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Tornado shelter in place (school safe house)


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Tornado shelter in place (school safe house)

  1. 1. SHELTERING PROCEDURE (TORNADO) EMERGENCY RESPONSE ACTION PLAN Administrator’s GuidelinePerson Approved to take First Action and Control within the building and/or district: School Building Administrators (ie: High School, Middle School, Elementary Schools, Hastings Academy) Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents (ie: District Office and District-wide) Director of Safety and Security (ie; District-wide) Director of Facilities (ie; District-wide) Others as designated by the Superintendent (Directors, etc)Person(s)/Departments to be Contacted (in order): Police Department – via 911 Fire Department District Director of Safety and Security District Director of Facilities Superintendent Public Relations Department Other School Administrators … if needed.VERBAL COMMUNICATIONS – PRECEDING THE TORNADO Directed Personnel should announce “we are to go into a Sheltering Procedure now” … this should be communicated at least once over the public address system (PA). Quicklymake contact with the Superintendent’s Office o You may assign someone as the communication person to the Superintendent’s Office. Review tornado response actions and advise trained staff teams on how to respond. Keep an en eye and ear on the National Weather Service Radio for updates. If a watch has been issued, restrict all outdoor activities and advise personnel that a watch/warning has been issued. If a weather warning has been alerted in the area, advise staff and students to take shelter in basement areas and/or interior hallways. (Keep clear of areas where windows and glass are close.) Continue to monitor the weather forecast.SAFEGUARDING THE FACILITIES – PRECEDING THE TORNADO All staff should stay where they are or report to the nearest safeguarded area. If a weather warning has been alerted in the area, staff and students should immediately proceed to take shelter by following the instructions given.OUTSIDE CLASS ACTIVITIES ON SCHOOL GROUNDS If a watch has been alerted, all outdoor activities should be restricted.VERBAL COMMUNICATIONS – AFTER THE TORNADO If there are no damages, when the “warning” is removed or the “all clear” signal is given … announce “Sheltering has been lifted and we are all clear and may go back to normal activities.” If there are damages, communication should be made to have assigned/trained staff (custodians, security, aides and/or administrators) to walk through the school campus and look for danger zones. All information should be reported to the Main Office. If damages are reported, immediately announce, “Due to damages, we will begin to a relocation (sheltering or evacuation) process … please listen to the following instructions to safe zone areas.” Tornado School Safe House Version – Tupot
  2. 2. SAFEGUARDINGTHE FACILITIES – AFTER THE TORNADO Outdoor activities may resume only when outside conditions warrant return to normal activities. (Be aware of utility lines, as well as depths of flood waters.) If there are damages, staff, students and visitors are to relocate to safe zone areas; do not allow anyone to enter any “debris” areas. If areas are deemed to be unsafe to enter, the areas must be clearly posted with a sign. If available post staff to keep people out of unsafe zones. Follow parent notification procedures. Set up parent information centers.RECORD, NOTIFY, AND DEBRIEF Review/Repair/Report any building and ground damages to the Director of Facilities. Assess if post-trauma and/or after crisis counseling is necessary. Document all case numbers by emergency services/police intervention and report case numbers to the Director of Safety and Security. Write a brief narrative detailing the tornado events, injuries and/or damages incurred and report this to the Superintendents, Director of Facility and Director of Safety and Security.Necessary Resources/Supplies & Information Needed: Speed Bag Contents Two-way radio Communications NOAA Weather Alert Station AM/FM Radio (battery powered) First Aid Kits Flashlights Building Floor Plans Caller Information Cards Emergency Telephone Roster M.S.D.S Binder Asbestos Management Plan Binder Student Information Cards Tornado School Safe House Version – Tupot
  3. 3. SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE OF RESPONSIBILITIES DURING A TORNADO: If there is a tornado, the District Office becomes the command center for the district.(Alt site: High School) Remain in contact with the police or other agencies as necessary. Notify academic cabinet members. Advise other local schools (religious schools, private, etc) in community if necessary. Notify security sub-contractors Notify Transportation Department. Out-of-district schools that students attend shall be contacted and advised to keep all students until the situation is over or under control. (Coordinated through the Superintendent’s Office) Advise board members. Advise PTA Council President (they should contact all unit presidents). Notify key communicators. Notify Insurance Company. Notify Architects (in case of damage, engineer/architect should evaluate the building before use of occupancy can be restored. Notify American Red Cross (if needed …) Notify Nassau County Office of Emergency management (OEM) Notify Nassau County BOCES Set up information centers for parent inquiries. Retain appropriate district personnel until all students have been returned home. Have available a district spokesperson to deal with the media (advise media to announce that parents should not go to their child’s school) Use Connect Ed as practical Post message and update, as needed on the school district web page. Public Relations should have a prepared statement ready for the Superintendent. Tornado School Safe House Version – Tupot