R&DTV: a experiement in true sharing


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R&DTV: a experiement in true sharing

  1. 1. An experiment in true sharing
  2. 2. What is Backstage? • Encourage innovation and creativity in the 'web 2.0' space, with a particular focus to work in the UK
  3. 3. backstage is a licence • A licence similar to the creative commons non- commercial attribution licence but with a few extras clauses for the uk market
  4. 4. backstage is open data, feeds and api's • Champion "open culture" around the BBC and with that releasing data that can be made available on backstage
  5. 5. backstage is community • Advocate the mash-up scene, and the individuals who participate in it
  6. 6. Our inspiration
  7. 7. Why R&D TV? • Content for BBC R&D Website • Content which we owned 100% • Content we could control and licence • Content no one else knew about • Content for a long tail audience • BBC & DRM podcast : http://digg.com/d15jvz
  8. 8. Nerd TV
  9. 9. Nerd TV
  10. 10. NIN “lights in the sky” HD footage • About 405gb of HD footage available. Recorded with multiple consumer HDV cameras during three live shows: Victoria 12.05.08, Portland 12.07.08, and Sacramento 12.12.08. • This is raw, unedited, un-color-corrected HD footage. It will be primarily of interest to advanced users, who may wish to attempt to edit it together into something. It could be really interesting to see what creative users can put together using this and other fan-recorded footage.
  11. 11. Considerations
  12. 12. True sharing vs sharing? • in·tent (n-tnt) • n. • 1. Something that is intended; an aim or purpose. See Synonyms at intention. • 2. Law The state of one's mind at the time one carries out an action. • 3. Meaning; purport.
  13. 13. Licensing choices
  14. 14. Asset bundle
  15. 15. Show and Tell
  16. 16. R&D TV: Remixen mit der BBC • Ausgewählte Videos unter CC-BY-NC-Lizenz • Die BBC hat angekündigt, Bestandteile einer monatlichen Technologiesendung unter einer Creative-Commons-Lizenz zum Remixen bereitzustellen. Die technische Betreuung des R&D TV genannten Programms übernimmt die BBC- Forschungsabteilung RAD.
  17. 17. R&D TV: Remixen mit der BBC • BBC-Fans aus aller Welt dürfen sich über eine Extra-Osterüberraschung freuen. Der britische Senderriese lädt zum Remixen ein. Die erste Episode einer neuen Sendereihe über moderne Technologien wird dazu unter der Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution Lizenz V.2 zur Verfügung gestellt. Auf dem FTP- Server finden sich 5-Minuten- und 30-Minuten-Zusammenschnitte in diversen Videoformaten, darunter auch im offenen OGG-Format. In der ersten Episode kommt unter anderem Nicholas Negroponte im Interview zu Wort. • • Wie die BBC im sendereigenen Backstage Blog mitteilt, sollen im Monatsabstand weitere Folgen der Sendereihe zum Remixen bereitgestellt werden. Neben den geschnittenen Videos soll auch sämtliches Rohmaterial für die Sendungen im Internet angeboten werden. Die umfangreichen Dateien will die BBC sowohl bei Archive.org archivieren als auch über P2P Next anbieten.
  18. 18. Feedback • If this tech show is continued, it has potential to be a great resource for documentaries and tech information in general. I wish it much success and applaud BBC for taking such an initiative. Also, for this to be successful, the tech community should fully utilize the resources provided by the BBC. It’ll encourage others to release content in similar fashion. This is really good news for the Bit Torrent protocol, as well as Creative Commons licensing model. • http://torrentfreak.com/bbc-gets-ready-for-bittorrent-distribution-090409/#comment-547667
  19. 19. Feedback • Only two words to describe this (assuming this isn’t a hoax) EPIC WIN! • r3loaded • Yes, The BBC decides to join the 21st century, involving bittorrent (the de-facto web standard of video delivery!) What a great day to be british, if only they decided to use it instead of the shi**y iplayer…. • Elliot Comber • Ok, so if you combine the BBC and France what does that equal? You download a BBC show, seed it and go to jail for living in France? The world is getting loopier everyday. Someone please stop the madness. • Fredd
  20. 20. Feedback • The first thing to understand is that the BBC doesn't automatically own the rights to everything it broadcasts, even within the UK. For stuff they own the rights to totally, they generally don't seem to give two hoots what people do with it and are willing to actively encourage people to play around with it. But just because the BBC may have been the first broadcaster of a work doesn't mean they own the exclusive rights to do with as they want. • d'artagnan
  21. 21. On-line norms • PLEASE KEEP ASKING FOR ADVICE if you need it. The biggest problem with broadcasters trying to branch out into new media is they don’t take the time and effort to engage with the p2p scene to learn the unofficial rules and customs. • As noted above, if you discover an error in your release the correct way to rectify it is to fix the editing and release the new file with the word PROPER in the file name. • For your reference, we use File.Names.With.Dots because not all systems correctly read spaces and will sometimes screw up the file name so that%20it%20becomes%20hard%20to%20read • http://torrentfreak.com/bbc-gets-ready-for-bittorrent-distribution-090409/#comment-547909
  22. 22. Future of the sharing economy?
  23. 23. Thanks... any questions? Ian Forrester : Senior Backstage Producer backstage.bbc.co.uk