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Deliver anything with Sendy delivery app clone


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Launch your own sendy app clone in Kenya and start your delivery business with your language and currency. For more detail visit here:

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Deliver anything with Sendy delivery app clone

  1. 1. Deliver anything with the Sendy delivery app clone
  2. 2. Why use Sendy app for the Delivery? There are 4 reasons to use the app. ● Deliver anywhere, anytime. ● Get to know the cost of your delivery up front. ● Track your parcel in real time. ● All delivery package is under the insurance. More than 4000 business across Kenya people trust the delivery app.
  3. 3. How does parcel delivery app work? ● Pick the location of the delivery: Choose pickup and destinations and get the price quote. ● Book delivery: goods via motorcycle, pickup, van or truck. ● Track your driver with real-time delivery.
  4. 4. What type of the items you can send? ● Documents, Books, Letters, Cheques, Keys, Logbooks, Boxes. ● Grocery, Fashion, Clothes, Handbags, Bracelets. ● Electronics, Phones, Laptops, Cables, Chargers, Printers, Cameras. ● Tools, Furniture, Car Parts, Repairs. ● Medicine, Personal Care, Hygiene Article, Shampoo.
  5. 5. Want to build On demand parcel delivery app like Sendy? Advanced features of Uber delivery app ● Licensed source code ● 12 Month support ● White Labeling ● NDA & Privacy Policy ● Language of your choice ● 1 upgrade ● The currency of your choice ● Localization ● Wallet, Credit Card & Cash
  6. 6. Contact us to build business in Kenya +1 (858) 427-0668 (Worldwide)