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Living room of the future at my data 2018


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Using Data Ethically to Create Future Media Experiences in Social Environments

The Living Room is highly private, yet equally social and collaborative space. We are envisioning how smart objects (and their accompanying personal data) can influence highly customised media experiences. The living room of the future (LROF) explores future immersive media experiences that are driven by contextual data which are personal yet social.

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Living room of the future at my data 2018

  1. 1. @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil Living Room of The Future Ian Forrester Lianne Kerlin Neelima Sailaja @cubicgarden @lianne_K123 @neelimasunil
  2. 2. The Living Room of the Future ...Is an environment that is both driven by and adapts to personal data @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  3. 3. How does it work? It uses various IOT objects in the living room use personal data to personalise the media experience @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  4. 4. Why the living room? It’s a connected and shared environment Sensitive and private area Existing social hierarchies Small audience (personalisation within small groups) @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  5. 5. @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  6. 6. @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @Neelimasunhil What IOT objects?
  7. 7. How is it created? OBM Adaptive media HDI databox IOT Physical devices @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil -
  8. 8. Databox Databox has its origins in an emerging school of thought called ‘Human Data Interaction’ which sees personal data as an object in its own right rather than a by-product of our mundane interactions with third parties, systems and services @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil -
  9. 9. More than an experience @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil | | ● Two aims ○ Future data driven media experience ○ Research probe
  10. 10. Exploring attitudes @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil | | ● Human Data Interaction (HDI) ● Shared data experience ● Trusted data platform ○ Separation of Concerns
  11. 11. Designing the experience @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil |
  12. 12. Using an ethical design approach @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil | Guided by key questions: ○ How to communicate a change in the environment? ○ How to communicate the data driving this change?
  13. 13. @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil | HDI elements
  14. 14. Aligning together
  15. 15. @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil Feedback from the room
  16. 16. Offering transparency @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  17. 17. In a data receipt @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  18. 18. What was the feedback?
  19. 19. The experience was... … A Novelty ‘’A mad experience’’ ‘’A different experience’’ @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  20. 20. The experience was... … Ambient ‘’I loved the lights. they added to the ambience of the film’’ @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  21. 21. The experience was... … Stimulating ‘‘Alerting’’ ‘’The experience was a bit busy (particularly lights) which would be distracting’’ @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  22. 22. The experience was... ...Interactive ‘’I like it. Get to see your movement and what you do’’ ‘’Living room responding to a film is amazing’’ ‘’As things happen in the film the environment changes as well’’ @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  23. 23. What have we found? @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  24. 24. A “magical” experience @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil ...Immersive, engaging, nostalgic Self-reflection. Eg., Quantified Self Kitchen. Eg., CAKE that helps with cooking
  25. 25. Concerns over privacy @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil ….“Scary”, “Creepy”, “Being watched” Sensitivity in the Context of the Home Data Sharing with Third Parties “Organisations pushing in” Lack of Transparency “Suddenly the couch became suspicious”.
  26. 26. Agency Concerns @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil ….“Maybe if it was more controlled by the user itself instead of, like, someone else having control over it [P36] ” Need for Negotiability Binary to Granular Choices Need for Active and Informed Data Control Provision of Freedom. Eg., Filter Bubbles Autonomy over ones life
  27. 27. Trust @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil ….Privacy + Agency Concerns = Loss of Trust Lack of Control and Transparency Loss of Trust in Personalised Services Risks : Hacking/ Unethical data use
  28. 28. How to respond? @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil Legally Compliant Socially Accountable Ethically Considerate data practices ….HDI, Design, Implement through technology, DataBox
  29. 29. Just getting started... @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  30. 30. Coming to London’s V&A Museum @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil | |
  31. 31. Living space of the future 2... @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil
  32. 32. Living room of the future Ian Forrester Lianne Kerlin Neelima Sailaja @cubicgarden @lianne_K123 @neelimasunil @cubicgarden | @lianne_k123 | @neelimasunil