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Teknik menggunakan '6 hat'


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Teknik menggunakan '6 hat'

  1. 1. De Bono
  2. 2. Red Hat. Emotions. Intuition, feelings,and hunches. No need to justify thefeelings. How do I feel about thisright now?Yellow Hat. Benefits. Why is thisworth doing? What are the benefits?Why can it be done? Why will itwork?
  3. 3. Black Hat. Caution. Judgement.Assessment. Is this true? Will it work?What are the weaknesses? What iswrong with it?Green Hat. Creativity. Different ideas.New ideas. Suggestions and proposals.What are some possible solutions andcourses of action? What are thealternatives?
  4. 4. White Hat. Information. Questions.What information do we have?What information do we need toget?Blue Hat. Organisation ofthinking. Thinking about thinking.How far have we come? Whatstep do we take next?
  5. 5. •Blue Hat Thinking- Process•Thinking about thinking•What thinking is needed?•Organizing the thinking•Planning for action•White Hat Thinking- Facts Information and data•Neutral and objective•What do I know?•What do I need to find out?•How will I get the information I need?
  6. 6. •Green Hat Thinking - Creativity Ideas,alternative, possibilities•Provocation - "PO"•Solutions to black hat problemsYellow Hat Thinking- BenefitsPositives, plus pointsLogical reasons are given.Why an idea is useful
  7. 7. •Black Hat Thinking - CautionsDifficulties, weaknesses, dangers•Logical reasons are given.•Spotting the risks•Red Hat Thinking - FeelingsIntuition, hunches, gut instinct•My feelings right now.•Feelings can change.•No reasons are given.