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BPT IT Express Partner

  2. 2. Your IT Expert Partner The Company Group and Subsidiaries Blue Power Technology (BPT) is subsidiary of Computrade Technology International Group Established in 2003 Distribution company who focus on providing high quality IT Infrastructure solutions thru Business Partners. Start with 20 people in 2003 and grow to more than 200 in 2011 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Health company with double digit growth Has become one of the largest IT distributors in Indonesia with average revenue growth more than 30% year to year. Yield USD 10M in 2003 up to USD 150M in 2012 Distributing world-class IT products Parent of six subsidiary companies who are distributing fourth-quadrant products, services, and expertise through business partners and resellers
  3. 3. The Company IT Infrastructure Solution Partner We are company who specializes in providing IT infrastructure solutions for End-Users through Channels We believe that the successful implementation of IT comes through long-term commitment of each party and Constantly adapt to the dynamic market changes Product Owner Infrastructure Solutions Business Solutions Total Benefits Principals Business Partners End Users BPT Your IT Expert Partner
  4. 4. The Company Business Model BPT commit to do business through Partners or Resellers and together build specific industry solutions for End-users RECRUITMENT Continue seeking any potential partners to deliver BPT’s solutions DEVELOPMENT Keep improving partners’ capabilities & competencies RETAINTION Increase benefits being partnering with BPT Principals Blue Power Technology End-users Box Mover Consultant System Integrator Software Vendor Technical Expertise Your IT Expert Partner
  5. 5. BPT Focus IT Expert Partner We are listening to Business Partners and End-users, what are they most needed from us as IT distributor Cloud & Virtualization Mobile Enterprise Security Smart Analytic Integrated System Technical Skills Full scale facilities Open Solution Integration Your IT Expert Partner
  6. 6. Your IT Expert Partner The Survey 90% IT leaders not satisfied with existing vendors in providing and implementing adopted new technology – Computerworld 43% Wants a solution providers who are easy to be reached and contacted – Computerworld 40% Wants a solution providers who provide training and education – Computerworld 38% Also provides technical support as well – Computerworld 46% Expect faster response time - Computerworld 80% CIO more confortable with 3rd party of support than to IT vendors in term of flexibility, scope, and charge – Forrester IT Expert Partner We are listening to Business Partners and End-users, what are they most needed from us as IT distributor
  7. 7. BPT Values Your IT Expert Partner IT Expert Partner We are listening to Business Partners and End-users, what are they most needed from us as IT distributor Flexible Proven & Reliable Easy to Access Customized services Each company has different needs and must be addressed differently as well Business Partners and End-users can choose after sales support and scope of services according to their needs Experienced Certified and 10 years of technical experience in handling IT enterprise with heterogeneous environment Have a very close relationship with various IT vendors making us easier and faster to access a range of best practices which are needed for IT implementation solution Local People and Full Scale of Facility 24x7 Response Center (021) 500247 Technology center facility for testing and implementing new technology with minimum risk at no cost
  8. 8. YOUTHANK 23rd July 2013 BLUEPOWER TECHNOLOGY Your IT Expert Partner