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Media Literacy


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This presentation was used to teach young people how to detect bias in newspapers and provides examples of bias to spot the differences and the effect this has on young peoples identity.

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Media Literacy

  1. 1. Media Literacy And You!
  2. 2. Things to becareful of…?
  3. 3. Media’s version of Reality! VS
  4. 4. Who owns the Media?
  5. 5. Media promotes an Agenda! What havebeen the topnews stories this year?
  6. 6. The Media can create Stereotypes
  7. 7. What’s Wrong?
  8. 8. What’s Wrong?
  9. 9. Activity: Figure out…O Who is it targeting?O Is it accurate or balanced?O What is the purpose; - To instruct - To inform - To sell - To persuade - To explain
  10. 10. “Media Manipulation" How are language, sound and image used to manipulate the message?O How Music Affects EmotionsO Camera TechniqueO Words and Images