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Automotive RADAR Adoption—An Overview


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2015 D-STOP Symposium session by Ram Mirwani of AWR/National Instruments.

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Automotive RADAR Adoption—An Overview

  1. 1. Automotive RADAR Adoption An Overview Ram Mirwani Director, Global Strategic Accounts NI AWR Group National Instruments
  2. 2. Topics  Automotive RADAR  Trends for Automotive RADAR
  3. 3. Overview of RADAR • RADAR = radio detection and ranging • Radar is an electromagnetic system for the detection and range of objects • Where the reflection of the transmitted waveform is used for detection and range • And its range (R) is determined by the equation /2 out R c  back R c  2R out back R c     2R R c  Transmit Pulse Receive Pulse
  4. 4. Automotive RADAR • FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave)  Frequency of Tx signal is modulated in a linear fashion  Frequency difference (Δf) of reflected signal based on range  Long, Mid, and Short Range RADAR (LRR, MRR, SRR) Image from
  5. 5. Automotive RADAR Use Cases  Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)  Blind Spot Detection (BSD)  Collision Mitigation (CM)  Lane Change Assist (LCA) Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  6. 6. Trends in Automotive RADAR • Focus on Safety  360 degrees vehicle surveillance  Object identification/distinction  Rear-end Crash Avoidance  CAR2X (Car 2 Car and Car 2 Infrastructure Communication) Image from
  7. 7. Trends in Automotive RADAR • Adoption of 77- 81GHz  More reliable and more accurate  Greater capability to distinguish objects with high bandwidth  Smaller footprint (multi mode, multi range) Image from
  8. 8. Trends in Automotive RADAR • Autonomous Drive Vehicles  From “Assisted” to “Autonomous”  Sensor Validation and Cross-Check  Sensor Control Unit – RADAR, CAMERA, LIDAR, Ultrasonic  Object identification and Action – Software driven architecture Image from
  9. 9. Trends in Automotive RADAR “Essentially, this front end processing processes the – possibly multiple – incoming FMCW analog channels to a single digital stream of azimuth/range/velocity tuples. This data flows into more CPU cores where software, possibly supported by additional accelerators, attempts, to infer the presence, location, and nature surrounding the vehicle.” - Ralf Reuter RADAR Systems Engineer at Freescale Semiconductor From “Cutting Through the Fog- The road ahead for vehicular radar”, Ron Wilson, Altera Corporation, 2012
  10. 10. Low-Cost Modular Measurement and Control Hardware Productive Software Development Tools Highly Integrated Systems Platforms Graphical system design combines graphical programming software with modular hardware, leveraging the latest technologies National Instruments in Automotive RADAR
  11. 11. Enable Concurrent Design and Test Flow Link Research to Deployment for Automotive RADAR DESIGN VALIDATE TEST
  12. 12. Summary Image from