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Finial presentation eex


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Finial presentation eex

  1. 1. Crystal Thornton December 2, 2010 Methods of Academic Skills for Exceptional Students EEX 3214
  2. 2.  The goal of OMA education department is to educate and provided meaningful experiences with art for people of all ages  OMA education department works with various schools and community organizations to provided art education tours and activities  OMA serves a wide range of clients, from developmentally disabled school aged children to the senior citizen community
  3. 3.  The community that the OMA Discovery tours addressed was any school aged child with developmental or learning disabilities  During the service learning experience I participated in tours with the children and families, during which we had them engaged in “looking activities” and a scavenger hunt  I also developed curriculum, and looking activities for the tour as well as promoting the tour  I completed this biweekly with tours happening monthly beginning in September
  4. 4. Exceptionalties Autistic Down syndrem Specific LD other
  5. 5. Age Range four to six seven to nine Over nine
  6. 6. Ethnic Backgrounds Hispanic African American Caucasian
  7. 7. click on the link to experience a looking activity!
  8. 8.  Completed SL for EEX 3214  Better understanding of social skills, setting challenging expectations, and cognitive strategies  Discovery tours will aid me in my future work
  9. 9.  Volunteer work builds charter and meaningful connections  Volunteering serves the purpose of helping others in the community, and building connections to diversity  Service learning is a very effect way of learning  I am motivated to keep serving my community  Students and teachers should embrace service learning