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  1. 1. Capital letters Capital Letters
  2. 2. uses 1 & 2 Capitalize the first word of every sentence — unless the sentence is in parentheses as a part of another sentence. Capitalize the personal pronoun I . The HTML language (t his hypertext language allows words in one file to be linked to other files ) was developed by Tim Berners-Lee.
  3. 3. Capitalize family Capitalize the names of family relations when they are used as substitutes for names: He visited his U ncle Jack and A unt Mary. I went with my m om and dad to visit my a unt and uncle. G randma and G randpa do not live with D ad and M om. modifying pronouns but Proper nouns
  4. 4. Titles Capitalize the first , last , and all important words in titles. Articles, prepositions, and coordinating conjunctions aren’t usually capitalized. I n the L ake of the W oods W ar and P eace Proper nouns
  5. 5. Places directions Capitalize names of specific persons, places, and geographical locations. Don’t capitalize directions. Her sister P hoebe, who used to live in the M iddle E ast, now lives in M adrid, S pain and writes books about the M iddle A ges. They moved up n orth, to the s outhern shore of Lake Michigan. but Proper nouns
  6. 6. Holidays seasons Capitalize days of the week, months, and holidays. Don’t capitalize the names of seasons. Western V alentines D ay, F ebruary 14, is on T uesday this year. I like to head south in the fall, before the cold, wet winter weather begins. but Proper nouns
  7. 7. Historical events religions Capitalize the names of historical events. Capitalize the names of religions and religious terms. The B attle of the B ulge was the beginning of the end of W orld W ar II . G od, B uddha, A llah, K rishna, H indu, M uslim, I slam, C hristianity, C hristian, B uddhist The R enaissance took place after the M iddle A ges. . and Proper nouns
  8. 8. Words based on nations Capitalize languages, nations, nationalities, and words based on such words. “ white” and “black” are not usually capitalized. S outh A frica, C hinese art, E nglish muffin, I rish beer, C anadian maple, F rench horn, I ndian curry There are very few b lacks in the predominantly w hite foreign community in Taiwan. but Proper nouns
  9. 9. Brand names Capitalize the names of academic courses when not used as titles . B rand names . . . . She took C omputers 101, but liked her e conomics and English l iterature classes better. T oyota., L evi’s (not j eans), P anadol (but a spirin) K leenex, x erox on a X erox copier and
  10. 10. Titles of people Capitalize titles when they precede names. … usually not after a name… He introduced P resident Clinton to G overnor Schwarzenegger. Mr. Lui, who was c hairman of the b oard of d irectors from 1995 to 1999, reorganized the corporation. but Title of people and offices
  11. 11. Political entities Newspaper reports do not capitalize names of political entities. They are capitalized in an in-house publication to avoid confusion. The C ounty and C ity have complained to the f ederal g overnment about the need for improved recycling facilities. At the last c ouncil meeting, the c ounty agreed to reimburse the f ederal g overnment. but Title of people and offices
  12. 12. conclusion This is a brief overview of English capitalization. If you need assistance, consult an online dictionary, Dr. Eye or CTSTS. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary .com
  13. 13. BEST info This presentation is especially created for you by Nora 恩沛 2738 0770 0910 311 516 [email_address] CausingtheSongtoSing copyright March 2005