Cheryl twitter presentation for #smtulsa 2013


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How to use Twitter 2.0 infographic and case studies. Presentation for Social media Tulsa conference 2013

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  • First, let’s recap on he original Infographic and talk about how it went viral.
  • Bit Rebels blog picked up the infographic and a LOT of people re-tweeted, and shared.
  • Edudemic picked up the infographic and shared it with the education community
  • The Alyssa Milano RT from the Bit Rebles post was Banannas!
  • I preparation for the 2013 Social Media Tulsa Conference, I decided to re-visit the tips. Update the infographic and add a couple of case studies.
  • A hashtag? Put the # in front of any word or phrase. It becomes a live link and a way to keep conversations and communities together. Try this. Tweet. I am interested in #(anyword) no space after the # sign. Send the tweet. Then go to your profile. You’ll see that the #anyword has become a live link. Click on it. You’ll now see everyone Tweeting about that topic in real time.
  • Auto DMs are the best way to piss off people who’ve just followed you. At a cocktail party, You’d never say. Hi it’s nice to meet you… Now scram and go over to Facebook or read my Blog. And if your Auto DM says you need me to validate that I’m a human…. I will use my human hands to unfollow you.
  • Twitter chat master list. From
  • Sorry Tweet Deck fans. It’s going away. So far Hootsuite is safe. And not just for Twitter. Use it as a dashboard to manage your social existence. Now that you’re Tweeting.. What should I tweet?
  • Real Housewives of (name a city) #Scandal #GameofThrones - Don’t forget to tell people that you know awesome people.
  • Social Media Tulsa Conference uses #smtulsahashtag. We use it all year long for meetups,tweetups, and more. You don’t need permission to start a hashtag. Do a quick search for the one you want to use… If no one else is using it in a way that would disrupt your event/cause. Go right ahead. If you own the domain, that makes it easier.
  • Cheryl twitter presentation for #smtulsa 2013

    1. 1. Bit Rebels 17,910 Views
    2. 2. Edudemic 12,810 views
    3. 3. @Alyssa_Milano RT
    4. 4. How businesses should use Twitter A customer service case study As witnessed live Sunday 09-12-2010 By Cheryl Lawson @PartyAficionado (updated 9-5-2011)
    5. 5. When a customer has an issue…
    6. 6. Respond
    7. 7. Don’t Fear it, Get on it
    8. 8. The customer may still be unhappy
    9. 9. Relate
    10. 10. Fix
    11. 11. Address
    12. 12. Win!
    13. 13. Deliver
    14. 14. Keep Winning
    15. 15. But wait…… There’s more
    16. 16. There is a new Football Season upon us
    17. 17. #RamonWOW
    18. 18. Case Study #2
    19. 19. ?
    20. 20. Yikes!
    21. 21. Smart 