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StepOne Health Digital Health Invitation for #SMTULSA


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StepOne Health Extends #CES2014 Launch Invitations to Social Media Conference in Tulsa, OK. To receive an invitation, text SMTULSA to 650-825-6682 is the new destination to find and connect to the best resources. New laws can be written to make services available, but they only work if people will use them. Finding these services, connecting them, and bringing them to the public is how StepOne Health aims to disrupt the traditional process.

“We’ve built StepOne Health with a commitment to women’s health and technology,” explained Chelia Potts Laurance, Director of Operations at StepOne Health. “Like most women my age, I am the chief medical officer of my family, managing health from my children to my parents. At StepOne Health, we connect the pieces together to help women complete a health experience for themselves -step one- then for their families.”
StepOne Health members get personalized access to specific snapshots called ‘experiences’. Gluten sensitivity, food allergies, vitamin D, hormone banking, and PMS are a few of the experiences available during this launch. Each experience is designed to include what is needed to start learning about the topic, to see how it relates personally, and to provide the first steps for improvement.

“As a technology and health consumer, it is important to me that StepOne Health delivers a customer centered product. I’m happy to say that we have been able to use today’s technology to revamp the customer experience,” explained Cheryl Lawson, Digital Health Concierge at StepOne Health and Founder of Social Media Tulsa. “The ability to: access your health records from any device, participate in a Google+ Hangout on Air via, to ask a question, and to speak directly to an expert are just some of the reasons the SMTULSA community will love StepOne Health. I invite you all to join.”
StepOne Health embraces cutting edge technology, and new health care to promote personal health and wellness. The StepOne digital health team will attend the fourth annual SMTULSA Conference in Tulsa, Ok. March 20-21, 2014.

To receive an invitation, Register for the conference at and or text SMTULSA to 650-825-6682

The first 214 people to do so will receive a complete record with baseline lab panel drawn from their local lab for free

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StepOne Health Digital Health Invitation for #SMTULSA

  1. 1. #SMTULSA Start Here Hormone Banking The first step to personal health. Get started TODAY with your BASELINE numbers. Bank your numbers now. When menopause begins - supplement to YOUR normal. Vitamin D Beyond Cholesterol FIND and FIX your low Vitamin D levels in LESS than 60 DAYS. Track your numbers for life. The next generation PREVENTION for heart attack and stroke. TRACK your numbers for life. Gluten Review Thyroid Start here if you suspect GLUTEN is affecting your health. Review your results with a dietitian. Get the 4 MUST HAVE thyroid tests at a local lab, then review with an expert. 96 Food Sensitivity Methylation See how your body reacts to 96 foods. Find foods you can REMOVE from your diet to feel better. Your body is a machine. Fine tune this process to reduce chronic inflammation. PMS Relief Candida Review Three saliva tests during your monthly cycle. Supplement on the right days to reduce PMS. Find out if your gut problems are connected to yeast. Review your results with a dietitian. Receive your personal invitation to the Science of You by texting SMTULSA to (650) 825-6682.
  2. 2. StepOne Starts Here Your Invited to Discover the Science of You Start Here Panel Includes Glucose Your Personal Numbers For: Blood Sugar Uric Acid BUN Creatinine/Ratio eGFR Metabolism Kidney Health Sodium Potassium Chloride Calcium Phosphorus Bone Health Protein, Total Albumin Globulin Total A/G Ratio Infection Nutrition Bilirubin Alkaline Phosphatase LDH AST ALT GGT Liver Health Iron Iron Levels Lipid Profile Cholesterol and Individual Lipid Tests Heart Health CBC Blood Count Anemia and Infection Urinalysis Complete Protein and Ketones, pH Expert Review Connect Results to Live Experts Receive your personal invitation to the Science of You by texting SMTULSA to (650) 825-6682.