Choose to Believe: Lesson 1a


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Choose to Believe: Lesson 1a

  1. 1. I Teacners Devotional lmagine: Youre offeredtickets anall-expenses for paid to theplace trip youve alwayswanted go(a to placeeven betterthan best the themepark!). need You only pick thetickets. to up Youdchooseto go immedi- ately getthose to tickets, you? wouldnt 0r would you think, thisistoogood betrue. No, to They couldnt have chosen I didnt me. I enter.dont qualify. Whats thecatch? Those uswhoarenowthe"bigwinners" theprize of of of Gods gracealways well remember it was do to what likewhen were offered "ultimate we first lifes prize"or when struggled ourownunworthiness. we with When wefirstheard Gods of forgiveness,of being Him with forever heaven-there have in might been voice a with- "No, you. insaying, thank Imnotworth saving.Gods notthatforgiving.cant lt possibly true-youcant be foolme." yet,Gods And Spirit worked spite the in of lies our enemys and fears. When simply we chose to believe theprize meant usandaccepted amazing that was for Gods grace, , u,.;u i real began! life ",.it t&,l " ,n# ? i.:.;.,, a .:!; While maxim, it sounds good betrue, probably may sound the "lf too to it is" be . a ? .] ; ; situation, anattitude noplace . - * l.:iil* ina business such has when comes ourdeal- it to a a - I ingswithGod-for grace sogood sotrue!lt isa prize His 15 and beyond com- A f ; c t ..Ll,!;$ru pare, giftforwhich need a we neverqualify-and never couldlThats the exactly reason thestory Jesus thegood that of is news. you As t I o a c id:r: teachchildren, ready opportunities children thatGods be for to help see c il,;f# I a good news real: allwhobelieve, "ultimate is For lifes prize" available is to ,:ilf,=:r, bereceived! ; ,r::!;q44! it!;tnfif r:iit*rl4 ;;:;1P&- -:i.."*;:-;-::q ,* 1:i:e$:Fll4; .r ir,r" ,:F%s.h: *q "!f,l -:: :i,." !" ;;,.!? !c{";Flffi; :51i.,,*.;.!1,!5i;#tp "1r{5j:;ttrqf *:ua,;;:edf-g6j-{$:!:l:4fww,l,ry*E
  2. 2. Choose whichcenters will prcvide theoder in which you and chil:dren participate them(see 14-18 schedule andpp.24- will in pp. for tips GameCenter 25for guidelines combining andyounger in older childrcn). plan Alsowhowill leadeach (for cemer staffing seepp.llX). Use rcplt tips the Younger 0ptiondK Child Wave coloredstreamers, planning ducible (p.2:18) rccord plans. sheet to your call good about and about out news Jesus talk ways show to belief Jesus in MaterialsBible, * colored paper crepe in many colors, scissors BIbIeStory Center Older Option Play Child * tic-tac-toeteams in to collect order cards, and verse discussing why believing inJesusanimportant is choice MaterialsBible, *r Lesson 1Pattern (p.56), fage chalk voungerthildoption x Move toy and outdoorsurfacemarker butcher 10game or and paper, people blocks show and to storyaction markerstwodifferent (checkers, etc.), of colors stones, stickers 0lder ChildOption Discuss daily {k the choice"choosebelieve" receive to and a souvenir salvation booklet Worshlp Center For Younger Older the and Child Participatelarge-group {k in activitiesreview verse toworship together to Bible and God Art Center MaterialsBibles, * Theme CD player, Music and song (pp. charts 246,249), cards avariety colors, index in of Younger Option Make Child alF refrigerator marker,least large hoops at two hula magnetsreminders as ofJesus and inHim believing dlk plastic at least to 4 Materials Bible, lids 3 (7.5 inches to 10cm) size, in permanent marker, scissors, adhesive magnetic glue, strips, Colorlng/Puzzle Center small scraps (paper, foam, etc.) craft felt, Older 0ption Use paint paint Child {k puff to Younger Option Review Bible Child ak the slogans Jesus talk about and story whilecompleting page coloring about choosingto believeJesus in MaterialsLesson dK 1Coloring (p.57) Page MaterialsBible, glue, disposable ak white small foreachstudent, crayons plastic containers, coloring, spoons, food Older Child aYs the Option Review Bible storyand shavingcream, newspapers,paintbrushes, verse completing page Bible while puzzle largesheets card of stock MaterialsLesson aK 1Puzzle (p.58) Page for each pencils student,
  3. 3. a , i l a a a t t a a a a a t t a a * aI Bonus Theme ldeas be cana used anytimeduring at thisI session: anadditional astI activitycenter, extend toaa thesession a longer fora time,or for added themea excitement.aa a t a a a a a r a t a a a a ? o a l l l o r:li , i], ,tlr;r. :.:.,..1 . . I ;,,1,1 ;ffi r i i , j ; ,,, ,, SPORT TO ADVENTURE ENTRA, ), ,tt,:::. .. .. . ,:ri ti:t,,.. Attract attention children, families your the of their and con- gregationmaking eye-catching by an entrancetheroom to or building where childrengather Possport for to Adventure. Make giantblockletters Possport for to Adventure white from paper. individual t0 children, of construction Give letters pairs .4.:i...i::,",.L:1.,.. childrenandloryouthhelpers decorate markers to with andlor glitter pens. completed to a large Glue letters sheet brightly- of colored paper. butcher (0ptional. thepattern p.236 Use on to make large which a sign childrendecorate.) atentrance. Display O 2008 t0 photocopy Gospel Permission Light. to purrhaser possponAdventure granted 0riginal only. to
  4. 4. i ,: .. . :.::LessonI
  5. 5. CoIIect )tKBibte.Introductiofl >]K your Whafs favorite song? Volunteers ln ourstory tell. going hear were toabout men sang two who songs a very at unusual ina iail-and time what happenedtotheiailer that! after Before thestory, childrenmaking telling lead in tl;,oneor more sound effects canbeused voutellthe that asstory. each thefollowingriot,doorGood," For stocks ofdren brainstorm of making to being ways locked, items, chil- praise such "God 5o closing, song earthquake.Practice as of sounds. ask sounds a feelings pain, ls of iail Duringthe br "l ,. c vm o% ,? o {t, Wi*r,, li:,story,havechildren sound make effects the at r O , 4,appropriate (Optional: name sound time.effect a card. on Hold card Print of ao Lz rn v;:i up when sound effectshould made.) beTeII the Story #<One inNewtimes, new day were Tesramenr two prisoners brought theiail into W ww?::"" .that inthe ofPhilippi. prisoners was city These hadbeenbeaten, thejailer them and took immediately to & &theinnermost of theprison. jailer cell The ordered guards clamp feetinto his to their stocks lock and n a & 8 The were painful, thejailerthem" stocks very but knew noone that escape them. jailer could from The &mighthavewondered these what prisoners done deserve awful had to such treatment!Theprisoners were and names Paul Silas. were They Jews had who become Christians hearing after about thegoodnews Jesus. of Earlier day, huge that a crowd had gatheredthecity. men a young were the in Two and girl incenter thecrowd thegirlwas of and dressed a slave. was like She screaming shouting these were and that men servantsoftheMostHigh whowere God showing way salvation! the ofThe girl a slave was fortune whohad teller followed men days days. was these for and She controlleda demon, evil by anspirit. evil This spirit gave anability predict future. owners her to the Her made lotof money her a by fortune telling. Paul,however, notwant did people think evil to that spirits telling and fortunes anything dowithGods had to truth. inthe 5omiddle allthecommotion, spoke theevil of Paul to spirit was that causing girlto shout. thename Jesus the "ln of Christ I youcommand t0 come of her!" said. out he Instantly, spirit 5he quiet-peacefull a relief! the left! was WhatButthen OWNERS to shout! were her began They angry because way making their of money gone. began was They toshout about and lies Paul 5ilas. "These aremaking uproar!" yelled. men an they "Theyre telling to dothings are us thatagainst Romancustoms!" thecrowd dragged and 5oon, had Paul Silas theauthorities. alltheshouting, to With it lookedlike riotmight a begin! rulers The didnt want trouble. they any 5o gave orders BEAT and to Paul Silas throw and them inprison-even though had they done nothing wrong.After locking twomen thedeepest theiailer thinking allwould quiet thenight. thats these into cell, left, that be for Butnotwhathappenedall!Instead cursing complaining, at of or Pauland SANG God!They Silas to PRAYEDloudly! &Everyone prison inthe heard ioyfulvoices their floating through smelly oftheiail. one ever the air No had *& @ ..":::heardanything this 6 & like from PRISONERS! & -O 2008Gospel Permissi0n pltotoropy Light. to qranted original t0 only.possport Adventure purchaser to
  6. 6. t a a aa a * . LessonIai4P#sffi{ry@s* l "iffi Around midnight, earth the He afraid thequake iail. was that began tremble-then, to pop might open every The iumped of bed RAN the ROCKED! iailer everything out and to prison Chains snap. stocks flyapart! door. could Even could;fffij Andif ANYprisoner away, ANY got for the would EXECUTED. reason, iailer anyone missing. ready killhimself-if to was be drawn, Heentered iailwithhissword theffir:,p+sq;;:- ButthenPaul "DONT YOURSELF! ALL shouted, HURT WE ARE HERE!" amazing What dropped his words! iailer The to KNEW these men seen heard, iailer knees! allhehad and After the that two were Something them different. caused toffi sing being after and something them beaten iailed; kept from when could escaped. WAS running they have What itrffiffi:; The:gld{e4s them about JAILER? thatmade care looked and iailer their The up asked, mustdoto besaved?" iailer "What I probably even what meant, wasnt sure he dFs#f butGgD And knew, Hereplied, knew. Paul too! "Believe Lord inthe Christ, you besaved-you your Jesus and will and*mml*# householdl" saved (To be means believe byHis to that on Gods Jesus, usfrom punish- death thecross, Son, saved thew43w$ ment deserve oursins.) we forrffiffi That alltheiailer to hear! chose BELIEVE! Paul Silas andwashed wounds.4fr,$%:**,,ffi was needed He to Hetook and home together-after theywere WIDE Hecalled family his listened Paul Silas about as and told bration! songs praise MQRE of all, still Jesus. theyALL sounded And their through night the awake thatearthquake! iailer hiswhole after believed Jesus were as in and The baptized and family RIGHT What cele- THEN! a and family together Paul Silas. theiailer his ate with and Thev have thanked forwhat happened. must all God hadffi Whenmorning Roman and and the sent to citizen EVERbebeaten citizen, noRoman was travels to spread good ofJesus. the news to a mistake. was came, cityauthorities word release andSilas. hadmade BIG Paul They Paul a their withouttrial! and were to continue a Paul Silas freeW GOflSWOfd & Me )k 0ntheday story this tookplace, iailer the made most the choice hislife.He important ofWWM Read ask child read or aVh@ffie",# heartthatGod to We choose believe Jesus, ltsalso most chose believe Jesus. can to in 10.9 to you "tf in too. Romans aloud: youconfess your with nisedhimfromthedead. willbesaved." doesnt That the mouth, choice ever important well Jesus[ord, believe your is and in make! sound complicated being impor- too (Talk for so studentsabout,ryw Thats tant. becauseGod us wants of usto bepart His loves and each of family! withinterested salvation. "Leading to Christ" page See a Child on 12.)Wtffi*s* i r KU,st do.pople to doto hcomepartof Gods t , r need family?rffi would tell someone wants know its important choose believe Jesus? #K What you who to why to to in,ffi dKWhat youknow do about that you Jesus makes want believe Him? to in taketimeto thinkandpny aboutwhatwe have heard. asking Pray,:ffi :i$@isst: dlKLets God help to to ioinGods eachchild family. what iust understand it means believe Jesus how to in and ,ffiq#=.,i!lii"qd? a a -. a a a .J " !f.t "" " to photocopy Gospel Permission O 2008 Light. to purchier6nly. granted original Posspon Adventure to
  7. 7. - *"--i, ;. -r;" -"";" y-.rr- *- f ._ -4_" ."t _F_ ".r- ,"ft:a,ilp :tlt:;;*f".,, EoIIect dK colored paper many Bible, crepe in colors, .e:t,3.;:s , ,q**".::& scissors. ::ii;:;,L"x cl$:l;#j;:Prepare alk lengths crepe Cut of paper make to :r:C**,,5Sstreamers,foreach one child. ",:+.;,lrg$ $;,r*,,rul:rDo ,,;;:::=,,u1.Distribute streamers to children. outone Call colorof .::::,.;,,n.rt1streamer.Children holding color across open that run an .r.t: fi;.iplaying and shout, area then "Jesus isalive!" children Allwave streamers their whenever hear, they "Jesusisalive!"Children ran who return thegroup to you before calladifferent color. game2.Repeat astime interest calling and allow, outothersentences Jesus as"Jesus you" about such lovesor"Jesus isGods Also Son." extend game having the bychildren their wave streamers different asthey ina wayrun(highabove heads, ina zigzag their low, pattern,etc.). may have You also children colors stream- trade ofers. Occasionallv "Rainbow!" call out, Allchildren run playing andacross open an area thenshout, is "Jesusalive!"
  8. 8. LessonI -A;;. "- :!.qffi*F$*Sed@s*wfufu9ffift91* CoIIect)ikBible, chalk outdoor sors, and 1Pattern (p. scis- Lesson Page 56), surfacemarker butcher or and ilHs&ffiF paper, game 10 markerstwodifferent (checkers, of colors1i stones, stickers. etc.),{tffffi0.}:r"i*eti&d$"Prepare #cPhotocopy Pattern cutit apart the Page; tota4pr##&qa form game cards. a large Draw grid tic-tac-toe onoutdoorq-#ffi4$p with paper a chalk onbutcher with or-e#*w concrete surface marker. a sticker oneortwogame Add to markers each for UU*eta,*grrteam. showsisthe"elimination" marker.Prepare:trffi one.,E6!ii4:q*d: This game it set-up each for group upto16 of children.qsifas Do-4.;P"*4,;p 1.Children twoteams 8 to 10players Give form of each.ffi eachplayergame on -****u Children turns a team an making that ortwo marker, sure one game - playerseach have "elimination" marker."t*rg*#*1y," take tossing markers grid game onto to playaryx#&ry,* tic-tac-toe. lf a player orlands anoccupied misses in square, orher isover. his turn Remove markers miss thatffi,tr: trg$&q.*,r orland occupied in ongrid. Only squares. However,player the winningmarkersstay holding "elimination" the49t&*,*rq*t:fiti,*r marker toss into square eliminate other may it any to the teams markerthat in squareduring orher his turn.:triti;:1,*#;#;,"reads cards theteamthatgetsthreeina row.TeamChildren order and game 2.Give verse to aloud. game timepermits. Repeat as puts (Optional: themin take";ffi;ffi.# game turns toss each to markers thenine onto squares aloud marker tossed.) ohrase as is order, inverse reading"r,tg*ffae* TaIk Aboatq,edF y markers this hard play? make game touq#4&rp )lk Didusing "elimination" the Easy play? to"sl*d#*ryShw-{+us$, {K Do thinkit iseasy hard believe Jesus? doyouthinkmakes hard some you or to in What it for people believe to:h*SeLpr what Bible about the says (Dont what Bible Dont Jesus? know the says. believe it istrue.):Epffiater*xss*j*g: al6 Romans What thisverse istheresult believingJesus? isthebest Read 10:9. does say of in This news theworld: in":pr#*:".p;;:: BelievingJesus inii,1:#ssr*E;r God loves of usand Jesus make possible usto bewithHim each sent to it for forever heaven! inr*-q*dh;-,*; isthemostimportant wecan choose do. thing ever to : :;" 1:qls#tdi!i %q- alK can God help understand it means believe Jesus to help trustHim We ask to us what to in and us every more day. -a- :$!5: Lead in asking help Him believing good ofJesus. childrenprayer, Gods intrusting and inthe news For YOunger Ehildren {KEach takesturn toss child a to onto Whenrow three filled, chil- marker grid. a of is all a drenshout, "Jesus Repeattime isalive!" as permits, children ("Jesus me" "Jesus varying sentences the shout loves 0r f rt a^o-r" isGods Son"). tl* t0 photocopy Gospel Permission O 2008 Light. to purchaser Possport Adventure granted original only. to ltttc"*
  9. 9. !i*&i;laigiii:t{ii;:;.:;:l*r= . ...:::" .,.*F: lAEoIIect >ik plastic atleast to4 incnes Bible, lids i(7.5 10cm) size, to in permanent scissors, marker,/,x2-inch (1.3x5-cm) adhesivemagnetic glue, strips,small (paper, foam, etc.); scraps craft felt, optional- :3craftfoam circles beused can insteadplastic of lids.Prepare ale theinside each use marker 0n of lid, atowrite"Jesus" center thelid. maqnetic inthe of Cutstrips fit lids. toDo1.Give child lid.Help each a child attach magnetstripto outside lid.Demonstrate to glue of how scrapsaround name the to "Jesus" decorate lid. the2.Setfinished refrigerator magnets to letglue aside0ry.lalk Aboat)lKThese have lids magnets theback. means on That put wecan them ourrefrigerators. put on People magnets theirrefrigeratorshelp on to themremember things.;lk What thename see ls rye written ourlids? on When look ourmagnets,willhelp to remember the we at it us what Bible about says Jesus.>Yc theBible says, In it "Believe Jesuslordand Heisalive." that is that "Lordu another forJesus. is name Believing in Jesusthebest is thing can choose do!lmglad JesusGods and Heisalive. we ever to that is Son thatFor Older Chlldren aYr notpre-letter lids. Do the Children markersglitter to write use or pens orphrases "JESUS" oftheBible verse their Invite on lids. children qlue to items theback to sides that sodecorations out"around finished "peek the magnet.@ 2008 Light. to phorocopy Gospel Permissi0n purchaser possporr Adventure granted original to only. ro
  10. 10. LessonIra;lc:ft-.r; ".^al fr:.4qi5i.*!-!:e":.5 "!:tr -*4*;i:;::?;a Bible, glue, EOIIeCI ariK white small disposable-!;i;trr;sjd;ii;;!.!4ath!r:;.4*.2,.#]Vi food plastic containers, coloring, spoons, shaving..:":. !l " newspapers, paintbrushes,sheets cream, -lfi-.::!: large largeliaw;t ofcard Eltaa;et markers; stock, squeeze optional-plastic bottles.."!.iJ;n::. -.i{a;t"it!4tta.r,t:4til;:l Prepare aYs several of puff Make colors paint: put -,-t;t$n -.-!, glue each 1tbsp. into disposable container then and" ,,,.i::"".,-""j addfood coloring,stirring a plastic with spoonto,,r.;.iJ"ir;r1;:i ....,:"::; ;_...i " make desired; _ .. . the color. 2 rounded ofshav- Add tbsp.";::j:; *,";""i to glue stir ingcream thecolored and thoroughly to " ,;iA;!.,,..: geta thick (like egg paint stiff whites). tables Cover . , , . . : . . : - withnewspapersetoutcontainers and ofpaint. : : . : " : , , : (0ptional: paint plastic Put into bottles.) squeeze j";." ,:r . , . . : - : : ,,t, li Do :x# -",.:"::":""."1 1.Lead childrenbrainstorm slogans to several about ll! ;L , *""i ("Jesus Jesus isLord," inJesus," is "Believe "Jesus alive," etc.). 2.Distribute (Optional:out markers, stock brushes. card and Set materials to make morepaint.) Children slogans Jesus write about and brushes puff use and paint decorate thewords. to around - TaIh Aboat What some dik are you things know He He about (He Jesus? isGods He Son. died onthecross. isalive. took punishment sin. loves the forour He D@@Q us.) Jesus )lKWhat does Bible our verse will happen yousay say "Jesus Lord" believe your is (You and dead? willbesaved.) in if heart God that withyourmouth, raised fromthe Jesus ,oeiq8 a people in life? (Where go to LoYd alkWhat some are choices important make to school. iobto do. What Who marry.) isthemost to What important Lets timeto thinkabout that. aaaM choiceanyone ever can make? take Then pray well together. asking to help Pray, God believe children in Jesus follow and Him. For Younger Enildrelt >Y< faces stick-figure or isalive" "Jesus vou." or loves of 0n use picturesJesus. each childs to Children markers draw happy print drawing, ".lesus edboe @ 2008 t0 photocopy Gospel Permission Light. to purchaser Posspon Adventure granted original only. to