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Social media branding 2013


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This specific presentation was first created for 15-minute presentations at the Cedar Rapids Optimist and Marion/Cedar Rapids Rotary clubs.

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Social media branding 2013

  1. 1. By Christoph Trappe April 2013Tweet me at @ctrappe
  2. 2. My value proposition (current draft):I help … people recognize good stories. people tell authentic stories through the best channel as well as multiple channels. tell the community’s story. do all of this to improve our community. United Way (and the community) come up with new, fun and innovative ways of telling their stories. Tweet me at @ctrappe
  3. 3. Who here is comfortablein public? (Publicspeaking, meetings, etc.) Tweet me at @ctrappe
  4. 4. Who is here is comfortableon social media? Tweet me at @ctrappe
  5. 5.  Comfortable in public… but not on social. Why? ◦ Permanent ◦ So much more public ◦ People can go back to it ◦ There are dangers: Voice and tone, people read what they want to read, might say something “wrong.” ◦ It takes time to be public. Tweet me at @ctrappe
  6. 6.  Brands can be built on social Jobs, jobs, jobs Connections, connections, connections Knowledge History Tweet me at @ctrappe
  7. 7.  91% of online adults use social media regularly (The Social Skinny) There are more devices connected to the Internet than there are people on Earth 40% of people spend more time socializing online than they do face-to-face(source: AllTwitter) Tweet me at @ctrappe
  8. 8. Guesses? According to Pew … Networking-full-detail.aspx Tweet me at @ctrappe
  9. 9. Tweet me at @ctrappe
  10. 10. … a dinner party. You share stories, connect with people, listen! You hardly ever sell.Success in social media: Connect first. People might buy later.Not traditional marketing.
  11. 11.  Define what you want to accomplish… ◦ Gain knowledge ◦ Become a thought leader ◦ Chronicle the community’s story Define what you can and cannot say Start Re-evaluate (based on feedback – off and online) Interact (Monitor what people are saying to you! 70 percent of top brands do not respond.) Tweet me at @ctrappe
  12. 12.  Interactions Followers Offline comments Other Tweet me at @ctrappe
  13. 13.  Everyone is a brand: What do people say about you? Who has a story to tell? Where can I find this story? Tweet me at @ctrappe
  14. 14.  (start a blog – I don’t consider a blog social media, but some do) Tweet me at @ctrappe
  15. 15. Questions? Tweet me at @ctrappe
  16. 16. Tweet me at @ctrappe