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  • Brenda Ann Spencer: 1979 Cleveland Elementary School in CA “I don’t like Mondays” 2. Cho Seung-Hui: 2007 Virginia Tech in VA 3. Dylan Klebold: 1999 Columbine In CO 4.Nate Brazill:2000 Lake Worth Middle School in FL 5. James Sheets: 2003 Red Lion Jr. High in PA 6. Eric Harris: 1999 Coumbine in CO 7. Eric Hainstock: 2008 Weston High School in WI 8. Jillian Robbins: 1996 Penn State College in PA 9. Steve Kazmireczak: 2008 Northern Illinoise University in IL 10. Robert Butler: 2011 Millard South High School in Nebraska
  • School shooting information and timeline slideshare

    1. 1. SCHOOL SAFE HOUSE School Shooting Timeline Presented by Craig S. Tupot Director of Safety and Security “Keeping Schools Safe”
    2. 2. Why do we have emergency plans? Because …
    4. 4. April 20, 1999 littleton, colorado14 students (including killers) and one teacherkilled, 23 others wounded at Columbine HighSchool in the nation’s deadliest schoolshooting. Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold,17 had plotted for a year to kill at least 500and blow up their school. At the end of theirhour-long rampage, they turned their guns onthemselves.
    5. 5. July 26, 1764 Greencastle, PAThe earliest known United States shooting to happenon school property was the Pontiac’s RebellionSchool Massacre on July 26, 1764, where fourLenape American Indians entered the schoolhousenear present-day Greencastle, PA, shot and killedschoolmaster Enoch Brown, and killed ten children.There was only two student survivors.
    6. 6. December 30, 1974 Olean, NY18-year old honor student Anthony Barbaroblockaded himself into a third story classroomat his high school and opened fire on thosebelow, killing three people and woundingeleven. He later hanged himself whileawaiting trial.
    7. 7. October 21, 1975 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada18-year old Robert Poulin opens fire on hisclass at St. Pius X High School, killing oneand wounding five before turning the gun onhimself. Poulin had raped and stabbed his 17-year old friend Kim Rabit to death prior to theIncident.
    8. 8. January 29, 1979 San Diego, CAArmed with a .22 rifle she had been given forChristmas, 17-year old Brenda Ann Spenceropened fire at Cleveland Elementary School.She wounded eight children and one policeofficer and killed two adults.
    9. 9. September 17, 1996 University Park, PAIn the Hetzel Union Building shooting at thePenn State University, 19 year old JillianRobins opened fire on students walking toclasses, killing one student and woundinganother.
    10. 10. Other School shootingsJanuary 21, 1985 - Kansas (Armed with an M-1A Semi-Automatic Rifle and a .357 Pistol,14 year old James Kearbey fatally shot his principal and wounded 3 other teachers and astudent at Goddard Junior High School.)March 2, 1987 - Missouri (After constant teasing and humiliation about his weight, NathanFerris armed himself with a pistol and killed a fellow student after he bullied him in class.He then turned the gun on himself.)September 26, 1988 - Greenwood, SC (19 year old James Wilson opened fire at GreenwoodElementary School, killing two eight year old girls and wounding nine others, seven ofwhom were children. He had been taking several psychiatric drugs at the time, includingValium, Halcion, and Xanax.)May 1, 1992 - Olivehurst, CA (Armed with a pistol, 20-year old Eric Houston took hostagesat his former high school, killing four people and wounding 10. His motives was his inabilityto find a good job due to the fact that he had failed a grade at school. He was given the deathpenalty for the shooting.)September 21, 1995 - Rochester, NY (13 year old Stephanie Givens was fatally stabbed atJefferson Middle School by a fellow student.)November 15, 1995 - Giles County, TN (Armed with a .22 Remington Viper, 17 year oldJamie Rouse walked into the Richland School and shot two teachers in the head, killing one.He then fired at the football coach, but hit a 14 year old freshman in the neck, woundingher.)
    11. 11. February 2, 1996 - Moses Lake, WA (Armed with a high powered hunting rifle and twohandguns, 14 year old Barry Loukaitis killed his algebra teacher and two students beforetaking hostages. He also shot a girl in the arm, who he released during the hostage situation.The incident ended when a teacher burst into the room and tackled him. Loukaitis is nowserving life in prison.)March 13, 1996 - Dunblane, Scotland (16 children and one teacher killed at DunblanePrimary School by Thomas Hamilton, who then killed himself. 10 others wounded in attack.)September 17, 1996 - University Park, PA (In the Hetzel Union Building shooting at thePenn State University, 19 year old Jillian Robins opened fire on students walking to classes,killing one student and wounding another 28 more documented fatal attacks to be added.)Feb 19, 1997 - Bethel, Alaska (Principal and one student killed, two others wounded byEvan Ramsey, 16)March 1997 - Sanaa, Yemen (Six students and two others are killed at school byMohammad Ahamn Al-Naziri)Oct 1, 1997 - Pearl, Miss (Two students killed and seven wounded by Luke Woodham, 16,who worshiped Satan.)Dec 1, 1997 - West Paducah, KY (Three students killed, five wounded by Michael Carneal,14, as they participated in a prayer circle at Heath High School.)
    12. 12. Dec 15, 1997 - Stamps, Ark (Two students wounded. Colt Todd, 14, was hiding in the woodswhen he shot the students as they stood in the parking lot. )March 24, 1998 - Jonesboro, Ark (Four students and one teacher killed, ten others woundedoutside as Westside Middle School emptied during a false fire alarm.)April 24, 1998 - Edinboro, PA (One teacher, John Gillette, killed, two students wounded at adance at james W. Parker Middle School. Andrew Wurst, 14, was charged.)May 19, 1998 - Fayetteville, Tenn (One student killed in the parking lot at Lincoln CountyHigh School three days before he was to graduate. The victim was dating the ex-girlfriend ofhis killer, 18-year-old honor student Jacob Davis.)May 21, 1998 - Springfield, Ore (Two students killed, 22 others wounded in the cafeteria atThurston High School by 15 year-old Kip Kinkel. Kinkel had been arrested and released aday earlier for brining a gun to school. His parents were later found dead at home.)June 15, 1998 - Richmond VA (One teacher and one guidance counselor wounded by a 14year-old boy in the school hallway.)April 20, 1999 - Littleton, Colo (14 students (including killers) and one teacher killed, 23others wounded at Columbine High School in the nation’s deadliest school shooting. EricHarris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17 had plotted for a year to kill at least 500 and blow up theirschool. At the end of their hour-long rampage, they turned their guns on themselves.)
    13. 13. April 28, 1999 - Taber, Alberta Canada (One student killed, one wounded at W.R. MyersHigh School in first fatal high school shooting in 20 years. The suspect, a 14-year-ol boy,had dropped out of school after he was severely ostracized by his classmates.)May 20, 1999 - Conyers, Ga (Six students injured at Heritage High School by ThomasSolomon, 15, who was reportedly depressed after breaking up with his girlfriend.)Nov 19, 1999 - Deming, N.M (Victor Cordova Jr. 12, shot and killed Araceli Tena, 13, in thelobby of Deming Middle School.)Dec 6, 1999 - Fort Gibson, Ok (Four students wounded as Seth Trickey, 13, opened fire witha 9mm semiautomatic handgun at Fort Gibson Middle School.)Dec 7, 1999 - Veghel, Netherlands (One teacher and three students wounded by a 17-yearold student.)Feb 29, 2000 - Mount Morris Township, Michigan (Six-year-old Kayla Rolland shot dead atBuell Elementary School near Flint, Michigan. The assailant was identified as a six-year-oldboy with a .32-caliber handgun.)March 2000 - Branneburg, Germany (On teacher killed by a 15-year-old student, who thenshot himself. The shooter has been in a coma ever since.)March 10, 2000 - Savanna, GA (Two students killed by Darrell Ingram, 19, while leaving adance sponsored by Beach High School. )
    14. 14. May 26, 2000 - Lake Worth, FL (One teacher, Barry Grunow, shot and killed at Lake WorthMiddle School by Nate Brazill, 13, with a .25-caliber semiautomatic pistol on the last day of classes.)Sept 26, 2000 - New Orleans, LA (Two students wounded with the same gun during a fightat Woodson Middle School.)Jan 17, 2001 - Baltimore, MD (One student shot and killed in front of Lake Clifton EasternHigh School.)Jan 18, 2001 - Jan, Sweden (One student killed by two boys, ages 17 and 19.)March 5, 2001 - Santee, CA (Two killed and 13 wounded by Charles Andrew Williams, 15,firing from a bathroom at Santana High School.)March 7, 2001 - Williamsport, PA (Elizabeth Catherine Bush, 14, wounded studentKimberly Marchese in the cafeteria of Bishop Neumann High School; she was depressed andfrequently teased.)March 22, 2001 - Granite Hills, CA (One teacher and three students wounded by JasonHoffman, 18, at Granite Hills High School. A policeman shot and wounded Hoffman.)March 30, 2001 - Gary, IN (One student killed by Donald R. Burt, Jr. ,a 17-year-old studentwho had been expelled from Lew Wallace High School.)
    15. 15. Nov 12, 2001 - Caro, MI (Chris Buschbacher, 17, took two hostages at the Caro LearningCenter before killing himself.)Jan 15, 2002 - New York, NY (A teenager wounded two students at Martin Luther King Jr.High School.)Feb 19, 2002 - Freising, Germany (Two killed in Etching by a man at the factory from whichhe had been fired; he then traveled to Freising and killed the headmaster of the technicalschool from which he had been expelled. He also wounded another teacher before killinghimself.)April 26, 2002 - Efurt, Germany (13 teachers, two students, and one policeman killed, tenwounded by Robert Steinhauser 19, at the Johann Gutenberg Secondary School. Steinhauserthen killed himself.)April 29, 2002 - Vlasenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina (One teacher killed, one wounded byDragoslav Petkovic, 17, who then killed himself.)October 28, 2002 - Tucson, AZ (Robert S. Flores Jr., 41, a student at the nursing school atthe University of Arizona, shot and killed three female professors and then himself.)April 14, 2003 - Red Lion, PA (James Sheets, 15 killed principal Eugene Segro of Red LionArea Jr. High School before killing himself.)
    16. 16. Sept 24, 2003 - Cold Spring, MN (Two students are killed at Rocori High School by JohnJason McLaughlin, 15.)Sept 28, 2004 - Carmen De Patagones, Argentina (Three students killed and 6 wounded by a15-year-old Argentinian student in a town 620 miles south of Buenos Aires.March 21, 2005 - Red Lake, MN (Jeff Weiss, 16, killed grandfather and companion, thenarrived at school where he killed a teacher, a security guard, 5 students, and finally himself,leaving a total of 10 dead.Nov 8, 2005 - Jacksboro, TN (One 15-year-old shot and killed an assistant principal atCampbell County High School and seriously wounded two other administrators.Aug 24, 2006 - Essex, VT (Christopher Williams, 27, looking for his ex-girlfriend at EssexElementary School, shot two teachers, killing one and wounding another. Before going to theschool, he had killed the ex-girlfriend’s mother.Sept 13, 2006 - Montreal, Canada (Kimveer Gill, 25, opened fire with a semi-automaticweapon at Dawson College. Anastasia De Sousa, 18, died and more than a dozen studentsand faculty were wounded before Gill killed himself.Sept 27, 2006 - Bailey, CO (Adult male held six students hostage at Platte Canyon HighSchool and then shot and killed Emily Keyes, 16 and himself.)
    17. 17. Sept 29, 2006 - Cazenovia, WI (A 15-year-old student shot and killed Weston Schoolprincipal John Klang.)Oct 3, 2006 - Nickel Mines, PA (32-year-old Carl Charles Roberts IV entered the one-roomWest Nickel Mines Amish School and shot 10 schoolgirls, ranging in age from 6 to 13 yearsold, and then himself. Five of the girls and Roberts died.)Jan 3, 2007 - Tacoma, WA (Douglas Chanthabouly, 18, shot fellow student Samnang Kok,17, in the hallway of Henry Foss High School.)April 16, 2007 - Blacksburg, VA (A 23-year-old Virginia Tech student, Cho Seung-Hui,killed two in a dorm, then killed 30 more 2 hours later in a classroom building. Hissuicide brought the death toll to 33, making the shooting rampage the most deadly inU.S. history. Fifteen others were wounded.)Sept 21, 2007 - Dover, DE (A Delaware State University Freshman, Loyer D. Brandon, shotand wounded two other Freshman students on the University campus. Brandon is beingcharged with attempted murder, assault, reckless engagement, as well as a gun charge.)Oct 10, 2007 - Cleveland, OH (A 14-year-old student at a Cleveland High School, Asa H.Coon, shot and injured two students and two teachers before he shot and killed himself. Thevictims’ injuries were not life-threatening.)
    18. 18. Nov 7, 2007 - Tuusula, Finland (An 18-year-old student in southern Finland shot and killedfive boys, two girls, and the female principal at Jokela High School. At least 10 others wereinjured. The gunman shot himself and died from his wounds in the hospital.Feb 8, 2008 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (A nursing student shot and killed two women andthen herself in a classroom at Louisiana Technical College in Baton Rouge.)Feb 11, 2008 - Memphis, Tennessee (A 17-year-old student at Mitchell High School shotand wounded a classmate in gym class.)Feb 12, 2008 - Oxnard, CA (A 14-year-old boy shot a student at E.O. Green Junior HighSchool causing the 15-year-old victim to be brain dead.)Feb 14, 2008 - DeKalb, Illinois (Gunman killed five students and then himself, and wounded17 more when he opened fire on a classroom at Northern Illinois University. The gunman,Stephen P. Kazmierczak, was identified as a former graduate student at the university in2007.)Sept 23, 2008 - Kauhajoki, Finland (A 20-year-old male student shot and killed at least ninestudents and himself at a vocational college in Kauhajok, 205 miles north of the capital,Helsinki.)Nov 12, 2008 - Forth Lauderdale, FL (A 15-year-old female student was shot and killed by aclassmate at Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale.)
    19. 19. March 11, 2009 - Winnenden, Germany (Fifteen people were shot and killed at AlbertvilleTechnical High School in southwestern Germany by a 17-year-old boy who attended thesame school.)Feb 5, 2010 - Madison, Alabama (At Discovery Middle School, a ninth-grader was shot byanother student during a class change. The boy whose name was not released, pulled out agun and shot Todd Brown in the head while walking the hallway. Brown later died atHuntsville Hospital.January 5, 2011 - Omaha, Nebraska (17 year old Millard South High School student Robert Butler, Jr., the son of an Omaha police detective, shoots and kills Vice Principal Vicki Kaspar and shoots and wounds Principal Curtis Case. After fleeing the scene he takes his own life.)January 18, 2011 - Jericho, Vermont (15 year old Mount Mansfield Union High School student dies after shooting himself.)January 18, 2011 - Gardena, Los Angeles County, California (two Gardena High School students are in critical condition after the accidental discharge of a gun in the backpack of a third student)
    20. 20. February 7, 2011 - Youngstown, Ohio (25 year old Youngstown State University seniorJamail E. Johnson is shot to death as he tried to separate two groups at an Omega Psi Phifraternity house party on campus. Another 11, including a criticalkly injured 17 year old girl,are wounded. In custody are 19 year old Braylon L. Rogers and 22 year old Columbus E.Jones Jr. )March 25, 2011 - Martinsville, Indiana (Martinsville West Middle School student is criticallywounded in a shooting and a 15 year old later taken in custody )March 31, 2011 - Houston, Texas (Worthing High School: One killed and five others injuredin a possible gang related shooting on the football field.)April 6, 2011 - Opelika, Alabama (34 year old man is in custody, suspected of shooting andkilling one and wounding three others in domestic violence on the campus of Opelika StateTechnical College.)April 7, 2011 - Rio de Janiero, Brazil ( Tasso da Silveira School former student 23 year oldWellington Oliveira shoots and kills 11 elementary students before killing himself.)April 19, 2011 - Houston, Texas (Ross Elementary School kindergartners loaded gundischarges in the cafetaria. Three students injured by fragments )
    21. 21. July 22, 2011 - Sundvollen, Norway (Norway mourned on Sunday 93 people killed in anatrocity and car bombing by a Norwegian conservative Anders Behring Breivik, who carriedout his attacks as "atrocious, but necessary" to defeat liberal immigration policies and thespread of Islam.)December 8, 2011 - Blacksburg, VA ( Radford University student Ross Truett Ashleyshoots Virginia Tech University policeman Deriek W. Crouse to death before killing himselfwith the same handgun. )February 24, 2012 - Bremmerton, WA (Gunman shot an 8 year old girl in class. He wascharged with an unlawful possession of a gun, bringing a dangerous weapon to school andthird degree assault.)February 27, 2012 - Chardon, OH (Gunman opens fire inside the cafeteria of Chardon HighSchool, killing three students And wounding two others chosen at random.)Feb 27, 2012 – Ohio, (Thomas T.J Lane admits to shooting students at Chardon High Schoolkilling three and wounding others.)March 7, 2012 - Jacksonville, Florida (After learning that he had been dismissed, 28 year oldteacher Shane Schumerth shoots to death Episcopal High Schools Head of School, DaleRegan, before killing himself with the same gun. )
    22. 22. March 19, 2012 - Toulose, France (23 year old Islamist terrorist Mohamed Merah kills four,including three children, in a drive-by shooting at the entrance to the Ozar Hatorah Jewishday school. He later dies in a shootout on March 22 after a 32 hour standoff with police athis apartment building.)March 24, 2012 - Starkville, MS: Mississippi State University student John Sanderson isshot to death in his dormitory room.April 2, 2012 – Oakland, California (One L. Goh kills seven people and wounds others atOikos University , a Korean Christian University )Aug 13, 2012 – Texas (Three people are killed including a police officer at Texas A&MUniversity by Thomas Caffell.)Dec 14, 2012 – Newton, Connecticut (20 children and 6 staff members are gunned down byAdam Landser in Sandy Hook Elementary School.January 10 2013 - Taft, CA: Taft Union High School: A student is shot and wounded by another student with a shotgun.January 15 2013 - St. Louis, MO (Stevens Institute of Business and Arts: suspect, a currently enrolled student, allegedly shot one administrator before fleeing to a stairwell and turning the gun on himself.
    23. 23. January 15 2013 - Hazard, KY (Hazard Community and Technical College: Two people arekilled a third wounded by a gunman in a probable domestic dispute in a parking lot.