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Social Media Tulsa Milestones [infographic]


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As we approach our third straight Social Media Day Celebration in Tulsa (June 30), I thought it was time to take a look back at a few of our milestones.
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Updated to include the proclamation officially naming June 30, 2012 Social Media Day in Tulsa.

The Pick up of the story was a great milestone.

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Social Media Tulsa Milestones [infographic]

  1. 1. Social Media Tulsa We put social back in social media!Social Media Tulsa is the areas most active social media group. #SMTulsa has rapidly become theplace for thought leaders and newbies alike to share social media best practices while at the sametime going beyond the technology to create face to face connections. It all began with Social MediaDay Tulsa 2010 at Fat Guys Burger Bar in the historic Greenwood district. 60% Small Business Owners FEMALE Bloggers Event Managers Community Managers Educators Students PR Professionals Non-Profit Organizations Real Estate Professionals 40% Graphic Designers MALE Social Media Tulsa Milestones 2010 2011 June 30th 2010 - Tulsa Social Media March - Social Media Conference Shines Enthusiasts Share in Mashables History Positive Light on the City of Tulsa #SMTulsa Making Social Media Day April - Social Media Tulsa Supports Turn August - The Mayo Hotel Attracts Record Tulsa Pink During #SMTulsa Social Media Attendance for Social Media Tulsa Meetup Summit @TulsaTech #SMTulsa June - Social Media Tulsa Celebrates One October - Social Media Tulsa Went Back to the Year Anniversary with Mashable on Social 80s at Downtowns All New Max Retro-pub Media Day 2011 December - #Tweet4Toys Taps Twitter in Social Media for Social Good Campaign November - Social Media Tulsa Kicked off #Tweet4toys @TopThatPizza The Worlds First Create-Your-Own Pizza Place 2012 Local TV Coverage Brand Strategist Liz Strauss to Keynote Social Fox 23 Segment with Media Tulsa Conference 2012 Cheryl Lawson Becky McCray Previews New Book During Social Media Tulsa Conference 2012 Tulsa Puts Social Back in Social Media During #SMTulsa Conference 2012 2012 Local TV Coverage Social Media Tulsa Conference 2012 Segments on KTUL Curated via Organizer, Cheryl Lawson and Panelist, Tyson Caldwell - Good Morning Oklahoma segment Exclusive screening of the Twitter documen- tary, Twittamentary during Social Media Tulsa Conference Mar 15 2012 image placeholder Tweet Reach from Conference 359,000 + Segment with conference speakers, Judi Grove The City of Tulsa Proclaims June 30 and Marty Coleman Social Media Day Tulsa Is 14th City to Proclaim June 30 Social Media Day