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Presentation for Singapore Devops meetup

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Jenkins automation

  1. 1. Jenkins automation Using Python to automate Jenkins
  2. 2. About me ● Work with builds for 8 years ● Was Java architect and developer for 7 years before that ● Originally from Russia, but lived and work in US, UK, Denmark and now in Singapore ● Follow me on Github: @lechat
  3. 3. Questions ● How many jobs your Jenkins has? ● Do you run parallel build pipelines? ● Do you automate Jenkins?
  4. 4. Agenda ● Save Jenkins jobs in a safe place ● Making config.xml easier to handle ● Making branch builds ● Making and running build pipelines
  5. 5. I want to save my (Jenkins) job! Jenkins backup ● Jobs of course, they only exist in Jenkins and handcrafted to perfection ● Builds a history of (not so) useful information ● Keys usually forgotten essential bit of information
  6. 6. I want to save my (Jenkins) job! Jenkins backup ● Jobs Trivial approach - make shell script that will put files somewhere else Another trivial approach - use Jenkins job to save Jenkins as build artefact ● Useful only as a disaster recovery Restoring just one job requires Jenkins restart (only in latest version there is an option to reload job definition)
  7. 7. I want to save my (Jenkins) job! But why not keep job definition with your source code? Use jenkinsapi library to save/restore jobs! What jenkinsapi can do? ● Query Jenkins about jobs, builds, views, nodes ● Create/update jobs, views, nodes (only JNLP nodes for now) ● Execute jobs
  8. 8. I want to save my (Jenkins) job! Example 1:
  9. 9. Making easier to handle config.xml Editing job’s config.xml is not easy ● You need to know plugin/component internal name ● XML is too verbose ● Editing does not scale
  10. 10. Making easier to handle config.xml
  11. 11. Making easier to handle config.xml Use OpenStack jenkins-job-builder ● Job definition is in YAML ● Good defaults - you only need to specify overrides ● Less stuff to edit
  12. 12. Making easier to handle config.xml
  13. 13. Making easier to handle config.xml Jenkins-job-builder features ● Create templates for jobs ● Create variables and expand them when job is generated ● Create default values used across multiple jobs ● Define macros for repeated sections
  14. 14. Making branch builds Example 3: Create jobs for each git branch
  15. 15. Making job pipelines Making job pipelines is not trivial in Jenkins
  16. 16. Making job pipelines Making good job pipelines is not trivial in Jenkins ● No visualization when making jobs dependencies ● Have to use “Join” plugin ● Hard to run part of the pipeline
  17. 17. Making job pipelines Use jenkinsflow library to make and run pipelines
  18. 18. Making job pipelines
  19. 19. Making job pipelines With jenkinsflow No dependencies between jobs in Jenkins You can create dynamic pipelines You can execute pipelines outside Jenkins good for building automated Git flows
  20. 20. Summary All in your source code repository: ● Job definitions ● Job pipelines ● Build automation No worries about losing Jenkins instance - it can be re- created in minutes
  21. 21. Reference jenkinsapi OpenStack jenkins-job-builder jenkinsflow
  22. 22. Reference Job creators + editors (summary) XML templates - Hudson job creator Source code for this presentation