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Pack committee full - webb


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Pack committee full - webb

  1. 1. Welcome to Position-Specific Training for Cub Committees1
  2. 2. New Leader Training Available Online or in Classroom Go to • Youth Protection • Fast Start (Previously required, recommended) • This is Scouting (Previously required, recommended) • Leader Position-Specific Training • To be followed up with monthly in-service at Roundtable2
  3. 3. Pack Leadership: Leaders Consists of: A. Direct-Contact Leaders 1. Cubmaster 2. Wolf, Bear, Webelos Den Leaders & Assts. 3. Den Chiefs - ideally each den would have one. These are boys from the Troop, Team, or Crew who earn leadership credit for upper rank advancement.3
  4. 4. Pack Leadership: Committee Consists of: B. Pack Committee 1. Chartered Organization Representative 2. Committee Members Note: One may serve as a direct-contact leader OR on the committee, but not both. (i.e. Cubmaster and Committee Chair must be 2 separate persons.)4
  5. 5. Pack Committee Positions • *Committee Chair • Outings Chair • *Comm Vice Chair – • *Membership and Primary 2nd Coun Registration Chair • Secretary/Treasurer • *Pack Trainer • *Advancement Chair • ScoutParents Unit • Public Relations Chair Coordinator * “Must Have” positions in Zion District5
  6. 6. Key Pack Committee Positions for Small Units • Note the consolidation for small units • *Committee Chair/Trainer • *Committee Vice Chair - Primary 2nd Coun (LDS) • *Advancement/Membership Chair • ScoutParents Unit Coordinator * “Must Have” positions in Zion District6
  7. 7. Roles of the Committee• Provide a force of stability for the program.• To be a support to the Cubmaster, Den Leaders, & District.• Fulfill many of the “little” but time-consuming needs.• Paper work – registration, rechartering, etc.• Advancement – online, obtain, present to boy.• Outings/Transportation.• See that the intended program is delivered.• Recommend personnel to COR as needed.• Each member should have specific responsibilities.7
  8. 8. Additional Roles of the Committee • Serves as a Board of Directors for the pack. • Pack to be under direction of the Committee (not LDS Primary). • A new leader is asked to conform to existing plans of the pack. • To have at least 5 members (3 if identified as a small unit, Zion District Requirement). • Experience has shown that a larger committee generally ensures a stronger, more stable pack.8
  9. 9. Which Comes First? • Many times we find the sponsoring organization fills the leader positions first, then starts looking for individuals to serve on the committee, almost as an afterthought. • What is wrong with this approach? • If one of the roles of the committee is to recommend personnel to the COR, then it stands to reason they ought to be the first to be called to serve, so they can fulfill this part of their task.9
  10. 10. Filling the Positions • A full organization chart would have each of these positions filled.• It is the committee’s job to recommend candidates for most of these positions to the COR, through the chair, when there are vacancies. 10
  11. 11. Duties (Job Descriptions) • The district has detailed job descriptions available. • We started with the basic job descriptions from National. • From there we added items, based on our experience. • We considered needs of the boys and their leaders. • Needs of the district and council were also addressed. • We included roles specific to LDS units. • These job descriptions are available from our District Website.11 UtahScouts.Org; Districts; Zion; Cubs
  12. 12. Some Details • Chairman - makes personnel recommendations to COR, conducts/directs monthly meeting, receives accountability reports, looks for needs, makes assignments, follows up, conducts Program Planning Conference in summer • Advancement Chair - maintains records, submits online advancement reports, obtains awards, promotes Boys Life, recommends adults to receive appropriate awards and recognition12
  13. 13. More Details • Membership Chair - registers boys and adults during the year, leads the rechartering process in September, inputs Pack data for rechartering • Pack Trainer - to be an experienced Cub leader, orients new leaders, presents short in-service at committee meetings, keeps track of leaders who have/need various types of training to deliver the program, visits with new boys and parents to introduce them to Cubbing13
  14. 14. The Pack Committee Is Supported by the: • Chartered organization • District and Council, through • District Cub Scout Roundtables • District Committee • District Training Team • Commissioners • District Executive14
  15. 15. Where Can We Find Committee Members? • Parents - Is anyone too busy for their son? • Primary Teachers (LDS units) • Consider having the Primary Secretary serve as the Membership Chair (LDS units) • Home Teachers & Visiting Teachers (LDS units) • Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, and other relatives • Non-member family friends • Older members of the sponsoring organization • People who love boys15
  16. 16. What Can Be Done If The Committee Isn’t Functioning? • Offer to help the Chair. • Talk to the Chartered Organization Representative. • Talk to the Unit Commissioner. • Suggest additional names to the Chair. • Lead out with personal service. Encourage others to do the same. • Repeat the above.16
  17. 17. Points of a Good Committee Agenda• Conducted/directed by the Chair, using a printed agenda.• Prayer, Cub Promise, Law of the Pack.• Visual review of announcements and calendar, commented on only as needed.• Trainer presents a short in-service lesson.• Cubmaster outlines successes and challenges.• Each committee member reports on their stewardship at least every other month.• Problems and needs are identified.• Committee Chair makes assignments.17
  18. 18. Agenda • Due to its importance, the Zion District has assembled an expanded one based on the skeletal one from National. • It is intended as a “Return and Report” agenda with intentional details to aid all in seeing one another’s responsibilities and how they can function as a team. • Two parts: 1) Committee and 2) Pack Planning18
  19. 19. Annual Planning in the Pack • What is it? An annual program planning conference is to be held to establish the years program based on twelve monthly themes and Webelos activity badges, along with special activities tailored to the packs needs. • Why is it held? A program planned in advance allows leaders to look ahead allowing for a well-rounded program of fun, variety, action, and purpose. • Who attends? Chair, Cubmaster (jointly responsible), den leaders, unit commissioner, and interested parents. • When is it held? In the summer, before the new school year starts.19
  20. 20. Monthly Planning in the Pack • The monthly Pack Leaders’Planning Meeting is for working on the immediate details of the annual planning. • It is held as an extension of the Committee Meeting. • Built around monthly themes from National for Wolves & Bears; activity badges for Webelos . • Themes tie Pack, Den Meetings, and Activities together for the month.20
  21. 21. Pack Leaders Planning Meeting• Conducted by the Chair• Key Components: • Evaluating the Previous Months meetings/activities • Finalizing the Current Months meetings/activities • Initial planning of the next month(s) meetings/activities • Unit Leadership Enhancements • Social Time & Fellowship 21
  22. 22. Resources Available To Help • Cub Scout Leader Book • Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide • Cub Scout Program Helps • Articles in Scouting magazine • Roundtable Meetings • District Staff • Unit Commissioner • Internet sites22
  23. 23. Cub Scout Advancement • Encouragement and recognition of achievement • Grade-related and progressive • A tool for parents23
  24. 24. Parents and Advancement: • Cub Scout parents work with their boys. • The role of parents changes - less help provided as the boy moves to older age groups. • Webelos leaders work directly with Webelos Scouts for advancement.24
  25. 25. Cub Scout Uniforming • Provides a sense of belonging • A shirt is a point of beginning • Advancement Awards are added to it • Recognition • Identification with Scouting25
  26. 26. Adult Cub Scout Leader Uniforms Leaders set uniforming example for all26
  27. 27. Cub Scout Camping • Annual day camps - provide for completion of outdoor requirements for advancement. • No Scout-sponsored overnight camping should be planned for LDS units for Cub Scouts. • 11 year olds or younger, including those whose fathers are the leaders of older groups, should not accompany older Scouts on overnight activities. • Family camping - the only overnighters approved for LDS Cubs.27
  28. 28. Parts of Cub Scout Pack Meetings • Before the meeting • Gathering • Opening • Program • Cub Scout den skits and stunts • Webelos den demonstrations • Games • Recognition • Closing • After the meeting28
  29. 29. Committee Program Support • Pack records (PackMaster?) • Recruiting boys • Advancement • Selecting leaders • Outings • Training leaders • If you dont make Boys’Life for every boy a part of your initial registration and annual Rechartering, most LDS boys will not have this valuable aid to their Cubbing experience.29
  30. 30. Summary: Role of the Pack Committee • Maintain Pack policies • Recommend Adult leadership • Plan the annual program • Plan the Pack Meetings - Pack Ldrs Planning Mtg • Support the Pack program • Support the Pack leaders • Meet monthly - with a written agenda • See that the intended program is delivered30
  31. 31. 31