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Afrotech 2018 keynote : Diversity and the joy of being different


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A take a look at the external and internal challenges of diversity, why it matters, examples of progress and practical steps.

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Afrotech 2018 keynote : Diversity and the joy of being different

  1. 1. Ian Forrester Senior Firestarter @cubicgarden Diversity and the joy of being different
  2. 2. I’m a black british born cis-gentleman from caribbean descent and 38 years old. Bristol born, proud dyslexic, living in Manchester. I love cities, my career, life and always mix work and pleasure together. I blog regularly, quantify work, media, health and time for self knowledge and personal understanding Hello, my name is Ian @cubicgarden |
  3. 3. @cubicgarden
  4. 4. My introduction to afrofuturism @cubicgarden |
  5. 5. Future meets the past in the crucible of the present @cubicgarden |
  6. 6. Undefined, fuzzy and DIY culture @cubicgarden |
  7. 7. Graffiti as a device for interdimensional travel @cubicgarden | |
  8. 8. @cubicgarden | Different perspectives
  9. 9. Art which takes your mind to different places @cubicgarden | Junior Tomlin
  10. 10. Afrofuturism is the antithesis of futurism @cubicgarden | Junior Tomlin
  11. 11. Influenced by afrofuturism? @cubicgarden |
  12. 12. East meets Afro @cubicgarden |
  13. 13. Alternative visions of the future @cubicgarden | |
  14. 14. Which vision? @cubicgarden | | - The tale of South Korea’s Smart Cities, Songdo and Seoul City
  15. 15. Smarts but no soul? @cubicgarden |
  16. 16. Change the future @cubicgarden | You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." - Buckminster Fuller
  17. 17. The best way to predict the future is to invent it Invent your future @cubicgarden |
  18. 18. Or live in someone’s dystopian future @cubicgarden |
  19. 19. A different worldview @cubicgarden | |
  20. 20. A different worldview @cubicgarden |
  21. 21. Diversity of the arts |
  22. 22. We know intuitively diversity matters
  23. 23. Lessons from biodiversity @cubicgarden |
  24. 24. Monoculture is a problem @cubicgarden |
  25. 25. We know intuitively diversity matters @cubicgarden |
  26. 26. We know intuitively diversity matters @cubicgarden |
  27. 27. Ability is an individual thing, diversity is a group thing @cubicgarden | The Difference - How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Societies - "Scott Page has brought to our attention a practically important proposition: diversity of viewpoints is of the greatest importance in solving the problems that face us individually and collectively. Diversity among a group of problem solvers is more important than individual excellence. Page's exposition remarkably combines lightness and breadth of knowledge with rigor and evidence." - Kenneth J. Arrow, Nobel Prize-winning economist
  28. 28. Example: Your alternative to ketchup? @cubicgarden | Generally speaking, we likely keep our ketchup in the cupboard. If you’re not British or African American from the South, you tend to keep your ketchup in the fridge. This matters because suppose you run out of ketchup you’re likely to use mayonnaise or mustard because those are things you think of when what’s next to the ketchup. If, alternatively, you’re a ketchup in the cupboard person and you run out ketchup, what’s next to the ketchup in the cupboard? Well, malt vinegar, etc.
  29. 29. Diversity is messy & breaks efficiency initially @cubicgarden |
  30. 30. Monoculture is a long term problem @cubicgarden |
  31. 31. Humanity, Geekiness and Hustle
  32. 32. Humility, Craft and Hustle @cubicgarden | |
  33. 33. What is Hustle? @cubicgarden | credit:
  34. 34. This is Hustle! @cubicgarden |
  35. 35. Enterprising person determined to succeed @cubicgarden |
  36. 36. These are experiences worth asking about @cubicgarden | Leslie Miley - “If you’re not asking that question, you’re not hiring right” I want to hear rounded individuals with different life experiences and what they’re going to bring to the table
  37. 37. Hustlers make the best entrepreneurs @cubicgarden | “Do you have to have tenacity, fortitude, a certain level of scrappiness, and most importantly, hustle?” - Marlon Nichols, Cross Culture Ventures
  38. 38. Hustlers make the best entrepreneurs @cubicgarden | We look for entrepreneurs that have a strong emotional tie to the challenge they are going after or strong domain expertise and unique experiences in the target space. We also look for a track record of hustle, the proven mentality of “I’ll do whatever it takes to win as long as it’s within legal and ethical boundaries. - Marlon Nichols
  39. 39. Let’s talk about strong domain expertise
  40. 40. Or geekness? @cubicgarden |
  41. 41. Geek culture @cubicgarden You have to know something inside out, really care for it, give it great attention and intelligent technical detail at a level boarding on obsession. Subscribe to notions of lifelong learning
  42. 42. Curiosity = Geekiness @cubicgarden |
  43. 43. Why don’t more of us identify as geeks?
  44. 44. Maybe media is saying something? @cubicgarden |
  45. 45. Where are the black geeks? @cubicgarden |
  46. 46. No black geeks here @cubicgarden |
  47. 47. Seriously, where are the black geeks? @cubicgarden
  48. 48. Differences @cubicgarden |
  49. 49. What about Coulton? @cubicgarden |
  50. 50. Remember that dance? @cubicgarden |
  51. 51. Talking about nerds... @cubicgarden |
  52. 52. Oh there is one! @cubicgarden |
  53. 53. Got to love Lord Nikon @cubicgarden |
  54. 54. Malcolm is a geek @cubicgarden |
  55. 55. “There are different types of black people” @cubicgarden |
  56. 56. Black geeky conversations finally @cubicgarden | |
  57. 57. What are you geeky about? @cubicgarden
  58. 58. Humanity
  59. 59. The internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had - said eric schmidt (CEO google) @cubicgarden |
  60. 60. We need to think/act more humanely @cubicgarden |
  61. 61. Rich, educated and connected @cubicgarden | | “...There is a new class forming and they are rich, educated, and connected. They are also feared, with their weird geeky glasses, electric cars, and new data ethic. They use cafes as workplaces, bars to conduct meetings, and workplaces to “chillax“. They don’t believe in business hierarchies and believe you can quantify everything from relationships to sex. They may even be right. But more troubling is they’re most likely white or asian men” - Ian Forrester
  62. 62. Code and algorithms define our world @cubicgarden |
  63. 63. It’s already started @cubicgarden | |
  64. 64. Where’s the humanity? @cubicgarden |
  65. 65. Embedded bias into algorithms @cubicgarden | |
  66. 66. Embedded bias into algorithms |
  67. 67. Future defined by a narrow few @cubicgarden | |
  68. 68. Do you see happy families? @cubicgarden |
  69. 69. The ugly truth about diversity in tech @cubicgarden |
  70. 70. Everybody knows it’s such a problem @cubicgarden |
  71. 71. Silicon valley’s lost its humanity? | Mark Zuckerberg is “deluded” by his own faith in Facebook’s ability to be a force for good in the world.
  72. 72. Silicon valley has a diversity problem @cubicgarden |
  73. 73. What is unconscious bias? @cubicgarden |
  74. 74. Monoculture is a problem @cubicgarden |
  75. 75. Diversity in Tech? @cubicgarden |
  76. 76. Diversity in Tech? @cubicgarden |
  77. 77. Diversity at the top? @cubicgarden | In a one-and-a-half year long investigation,CNN Money probed 20 of the most influential technology companies in the U.S. Racial minorities and women are generally underrepresented in management roles. Those roles are typically dominated by white and Asian men
  78. 78. What about the UK? @cubicgarden | In April, all UK companies and public sector organisations with 250 or more employees have to report gender diversity data, including the difference between median and mean salaries, wages and bonuses, as well as the gap at different pay scales. However, businesses will not have to break down these figures by profession
  79. 79. Polarisation of the mainstream
  80. 80. I was not a big fan of the BBC @cubicgarden |
  81. 81. What happened to diversity? @cubicgarden
  82. 82. @cubicgarden |
  83. 83. Do we trust the Zuckerberg’s? | “Mark Zuckerberg is “deluded” by his own faith in Facebook’s ability to be a force for good in the world” - Noam Cohen
  84. 84. Silicon valley, disruption and neoliberalism @cubicgarden | | “Smart guys like Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Mark Zuckerberg fell in love with a radically individualistic ideal and then mainstreamed it. With these very rich men leading the way, unions, libraries, public schools, common courtesy, and even government itself have been pushed aside to make way for supposedly efficient market-based encounters via the Internet” - Noam Cohen
  85. 85. @cubicgarden | A more diverse internet for all?
  86. 86. Mozilla Internet health report @cubicgarden | Openness | Digital Inclusion | Decentralisation Privacy & Security | Web Literacy
  87. 87. Public service internet @cubicgarden | |
  88. 88. What is public service in the internet age? @cubicgarden | |
  89. 89. Understanding and collaboration @cubicgarden
  90. 90. @cubicgarden | Belief that when one shines, everyone does Collaboration, not competition
  91. 91. My liberation as a man is tied to yours as a woman @cubicgarden |
  92. 92. Be the lasting change, you want to see...
  93. 93. Power, corruption and short-term focus @cubicgarden | “If I were starting now,” he told an interviewer in 2011, “I just would have stayed in Boston, I think,” before adding: “There are aspects of the culture out here where I think it still is a little bit short-term focused in a way that bothers me.
  94. 94. The sharing economy? @cubicgarden |
  95. 95. #Airbnbwhileblack @cubicgarden | |
  96. 96. Opportunity knocks @cubicgarden |
  97. 97. Opportunity to make a point @cubicgarden | |
  98. 98. Duvernay & Bechdel tests @cubicgarden | | There have to be at least two minorities in the film Who to talk to each other About something other than a white person
  99. 99. Diversity means sustainability @cubicgarden | | Leslie Miley “I’ve read studies about having diverse teams impacting efficiency and I think that’s absolutely the case in most cases. However we should all be trying to get better, if getting better means you have to be uncomfortable for a little while, you know what? So be it!” - Leslie Miley, previous twitter engineering manager
  100. 100. Be your ancestors wildest dreams
  101. 101. Change the narrative, change the future @cubicgarden | - The danger of a single story | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  102. 102. Exploring the future outside the west @cubicgarden |
  103. 103. Reinventing in the open @cubicgarden | |
  104. 104. Humanity, Geekness and Hustle @cubicgarden
  105. 105. Change is coming, slowly but surely... @cubicgarden |
  106. 106. Find others to collaborate with, here! @cubicgarden
  107. 107. @cubicgarden | Sometimes I forget my world is not the mainstream (yet) - Eric Nehrlich Ian Forrester @cubicgarden Thank you for listening, questions #ama?