky office depot brand chair.
  7. 7. 59. The chair is designed with porous and breathable material and has holes allowing airflow to the parts of the body that is contact with the chair. 60. Since am an environmental conscious, I feel comfortable sitting in a chair that is made from more than 90% recyclable materials. 61. The pivot points at the ankle, hip and knee are naturally positioned thus allowing me to move naturally around and with ease. 62. The arm rest of the chair and its adjustable pivots suit my office and home needs. 63.The size and height of the chair reflect the full range of size and shape of all my visitors. 64. The back of the chair have unique attributes that address all my spinal needs and provide support to my spinal anatomy. 65. The base of the chair is more stable thus preventing me from falling or either hurting myself. 66. Herman Miller Mirra 2 Herman Miller Office Chair: The Mirra 2 67. The Mirra 2 is the newest Herman Miller office chair. I’m REALLY excited to see one of these… and get one 68. The Mirra 2 looks extremely easy to use. Product documentation actually states that you shouldn’t need a user manual to use the chair! 69. Herman miller Mirra 2 does not require putting adverse pressure on some body parts or too much muscular work to sit on. 70. It discourages adoption of slouched sitting postures that may hinder circulation especially in the lower leg area. 71. The chairs movable make relieves stress on the spine. This chair can be moved around the office area and prevent back injuries as a result of sitting for prolonged duration’s. 72. This chair will let me sit in any position without straining. It is designed to work well with most common office table heights and is also acceptable in most work places. 73. Being unparalleled in back support this chair is made to cradle every part of my spine and reduce muscle soreness, headache and tension.
  8. 8. 74. The Mirra 2 adjusts to your back since it has a flexible seat and back and also lumbar support. If you love reclining, the human-scale freedom that comes with the headrest is a big plus for this chair. 75. Mirra 2 is lighter with an Harmonic tilt mechanism that is designed to provide ultimate compatibility and comfort. 76. It is designed to be the most quintessential item in an office not just in design but also aesthetics, efficiency and an affordable price. 77. Over 20% lighter than the original Mirra chairs makes this piece of equipment super sustainable. 78. It comes in different colors allowing me to pick the color that most fits my office or home interior design. 79. Herman Miller Equa Chairs Herman Miller Office Chair: The Equa 2 I have to say, I’m truly surprised every company doesn’t bring AT A MINIMUM, the quality of an Equa office chair to their workforce. I know they’re not that expensive, and the quality outshines any cheap clone version out there. 80. Having trolls,the Herman Miller Equa office chair would make it easy for me to move freely while seated. 81. The adjustable features incorporated to the Herman Miller Equa chair provides selective options on how I would position myself on it to bring about the really comfort I need. Can be adjusted high or low. 82. The chairs arm rest designs offers peaceful rest of ones arm when seated. 83. Herman Miller Equa chair has a superb back support that almost guarantees comfort throughout my working session. 84. It is easy to clean as it is made of dust proof fabric. 85. I find the chair durable since it is built up of strong materials. 86. Unlike other chairs, Herman Miller Equa chairs are relatively cheaper and of good quality. 87. The chair is fashionable and presentable that would add value to any office set up. 88. The chair’s model can be multipurpose as it can fit into my home office set up and serve as a great work chair at the office. 89. The wide arm rests allow functionality if you’re on the phone or reach across your desk frequently.
  9. 9. 90. Herman Miller Ergon 3 Herman Miller Office Chair: The Ergon 3 91. Don’t let the Ergon 3 fool you. It’s a great chair because of the comfort it provides with the cushion. 92. The pocket in the cushion enhances further support to my body, so at the very least I’m not having to stand up every hour or so. 93. The high backrest will provide support for my entire body. 94. It’s adjustable to various kind of office work and will enable me undertake various duties from the same chair. 95. The chair is also adjustable for every body size and will enable me and my wife to use the same chair. 96. The waterfall front edges will allow me to stretch backwards without pressure on my thighs. 97. The armrest is soft and adjustable in more ergonomic ways than your average office chair. 98. The knee-tilt mechanism will allow me to move through various positions including stretching and inclining my back. 99. I’m a Herman Miller Office Chair Fan Boy That’s NOT me….. yet. 100. I really just want to be in that class of people who own a great Herman Miller office chair. I feel at this point that it would be an accomplishment.