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Sharing the community's story (BarCamp Cedar Valley 2014)


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Sharing the community's story (BarCamp Cedar Valley 2014)

  1. 1. Barcamp Cedar Falls 2014 @ctrappe
  2. 2. Anyone got a story?  Flood Remembrance Event  Marion Marathon  Central City Development of Trail @ctrappe
  3. 3. Where can I find these stories? Often the answer is: Only in people’s heads. @ctrappe
  4. 4. Are there options? Yes!  Libraries  Media companies  Blogs  Social media  Word documents @ctrappe
  5. 5. Works to a degree… But platforms change. Remember …  MySpace  Geocities?  Others (including Eastern Iowa News) (Try going to today!) @ctrappe
  6. 6. Online content disappears Web consultant Terry Kuny puts it this way: “There are new barbarians at the gate. … We are moving into an era where much of what we know today, much of what is coded and written electronically, will be lost forever. We are … living in the midst of Digital Dark Ages.”(Pole) From: Mary Sharp via @ctrappe
  7. 7. People’s behavior  Most content goes unused after 72 hours.  Who has the time to share stories?  Some new skills are needed  Recording a Podcast  Writing a summary of an event  The willingness and interest to share publicly - besides what we had for lunch. (Power users on social media.) @ctrappe
  8. 8. Problem summary…  Where does our history go where it’s accessible?  Technology (fractured)  Behavior (Power users share much. Others not so much.) @ctrappe
  9. 9. Potential solution… Power users Feedback Stories Power users Stories Feedback Stories Feedback Public space Power users Stories Owned by the community Stories Power users People can share stories … no format Power users requirements. (Audio, video, text all Power users accepted) Stories Feedback Stories Power users Feedback Feedback @ctrappe
  10. 10. Questions and other thoughts…  Isn’t that Wikipedia?  Wikipedia doesn’t accept all kinds of stories.  Different, more national level?  Need to define:  What’s in it for me (the end user?)  Connections, history for future generations? Is that enough?  Thoughts? Ideas? Help! @ctrappe