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On demand electric scooter app like bird


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Start on demand electric scooter business, an Eco friendly system. Launch your own app like Bird for Android and iOS with free installation Contact us to build Bird app clone:

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On demand electric scooter app like bird

  1. 1. On Demand Electric Scooter App like Bird
  2. 2. About the electric scooter company Bird The bird is a scooter share company. Based in Santa Monica, California in 2018. The bird is one of the top 50 Genius companies of the Time Magazine. Bird Scooter company founded in 2017 and founder is Travis VanderZanden
  3. 3. Know what Bird's plan for 2019 Bird's CEO VanderZanden says the company focusing on the unit economics of the business. They experiment with the Alibaba Models of the e-scooters, the company start creating their own e-scooters. Bird electric scooter rentals are currently active in 100+ cities and universities worldwide.
  4. 4. 1- Find e-scooter and Unlock (scan the QR code) 2- Safe Riding (provides the helmet to stay safe while you ride) 3- Start Bird (Stand on the scooter, push-off then press the button with the thumb to ride 4- Foot Placement (place both footsteps while riding) 5- Where to Ride (There are some guidelines, not to sidewalks, ride on the lanes.) 6- Break (squeeze brake with the left hand to slow down) 7- End Ride (end ride with tapping end) How e-scooter works?
  5. 5. Planning to star e-scooter business? If you wish to start a business with a mobile application, you must need to know the market requirement. Also with the very unique features to make business successful and stand out in the growing competition. one of the great company v3cube build the successful app within the 3-4 days and also provides best services
  6. 6. Contact us to build successful business +1 (858) 427-0668 (World Wide)