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Start Online Grocery Delivery Business With Big Basket Clone

Start making innumerable profits in your new grocery delivery venture with the white-labelled and customizable BigBasket clone. for more info visit:

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Start Online Grocery Delivery Business With Big Basket Clone

  1. 1. Start a Profitable Grocery Delivery Business With the Big Basket Clone
  2. 2. About Big Basket Clone ❖ Built with the tinge of the popular on demand grocery delivery app from India BigBasket comes the customizable and white-labelled BigBasket clone that will help you kickstart your new grocery delivery business with utmost panache as well as efficiency. ❖ Being customizable in nature and built following the latest marketing trends and latest tech stack, the clone will help you update the services based on your changing business needs and also attract maximum customers towards the services you offer and deliver fast grocery delivery services..
  3. 3. How Does it Work? ❖ Enter the app and provide location details ❖ Get a list of grocery stores nearby and tap on the store meeting your needs ❖ Tap on the items you need and thereupon place the order for the same stating the date and time when you need the order and the address where you need the order and pay for the delivery ❖ Get order confirmed and track the delivery ❖ Get notified on arrival of order and provide feedback and rating
  4. 4. Kick Start Your On Demand Grocery Delivery Business ❖ Identify the features you will integrate to accelerate the way you deliver grocery ❖ Locate the platform - iOS or Android where you will capture maximum customers ❖ Identify the services your business will offer ❖ Incorporate the tools you will incorporate to help your delivery drivers as well as customers in the best possible manner.
  5. 5. Latest Features of Grocery Delivery App ❖ VOIP Based Call Masking ❖ Scan Credit Card for Payment ❖ Membership Subscription Plan ❖ Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer ❖ Mark Store as Favourite
  6. 6. Benefits of Grocery Delivery App ❖ Quick and Efficient Grocery Delivery ❖ Easy Tool for Delivery Drivers to get an idea of Job Requests they receive and make deliveries with ease. ❖ Efficient Medium for the industry to manage all the delivery requests, the profits they make, dispatch the deliveries, update the items present, their opening and closing time, etc. to name a few.
  7. 7. Why Bigbasket Clone is the Best Grocery Store in 2020? ❖ Customizable in nature thereby supporting the business owner to update the services their grocery business will offer based on changing business needs. ❖ Built in adherence to latest marketing trends thereby ensuring business owner attracts maximum customers towards the services they offer. ❖ Developed with the latest tech stack thereby ensuring business owner delivers fast services at all times.
  8. 8. Thanks.. Contact us.. GLOBAL: +1 (858) 427-0668