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Flow of Uber Rider App Clone


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Cubetaxi presentation slides with flow of uber rider app clone. This app designed for the comfort and convenience of the riders.
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Flow of Uber Rider App Clone

  1. 1. Flow of Uber Rider App Clone
  2. 2. SplashScreen Login/Register Screen
  3. 3. Rider Pickup LocationApplicationMenu
  4. 4. SendDriver Request Driver Arriving Screen
  5. 5. Driver ArrivedScreen Trip StartedNotification Screen
  6. 6. Emergency Contact Screen Trip Completed Notification Screen
  7. 7. Invoice Detail Screen Tip Feature Screen
  8. 8. Add Destination Screen RideLater Feature
  9. 9. Trip Cancel Screen PaymentDetail Screen
  10. 10. RidePast and Upcoming history Driver & Rider Past History Screen
  11. 11. Trip Statistics Screen Rider & Driver Feedback
  12. 12. Rider Application Major Features  Licensed Source Code for Website, iPhone & Android App  Installation on Web Server  Choose any languages & currencies of your choice  Uber rider app clone to be White Labelled on your brand name  Advanced financial & analytical reports  Manual Taxi Dispatch
  13. 13. CUBETAXI.COM Contact US A 112, Mondeal Heights, SG Highway, Ahmedabad, 380015