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Some ideas on Facilitating Student Learning


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Presentation by Dr. Wally Lockhart for the Centre for Teaching and Learning at University of Regina

Published in: Education
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Some ideas on Facilitating Student Learning

  1. 1. Some ideas on TeachingFacilitating Student Learning W. Lockhart University of Regina
  2. 2. Who are my students? Such a varied mix: Age, academic preparedness, culturalbackgrounds, language skills, course expectations …
  3. 3. A diverse mix of students!!!Bridging the Gaps: How to do it?
  4. 4. Is my student a customer – to be served? Is myjob to feed them knowledge? Is my studentresponsible to learn it? What is the contract? Can students be trusted?
  5. 5. Some of my old ideas and methods are dead. Yet I still lean on them. I have to let go!
  6. 6. Active Learning is ok for some classes But not in my course … it won’t work here!
  7. 7. About 1/3 of my students just don’t understand. They tell me so all the time! So what are: Fixed vs Open concepts?
  8. 8. Covering all of the material, vsUncovering the important stuff (OR: The tyranny of content)
  9. 9. So if I go down thispath, what are therisks?Potential rewards?… for me, and for mystudents?
  10. 10. Don’t have a cow, man!Just teach the materials like we always have.
  11. 11. Tenure and promotion are aboutresearch and publication, not teaching.
  12. 12. But they are so proudwhen they achieve theirgoals!
  13. 13. Thank you forlistening. Let’stalk about it!Wallace
  14. 14. Gems from PEI – I.S. I’ll Try• Day one: fun, active, relatedness, philosophy, learning styles, mutual expectations/ contract• Interteaching – try in 3 classes (285) – Wikis (Jigsaw): one per group; on exam• PPT: Post with some “skeleton” slides• URCourses pre-class quiz: one per week.• Student feedback: cue-cards, muddy points• Teaching Journal: An orange file folder with a writing pad in each class file.