Take two tweets social media for doctors


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Handout to go along with presentation by similar title. Given 10/08/10 to the Medical Society of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties (Kansas)

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Take two tweets social media for doctors

  1. 1. Take Two Tweets…: Social Media and Social Networking in Physician’s Practices<br />Christian Sinclair, MD, FAAHPM- Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care<br />ctsinclair@gmail.com - @ctsinclair – 913.461.8793<br />Slides available at www.slideshare.net/ctsinclair<br />Objectives:<br />Understand the definitions and potential impact of social media and social networking for medicine <br />Develop a comfort level with social media and reduce risk <br />Mitigate risk and privacy concerns from using social media <br />Cognitive Surplus (Shirky): 100M hours creating Wikipedia; 200B hours/year US TV viewing.<br />We have the greatest cognitive surplus at anytime in human history.<br />Social Media: Internet-based tools for creating, sharing and discussing information<br />Social Networking: Online connections of weak and strong ties often based on social media platforms<br /> (See: Metcalfe’s Law: Value of a network is proportional to the square of the # of connected users)<br />As new tech emerges, an explosion of information occurs; old tech usually becomes secondary to the emerging tech.<br />Creation/Invention (Time) Publication (Time & Money)<br />A Thought An Expression Mass Production Distribution<br />At our core humans like to create and share. BY NATURE, WE ARE SOCIAL BEINGS. Air is a social networking tool because it communicates sound. “We are the ‘people formerly known as the audience’” – Jay Rosen of PressThink <br />OPPORTUNITIES:RISKS:<br />Start a conversation <br />Interact with your peers<br />Educate the public<br />Filtered search engine<br />Immediate feedback<br />Speak directly to your target audience<br />Get ahead of the competition<br />Build your brand online<br />HIPAA violation<br />End a conversation<br />Make someone mad<br />Give out false information<br />Wasted time and effort<br />Risk your own privacy<br />Identity theft<br />Actual theft<br />And the risk of not participating<br />Just be professional!<br />Social Media Things to do/consider: (in no particular order)<br />Follow a Tweetchat:Health Care Social Media (Sun 8-9pm) http://tweetchat.com/room/hcsm<br />MDchat (Tue 11:30a-12:30p) http://tweetchat.com/room/MDchat<br />Hospice & Palliative Medicine (Wed 8-9p) http://tweetchat.com/room/hpm<br />Check out medical blogs: KevinMD, Pallimed, Dr Wes, Dr Shock, Clinical Cases, Wachter’s World, 33 Charts<br />Upload your key patient handouts to Scribd or Slideshare<br />Make 2-3 minute videos on the common general medical education topics<br />Develop social media policy/guidelines for your practice<br />Check http://search.twitter.com and search for various medical topics<br />Claim your practice on Google Maps, Yelp, Foursquare<br />Try Delicious or Evernote to keep track of journal articles or web pages across any computer<br />Upload your CV to LinkedIn and find other doctors in your specialty<br />Consider the value of a Facebook Fan Page for your practice<br />Find a staff member who may be a social media champion<br />Read Wikipedia entries on topics related to your practice. Are they accurate? Fix something you find wrong.<br />Check out patientslikeme.org; Check out the Facebook Fan Page of Macarthur Ob/Gyn<br />Watch some HYPERLINK " http://www.tedmed.com/what" TEDMED talks and join the conversation<br />Recommended Reading:Gladwell: The Tipping Point: How little things can make a big difference <br />Christakis and Fowler: Connected: The surprising power of our social networks <br />Shirky: Here Comes Everybody: The power of organizing with organizations <br />