Innovative uses for a podcast power point


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Innovative uses for a podcast power point

  2. 2. What is a Podcast? In essence, a podcast is an audio file on a web based format. The innovative uses for a podcast are as far reaching as a person’s imagination. Imagine all its uses!!!
  3. 3. Reading a story to yourchild A parent in the Military overseas, recording a book for their child.  With a podcast, you can record, edit, and upload your child’s favorite book that they can listen to whenever they want. It is an excellent way to help the child feel safe and may help them miss their parent a little less.
  4. 4. Explaining the latest trendsof any industry Using a podcast, current information can be recorded and uploaded in a few minutes. Your audience will be able to stay abreast of all of the events of the day. Once the information is no longer current, it can be removed and replaced.
  5. 5. Step by step lesson plan onhow to make……  Written recipes are wonderful, but sometimes what is written is not easily explained.  Using a podcast to walk through a recipe the chef is able to clarify simple steps that they automatically do when making the recipe.  Creating a podcast will make the written recipe more enticing.
  6. 6. Class lectures  Creating a podcast of lectures allow students to review difficult parts of a lecture.  Students could create their own series of lectures to share with students across the country.
  7. 7. Chamber of Commerce Podcasts Highlights of the local area or schedule of events to help visitors have a more memorable trip to the area.  Everyone has at least one “best kept secret” restaurant they love to go to. A podcast explaining what type of food is served and directions on how to get there.
  8. 8. Learn a new language andculture a. Podcasts can help people learn important phrases to survive a country while passing through. b. It is important to learn about cultural differences as well. c. Museums, good (bad) parts of town d. Festivals and celebration explanations
  9. 9. Spiritual support  Daily spiritual /motivational sermons Basically, anything that you enjoy listening to can be made into a podcast; it is up to the individual listener to decide what they are inspired by and willing to spend their time with. The options are limitless.