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Smartphones and Tablets in your medical practice

Smartphones and Tablets for your medical practice reviews different platforms and apps for productivity for medical facility

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Smartphones and Tablets in your medical practice

  1. 1. Smart Phone Medical Apps & Social  Media in Your  Medical Practice Diane Sullivan, Director of Community Relations Rikki Vitello, Director of Recreation
  2. 2. OutlineWhat is an App?The different platforms: IOS, Android, Blackberry & WindowsPlatform and app statisticsProductivity AppsApps for PatientsApps for Doctors (specialty apps)How to find the right app for you?Online Marketing (Google Places, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  3. 3. Just what is an app, anyway?How can you make a smart phone or tablet even better?Easy! Add amazing new features with apps, programs for smartphones and tablets. Apps aren’t just limited to the popular iPhone.You’ll also find apps for the Blackberry, Android and WindowsplatformsApp is short for Application software, it is basically software forspecific purposesThe sheer number and variety of apps is amazing. Themedical/healthcare category is the 3rd fastest growing app category forboth iPhones and Android phones!
  4. 4. What is Driving Current Trends in Healthcare? Continued evolution of TechnologySignificant increases in the quality and quantity of dataRegulatory mandates - EMRIncreased need for coordination of careContinued evolution of social platforms
  5. 5. Let’s Compare the different platforms
  6. 6. Productivity AppsVocre:  Language Translation
  7. 7. Productivity AppsNotability
  8. 8. Productivity Apps
  9. 9. Productivity Apps Evernote
  10. 10. Productivity AppsGo to Meeting
  11. 11. Productivity AppsDragon Dictation
  12. 12. Apps for Patients
  13. 13. Apps For PatientsPill Identifier by
  14. 14. Apps For Patients
  15. 15. Apps For PatientsIBG Star Iphone Glucometer
  16. 16. Apps For PatientsEveryday First Aid HD
  17. 17. Apps For PatientsMy Medical Info
  18. 18. Payment Collection for Doctors
  19. 19. Apps for Doctors
  20. 20. Apps for Doctors
  21. 21. Apps for Doctors
  22. 22. Apps for DoctorsMedscape is a drug reference tool, but it’s true value is in the disease and clinical references it provides
  23. 23. Apps for Doctors Micromedex
  24. 24. Apps for Doctors
  25. 25. Apps For Doctors
  26. 26. Sources to find the right App for App Reviews
  27. 27. Overview of Social Media SitesGoogle Places: a search Norwalk CT Doctors
  28. 28. Leading Age Facebook Timeline
  29. 29. Twitter
  30. 30. LinkedIn
  31. 31. YouTube YouTube gets over 600 million views a day and traffic  from mobile devices• 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, or one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second• Over 4 Billion videos are viewed a day• Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month• Over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month• You can monetize your videos, over 3 billion video per week• 500 years of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook and shared on Twitter each minute
  32. 32. Smart Phone Medical Apps & Social  Media in Your Medical Practice Diane Sullivan, Director of Community Relations Rikki Vitello, Director of Recreation 203­372­4501