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Turnbull ISTE17 BYOD Live from Here, There, & Everywhere


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#ISTE17, TouchCast, video, green screen, edtech, iOS, iPad

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Turnbull ISTE17 BYOD Live from Here, There, & Everywhere

  1. 1. Chris Turnbull @TurnbullChris Presenting Live From Here, There, & Everywhere! Create A Free Classroom Broadcast Studio
  2. 2. Chris Turnbull @TurnbullChris Presenting Live From Here, There, & Everywhere! Create A Free Classroom Broadcast Studio
  3. 3. Download TouchCast Studio App ! Free ! Download from App Store ! TouchCast Studio: Present With Smart Video
  4. 4. What is TouchCast?
  5. 5. ! Interactive video presentations ! Digital stories with role-playing ! Flipped lessons with interactive video lectures ! Newscasts by students and teachers ! Assignments to students ! Professional development ! Teacher/Principal newsletters TouchCast Uses in Education:
  6. 6. ! Sign into the app and set up your free TouchCast account TouchCast Account Creation
  7. 7. siri_miss_peregrines_home_for_peculiar_children TouchCast Examples - Student Videos
  8. 8. greta_katherine_johnson TouchCast Examples - Student Videos
  9. 9. TouchCast Examples - Student Videos
  10. 10. TouchCast Examples - Teacher Videos
  11. 11. TouchCast Examples - Principal Videos
  12. 12. ! iPad ! Good lighting ! Imagination ! Creativity What Do You Need
  13. 13. ! Green Screen ! Lighting ! iPad Document Camera Stand ! Tripod & iPad Case Equipment
  14. 14. iPad Cases ● Fit on tripod and have attachment connections ○ Padcaster ○ iOgrapher ○ Nootle
  15. 15. Iographer Case
  16. 16. Padcaster Case
  17. 17. Microphone ● Handheld ● Lapel ● Cold shoe - Attach to case
  18. 18. ! From Scratch Template ! Record one minute video of what you think of TouchCast so far! Cast Side - Let’s Make A Video
  19. 19. Cast Side - Let’s Make A Video
  20. 20. Camera Settings
  21. 21. Trimming Video
  22. 22. Exporting Video
  23. 23. Your Own Video Channel
  24. 24. Plan your TouchCast On a planning sheet write your script, which includes: narration in the teleprompter, vApps-to-be-added, whiteboard interactions, etc. Preparation before recording Paste or type the narration into the teleprompter. Bring vApps into the vApp tray. Pick your background/s, if using a green screen. Prepare titles and whiteboards. Record your clips Tap the record and pause buttons to create clips without vApps. Edit your TouchCast video. Your clips can be edited, trimmed, duplicated or deleted. You can now “add vApps” to clips and re-record them in the Studio with the vApps. You may also add titles, whiteboards and effects at this point. You can import videos from different resources or a previous project or you can go back to the studio and record more. Export and Publish When you are done, export your TouchCast and publish it to your channel. You can also choose to save it locally on your iPad. TouchCast Recording Workflow Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
  25. 25. Teleprompter ! Read the text onscreen while recording your video. ! Text does not appear in final video. ! Copy and paste or type text ! Control font color and scrolling speed
  26. 26. Green Screen Templates
  27. 27. Green Screen - Choose Your Own Background
  28. 28. Copyright Friendly Images !Pixabay -
  29. 29. Reflector 2 ! Mirror your iPad screen to a computer ! reflector/download
  30. 30. vApps: Interactive elements that live inside the video with which the viewer can interact while watching a TouchCast video. The most popular and usable vApps in education are: WebPage vApp, Google Map vApp, Photo vApp, Video vApp, Poll vApp, Question vApp, List vApp. vApps
  31. 31. ! Note: Make sure not to place vApps on presenter’s face vApp orientation - set to adjustable TouchCast Recording Workflow
  32. 32. TouchCast Recording Workflow
  33. 33. vApps- Webpage
  34. 34. Whiteboard
  35. 35. ! Tap the magnifying glass and search for a topic you are interested in. Touch Side - Let’s Search For And Watch A Video
  36. 36. iPhone Remote App Allows for remote control of iPad running TouchCast Studio app Control: ● vApps ● Titles ● Whiteboards ● Recording ● Pointer ● Teleprompter Speed
  37. 37. External Camera App
  38. 38. Questions? Chris Turnbull @TurnbullChris
  39. 39. Thank You! Chris Turnbull @TurnbullChris