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We Know Your Type

  1. 1. Keystroke Dynamics Biometric Technology “We Know Your Type”
  2. 2. The Problem – Passwords are Vulnerable PASSWORDS People write them down The Sticky Note Problem People share passwords with friends Buddy Punching People watch other people type them Shoulder Surfing People use special software to steal them Key Loggers / SpyWare People deceive people into giving them up Phishing and Pharming People steal other people’s stuff using passwords Account-Hijacking and Identity-Theft
  3. 3. Solutions Today Hardware Tokens – What you have Smartcards, Key-fobs, USB tokens, RFID tags Biometrics – Who you are Fingerprint, Hand Geometry, Facial Keystroke, Signature, Speech Two-Factor Authentication A Password combined with a Token or a Biometric
  4. 4. Hardware Tokens A device that contains unique information and is used to grant access to a computer system, software, or data, for the person that possesses the token
  5. 5. Biometrics A Physical or Behavioral characteristic that can be used to positively identify a person Physical Biometrics are physiological traits Behavioral Biometrics are learned traits Physical Biometrics Fingerprint Recognition Facial Recognition Hand Geometry Recognition Iris Recognition Behavioral Biometrics Signature Recognition Speech Recognition Keystroke Dynamics
  6. 6. Behavioral vs. Physical Biometrics Process is the same Capture a sample to create an enrollment template Perform 1:1 authentication match between a live sample and a previously enrolled template Determine probability of a match or no-match Perform database management Advantage of Behavioral vs. Physical Does not have the stigma of “Big Brother” watching you Very low total-cost-of-ownership to deploy and manage Users do not need to change their behavior to use it
  7. 7. Keystroke Dynamics Authenticates a person by the way characters are typed on a computer keyboard Detects a person’s unique rhythm The only software-only biometric Does not require a special device or sensor The password problem solver
  8. 8. Keystroke Dynamics Advantages Non-Invasive User-Friendly Highly Accurate Low Total Cost of Ownership Simple to Deploy and Manage Do not need to change behavior to use it Doesn’t require a special sensor or device Seamlessly integrates with existing process
  9. 9. Biometric Authentication Landscape The table below depicts how requirements for the major biometric authentication solutions compare with Keystroke Dynamics
  10. 10. How Keystroke Dynamics Works
  11. 11. Origin of Keystroke Dynamics World War II Morse Code Telegraph Keys The “Fist of the Sender” Morse Code: BioPassword -... .. --- .--. .- ... ... .-- --- .-. -..
  12. 12. Keystroke Dynamics Historical Timeline
  13. 13. CBS Numb3rs – Season 1, Episode 11
  14. 14. Who We Are A software company providing secure-access and anti-fraud solutions based on the science of biometrics A manufacturer of a behavioral-biometric matching engine and products based on patented Keystroke Dynamics Technology The Worldwide leader in Keystroke Dynamics Technology We created the use of Keystroke Dynamics to lead the development of next generation authentication solutions Corporate office is located in Issaquah, Washington Development office is located in Vancouver, Canada
  15. 15. What We Do Provide assurance that a person is who they claim they are Our patented, high performance behavioral biometric processing engine provides low-cost two-factor authentication. It is transparent to the user, and is immediately deployable across both an organization and the Internet Help customers operate their business in compliance with regulations and help minimize risk Our solutions assure compliance with regulations as well as minimize the risk of impersonation, lost assets, and reputation Provide customers with peace of mind and harden password credentials Our device-independent software provides fast, accurate, and scalable authentication from an individual consumer to millions of users
  16. 16. Technology Today – Keyboard based Solves the Password Problem Authentication for Computers and Networks (Two-Factor: User ID/Password, & BioPassword Credentials) Enterprise Network Access Control Stand-alone PC and Laptop Access Control Internet Authentication Future – Any input device Any device where data is input by touching, tapping or typing is a candidate for using BioPassword technology
  17. 17. Products and Platforms BioPassword 6.0 Windows Enterprise Networks and Citrix Presentation Server Windows 2000/2003/XP Server Citrix Presentation Server FR 3 and 4 BioPassword Internet Authentication SDK Internet Browser-based Authentication BioPassword Software Developers Kit - SDK Windows 2000, XP Operating Systems Integration/Software Applications B-Identified Home & Professional (SOHO) Standalone Windows XP/XP Home/2000 Pro
  18. 18. Products and Key Markets BioPassword 6.0 Healthcare and Financial Institutions due to regulatory compliance issues HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley BioPassword 6.0 SDK Custom Enterprise Identity and Access Management Applications BioPassword Internet Authentication SDK eCommerce Internet Authentication for Online Banking, Digital Content Distribution, Online Purchases
  19. 19. Product Capabilities BioPassword 6.0 Protects the logon credentials for MSFT Windows and the Citrix Environment Protects Windows ‘Run As’, ‘Net Use’, ‘Connect As’ and ‘Screen Saver’ functions BioPassword 6.0 SDK Provides the capability to enable Keystroke Dynamic technology within an Application or an Operating System BioPassword Internet Authentication SDK Provides the capability to enable Keystroke Dynamics technology within a website logon procedure using any Internet Browser on the market today
  20. 20. BIOPASSWORD, Inc. 1605 NW Sammamish Road Suite 105 Issaquah, WA 98027 www.biopassword.com 425-649-1100