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Dell Endpoint Systems Management Solutions


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Dell Endpoint Systems Management Solutions

  1. 1. Dell Endpoint Systems Management Solutions Han Chon Director, Endpoint Systems Management Dell Software APJ
  2. 2. Endpoint Systems Management Dell Endpoint Systems Management 2 • Systems management for all your endpoints • Via physical, virtual & hosted appliances • Comprehensive • Affordable • Easy-to-use
  3. 3. Endpoint Systems Management3 Systems management remains difficult With limited staff and budget it’s difficult to focus on strategic projects Systems Management Mixed environments Inventory Windows 7/8 Migration Remote-site management Patching License compliance Deployment Strategic projects Mobile device management BYOD New security threats Virtualization
  4. 4. Endpoint Systems Management4 Endpoint systems management
  5. 5. Endpoint Systems Management KACE Appliances 5 Confidential Dell Endpoint Systems Management (ESM) vWorkspace Desktop Authority Management Suite ChangeBase
  6. 6. Endpoint Systems Management K1000 Management Appliance 6 Dell KACE Appliances K2000 Deployment Appliance K3000 Mobile Management Appliance
  7. 7. Endpoint Systems Management7 Key new features of K1000 v5.5 Software Asset Management (SAM) • Software catalogue • Software version roll-up • Suite recognition • Automated metering Improved hardware discovery Smarter Smart Labels Patching enhancements Single Sign-On
  8. 8. Endpoint Systems Management8 KACE 5.5
  9. 9. Endpoint Systems Management9 K3000 Mobile Management Appliance Device mgmt. • Inventory, track, manage • Maps, alerts, notifications • Dynamic Grouping. smart labels • Corporate and BYOD Application mgmt. • Distribute & manage apps • App launch from notification • Enhanced VPP - device level • Global Install upon enrollment Config/profile mgt • Profile Wizard - Android/iOS • Universal Policy Creation • Global Install upon enroll • Manage and enforce policies User portal • View approved apps • Install Apps • View inventory for all devices • Remote wipe/lock devices Security • Single-step secure setup • Device lock/unlock • Enterprise wipe • Factory reset • Passcode enforcement Integration with K1000 • Inventory/asset manage all devices from single console • Advanced reporting • Service desk integration
  10. 10. Endpoint Systems Management10 Yes, but I heard everyone telling me that their solution is complete. What’s so special about Dell KACE?
  11. 11. Endpoint Systems Management11 It’s an appliance! Hardware Platform Client Access License Operating System End point management software suite Hardware Platform Client Access License Operating System Database Engine Dell KACEvs
  12. 12. Endpoint Systems Management12 …and that makes you go faster • A school district –11,000 computers from 39 schools –Migrated systems from XP to Win7 in 2 months • A health care service provider –3,300 computers from 5 sites –Deployed in 3 weeks
  13. 13. Endpoint Systems Management13
  14. 14. Endpoint Systems Management Key ROI drivers 14 Streamline common tasks such as patching, systems imaging and redeployment Save Time What used to take hours can now be done in minutes, freeing resources Optimize Software Licensing Complete software inventory and license metering Save money through effective license management, avoid penalties Reduce Security Risks Scan, patch and ensure standard configurations Minimize system vulnerabilities to secure your network, reduce downtime Improve Employee Productivity Enable anytime, anywhere, any device productivity and BYOD Improve efficiency with the right access to apps and resources
  15. 15. Endpoint Systems Management15 What about…. ???
  16. 16. Endpoint Systems Management BYOD is more than allowing email access on phones Confidential16 Consulting,ITO,MPP, multi-vendorsupport Security Devices Enterpriseworkspace Management Network access App enablement Applications Dellcapabilities Dell Mobility Solution Architecture
  17. 17. Endpoint Systems Management17 Don’t know 77%Of very large businesses said securing corporate data on mobile devices was their most important mobile security objective.1 What are your concerns? Security Tightly manage information access balancing between convenience and security Apps Ensure that users are getting access to apps for higher productivity Tracking Manage the devices and apps as part of corporate asset for planning and provisioning
  18. 18. Endpoint Systems Management • Manage and secure devices • Configure and deploy apps • Proactive reporting and support Your preferred approach? User owned, company managed User owned and managed Company owned and managed • Self-service access • Support on any device • Ensure device compliance • Deliver/revoke services 18
  19. 19. Endpoint Systems Management Dell BYOD solution recap / solution stacks Confidential19 8/21/ Develop & modernize applications • The apps end users need on the devices they want • Develop and deploy mobile apps • Deploy virtual apps or desktops Manage devices • Easily identify and track all devices accessing network • Centralize and control personal mobile devices • Manage personal PCs Secure data • Protect data from end-point to data center • Secure data in transit and at rest • Control data no matter what device it is on • Remotely wipe devices if necessary Optimize infrastructure • Reduce facility costs through remote / flex work • Decrease IT management resources • Scale and protect the network • For heterogeneous environments
  20. 20. Endpoint Systems Management A special offer announcement for KACE 20
  21. 21. Thank you