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Gojek clone app shark package


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Build the business like gojek and launch different services in your area. On demand, taxi and other services included. Know more...

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Gojek clone app shark package

  1. 1. Gojek Clone App Shark Package
  2. 2. ➢ Gojek Clone App shark package is the biggest and most comprehensive multiple on demand service provider app in the market ➢ Shark Package is a single solution for all entrepreneurs who want to make the most of the digital wave. ➢ This app features taxi rides, delivery services, moto rides, rental services, taxi hailing, X to Y location, food delivery, wine delivery, grocery delivery, and 52 other on demand services including doctor, fitness coach, massage therapist, dog walking and much more!
  3. 3. Shark Package Taxi Moto Common Delivery Multiple Delivery Car Two Wheeler
  4. 4. Taxi Part
  5. 5. Common Delivery Part
  6. 6. Rental Part
  7. 7. Store & Delivery Feature Food Delivery Grocery Delivery Wine Delivery Other Delivery
  8. 8. Food Delivery Part
  9. 9. Grocery Delivery Part
  10. 10. Multiple Deliveries
  11. 11. Other On Demand Services Car Wash on demand Beautician on demand Doctor On demand Other 52+ services
  12. 12. Service Provider Part
  13. 13. Contact Us to Develop Gojek Clone App Shark Package +1 (858) 427-0668 (World Wide)