August 6th, 2011 SKC v SEA                                            Chants for our section at 30-60 minutes             ...
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Ad astraskc chants august 6th skc v sea final


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Ad astraskc chants august 6th skc v sea final

  1. 1. August 6th, 2011 SKC v SEA Chants for our section at 30-60 minutes Ad Astra SKC Chant Sheet (for audio) 30 Minute Chant (Stand, sing and clap!) Bar-Be-Que – (this one is easy!) - 3x through !! ROWS 1 thru about 10 !! Bar-Be-Que, Bar-Be-Que be in your seats before the second half kickoff to help unveil our first tifo Bar-Be-Que, Bar-Be-Que, Na-NaGeneral Chants Bar-Be-Que, Bar-Be-Que I LOVE KC Bar-Be-Que, Bar-Be-Que, Na-Na I love Kan-sas Ci-ty, Spooorting Kan-sas City! Bar-Be-Que, Bar-Be-Que, And we all eat Barbeque! SPORTING SPORTING (Sung to Glory, Glory, Hallelujah)) [Slowly] Were gonna score one more than you! Sporting Sporting Kansas City KC! Sporting Sporting Kansas City Sporting Sporting Kansas City 60 Minute Chant (Stand, sing and clap!) The Wiz go marching on. Final Victory –Come to Row 6 to practice at halftime I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN (Call and response) PROLOGUE then VERSE - CHORUS x3 (about 90 seconds) I Prologue: GOOOO!!!! SPORTING!!! GOOOOO!!! I believe (slow) AND WE WANT EVERYONE TO KNOOOOW!!!!! I believe that WE ARE HERRRRE, TO WIN THE CUUUUP! I believe that we AND WE WILL NEV-ER EVER STOP! I believe that we will win! X8 Verse: EVERYBODY (clap) I SAID NOW GO!!!! SPORTING GO!!! Clap-Clap, Clap-Clap-Clap x3 -> “EVERYBODY!” WE ARE HERE AND WE WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT WE ARE HERE, TO WIN THE CUP!!!!! Ad Astra SKC Info AND WE WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER STOP!!!!!We want to sing and have fun but not chant and stand the whole game. Chorus: If you areWe are not trying to make a mini-cauldron, we keep it clean. SPORTING (SPORTING!) -- KC (KC!) going to sitWe stand for all corner kicks, free kicks and action in front of our section. WERE 102 AND WE LIKE TO JUMP AND SING and beWe are passionate not inebriated! (JUMP AND SING!!) timid, SPORTING (SPORTING!) -- KC (KC!)Chanting by yourself is lonely and tough. pleaseChanting with a handful of people is inspiring. WE WILL CHEER YOU ON TO FINAL VICTORY!! considerChanting with a hundred people is awesome. (TO VICTORY)Chanting with 428 people is Ad Astra SKC in the future with your help. helping out For more info – on these AND Twitter.Com/AdAstraSKC words in or email (Row 6, Section 102) BOLD (I appreciate any feedback, positive or negative)