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How to buy dehumidifier based on dehumidification principle?


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Article trying to explain reader about different types of dehumidifiers based on working principle. And how to buy dehumidifier suitable to your application. It help to find right dehumidifier supplier in Dubai, UAE.

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How to buy dehumidifier based on dehumidification principle?

  1. 1. How To Buy Dehumidifier Based on dehumidification Principle CtrlTechDehumidifiers
  2. 2. How To Buy Dehumidifier Based on Dehumidification Principle Skip to content Article trying to explain reader about different types of dehumidi ers based on working principle. And how to buy dehumidifier suitable to your application. Dehumidi er supplier in Dubai can offer you dehumidifiers which is available with them without enquiring about your application. You need to buy dehumidifier whose working principle most suitable for dehumidi cation when it used for your application. For example if you want dehumidi er for your cold room storage then you should not buy condensation based dehumidi cation unit. Or if you want to do humidity control in your indoor swimming pool then you should not waste your money by paying high cost for desiccant dehumidi er since issue can be solve with economical refrigerant based dehumidi er. This article will explain you basic of different type of dehumidi cation principle and when these dehumidifier should use. Types Of dehumidifiers based on working principle. DehumidifiersupplierinDubaitobuydehumidifier
  3. 3. How to Buy Dehumidifier Based On Dehumidification Principle There are mainly three types of dehumidi er sold in UAE based on working principle. Those are condensation based dehumidifier, desiccant dehumidifier and thermo-electric dehumidi er. Before buying dehumidi er you should know which type of unit you should pick up. so lets see these dehumidifier in short Desiccant dehumidifier: These type of dehumidi er are designed for dehumidi cation in cold spaces. As name suggest these unit use desiccant material as dehumidifying agent. Silica gel desiccant has inherent property of absorbing humidity. But one humidity absorb by desiccant, it becomes wet which need to dry for reuse. best desiccant dehumidi er facilitates this. Desiccant dehumidi er running cost is very high and so as initial cost. Hence if you want to do dehumidi cation of area having temperature less than 10 degree C then only you can opt for this type of dehumidifier. How does desiccant dehumidifier works? Desiccant dehumidi er consists of a rotating desiccant wheel. Fan will suck humid air and made it to pass over this desiccant wheel. During this humidity in air get absorbed by desiccant wheel and becomes wet. Wet desiccant wheel then made dry by ow of heated air from outside and wheels become ready for reuse. this process gets continuous to achieve required humidity level. Compressor based dehumidifier: This type of dehumidi er also called as refrigerant dehumidi er or condensation dehumidi er. This type of compressor dehumidi er should use for dehumidi cation in normal room temperature. If you do comparison of desiccant dehumidi er vs compressor dehumidi er then with respect to price and running cost, compressor dehumidi er always be a winner. This is no doubt is home dehumidifier best buy. How Refrigerant dehumidifier works? DehumidifiersupplierinDubaitobuydehumidifier
  4. 4. How To Buy Dehumidifier Based On Dehumidification Principle Refrigerant dehumidi er consist of compressor, evaporator coil and condensation coil. Fan pulls humidity air over the condensation coil where humidity in air get condensate into water which stored into tank. Dry air then pushed out. Petlier Dehumidifier: This unit work on thermo-electric principle. Principle says that when voltage applied to two different metal then temperature difference created between two metal. One metal becomes hot and other becomes cold. Cold metal side used for condensation of humid air. DehumidifiersupplierinDubai. Once you decided to buy dehumidi er then next important steps you have to face is to short list dehumidi er supplier. This is most important decision which you need to make accurately. Especially if you are going to buy a desiccant dehumidi er and they you need to make sure that company has expertise in that type of dehumidi cation unit. Also you need to con rm that company can supply desiccant wheel at least for next 4 years in case you want to change it. Getting desiccant dehumidi er wheel is very dif cult task and hence better to deal with company who has core business in this eld. Refrigerant and petlier dehumidi er and very easy to repair. However you need to focus on service center network and their warranty terms. Many dehumidi er supplier in UAE gives warranty of one years. Only think you need to check they are offering you on-site or off-site warranty. In case of on-site warranty, technician will come to your place and repair unit. And in case of off site warranty, you need to take faulty unit to service center of company. To buy dehumidifier please contact CtrlTech DehumidifiersupplierinDubaitobuydehumidifier
  5. 5. How to Buy Dehumidifier Based On Dehumidification Principle Author ctrltech Posted on December 15, 2016December 15, 2016 Categories buy dehumidi er, dehumidi er dubai, dehumidi er dubai price, dehumidifier supplier in dubai, dehumidifier uae, desiccant dehumidi er, portable dehumidi er dubai, refrigerant dehumidi erTags buy dehumidi er, compressor dehumidi er, dehumidi er dubai, dehumidi er dubai price, dehumidi er supplier, dehumidifier supplier in Dubai, dehumidifier UAE, desiccant dehumidi er, petlier dehumidi er, refrigerant dehumidifier DehumidifiersupplierinDubaitobuydehumidifier
  6. 6. How To Buy Dehumidifier Based On Dehumidification Principle Welcome to CtrlTech! CtrlTech is largest and oldest dehumidifier supplier in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Bahrain. We supply Portable dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifier, swimming pool dehumidifier. We are one stop solution provider for all kind of dehumidification solution. CtrlTech's product gamet includes wall mount dehumidifier, in duct mounted dehumidifier and portable commercial duty dehumidifier. for more details contact us. Learn more Control Technologies (FZE) PO Box 122271, SAIF Zone, Sharjah, UAE. T: +971 65489626 M: +971 50 1537113 E: DehumidifiersupplierinDubaitobuydehumidifier