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Doc Ugur Sezerman JADE


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Doc Ugur Sezerman JADE

  1. 1. ISTANBUL CLUSTERCluster LeaderAssoc. Prof. Ugur SezermanSabanci University
  2. 2. ISTANBUL RDC• Population ~14Million• 6% elderly• 3% growth rate• ~15% live alone• Avg.Life expectancy 69 Men, 71Women• Home Care Sector ~20 Million Euros• 12 Firms in Marmara
  3. 3. ISTANBUL RDC• Watch TV ~4 hours• 68% use mobile phone• ~14% use PC• Health Care Capital ( over 100 hospitals)• Capital of IT Sector in Turkey• Many in e-Health and Telemedicine• Turkish National Health Information System will be version 3 of the HL7-health level 7
  4. 4. ISTANBUL RDC RESEARCH• Biological Sciences• Computer Science• Mechatronics• Electronics• Material Science• Manufacturing Eng.
  5. 5. ISTANBUL RDC RESEARCH• Medical and Biological Data Analysis• Data Mining• Semantic Web Applications• Vision and pattern recognition• Mobile applications and location Base Services(LBS)• Wireless ad hoc and sensor networks• Telemedicine• Biosensors
  6. 6. ISTANBUL RDC RESEARCH• In FP7 SU is a leader with 34 projects amounting to a budget of 6 Million Euro• Sabancı University is the founder for the local (Marmara Region of Turkey) European Enterprise Network aiming at the promotion of technology advancement and development within local small business• Sabancı University led the formation of the Industrial Competitiveness Forum aiming to establish well planned competion and innovation strategies in Turkey.
  7. 7. ISTANBUL RDC RESEARCH• Biomarker detection for Neurological Diseases• Biosensors ( CVD, Colon Cancer and Alzheimer)• Wearable Sensors for Elderly Care• Predicitive Mining system for early diagnosis of Alzheimer• SUNAC
  8. 8. ISTANBUL RDC RESEARCHThe Information Technologies Institute (BTE) was established as adepartment of TUBITAK BILGEM (Center of Research For AdvancedTechnologies Of Informatics And Information Security) in 2010. Until2010, ITI was serving as a department under TUBİTAK Marmara ResearchCenter for the purposes of research on topics relevant to software andhardware engineering. BTE has taken parts both in national andinternational noteworthy projects, many in co-ordination with public andprivate sector, universities and other research institutes, andconsequently accumulated a significant body of expertise.
  9. 9. ISTANBUL RDC RESEARCHQUALITY CERTIFICATESCMMI Maturity Level 3Capability Maturity Model IntegrationDecember 2008NATO AQAP-160Allied Quality Assurance PublicationsNATO integrated quality requirementsfor software throughout the life cycleMay 2003, August 2008 (renewal)
  10. 10. ISTANBUL RDC RESEARCHSensor and InformationTechnologiesSensor SystemsMicro Sensor SystemsEmbedded SystemsComputational IntelligenceDecision Support SystemsSoftware Engineering Process and Product ManagementInformation Networks and Protocol Technologies Platform Mission Control and Simulation TechnologiesLand, Naval and Air Platform Mission Control Technologies Unmanned Vehicle Guidance and Control Distributed Architecture Simulation Virtual Environment and Embedded Simulation Systems Engineering Simulation Operational Modelling
  11. 11. ISTANBUL RDC IMM-REGIONAL AUTHORITY• Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality provides Health Services to approximately 1500 elderly patients at their Care Facilities;• They also provide Care at home services and health services at their clinics
  12. 12. Therapeutic Health Services • CARE AT HOME SERVICES • 85,636 people have been served by this serviceHome Health Care Services Project are provided examination, treatment, drugsupply and physiotherapy services in the home environment to who have nosocial security, poor, support needy patients, elderly and disabled citizens.
  13. 13. ISTANBUL RDC REGIONAL AUTHORITY• DARULACEZE established in 1895• Giving living care and health care service to 1500 elderly in several locations in ISTANBUL• IMM is dedicated to use the e-health applications that will be developed within this project.
  14. 14. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs HomeCare• Eczacibasi Health Services• Our Core businesses are Homecare Services,(Doctor, Nurse, Physical Therapist, Health Aid Organization), Disease Management, Newborn and Mother Care, Nursing Home, office care and executive care
  15. 15. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs HomeCare• 260 employees• ~14 Million Euro Turnover on last two years• Interested in Telemedicine and Telecare applications• Eczacıbası Health Services opened the first special care center in Turkey providing skilled nursing care for the elderly and patients ready to be discharged from hospitals but still needing further medical care.• Located in Istanbul, Evital’s first center was designed by health professionals to respond to every need and ensure that guests have a healthy, high-quality and friendly living environment.
  16. 16. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs HomeCare• AILEDEN BIRI ( One of the Family) HomeCare Center• Offers medical and non medical services at home• Interested in Telemedicine and Telecare applications
  17. 17. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs HomeCareVisits and 12 or 24 hour shifts of skilled nurses and homecareaides• Visits of general practioners and specialist doctors• Elder companionship at Home• Newborn baby care and mother education• Rehabilitation at Home (Physiotherapist, Psychotherapist,Dietician)• Diagnosis at Home (All Laboratory Services, X-ray,Ultrasonography, EKG)• Selling and renting all necessary medical equipment andsupplies• Homecare education for the caregiver
  18. 18. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs• BILMED founded in 1989 as a medical software company• e-health applications in over 40 Hospitals• serving on more than 8,000 online client terminals with nearly 25,000 Active users• 21 Employees• 5 Million Euro turnover in last 2 years
  19. 19. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs• Integrated Hospital Information Management System solutions.• Browser-based interface which permits instant accessibility for all authorized users via the intranet or internet• Bilmed s WEB BASED HIMS R&D project has been funded by TUBITAK/Teydeb.
  20. 20. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs• BIRIM is an e-health company which aims to develop quality software products specializing in Health Care Management serving over 100 Hospitals.• +1250 employees• 44 Million Euro turn over in last two years• National Health Information System Project ofTurkey as a consortium partner in 2007 implementing HL7 version 3 which will be the first country to use this version
  21. 21. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs• Birim’s Service Fields can be classified as Healthcare Informatics Applications;• Hospital Information Management System;• Primary Healthcare Center Information System;• Family Physician Information System;• County Health Information System;• It is investing in new Technologies such as Patient TV; Mobile Applications;• Voice Recognition System;• PACS(Picture Archiving and Communication System);• TelemedicineApplications as well.
  22. 22. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs• VisioThink was founded in 2006 for research and software development on spatial analysis and location based services• 7 employees• 200K Euro turnover in last 2 years• VisioThink has established business partnerships with ESRI, Oracle, Turkcell, Intel and Navteq, all global players in ICT.
  23. 23. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs• VisioThink won a project worth 260.000 USD from TUBITAK, for developing a geographical analysis suite application that performs not only location analysis, but also allows users to perform geocoding,routing, map visualization and GPS or GSM network-based tracking• In a JADE related project VisioThink will provide location information of elderly patients using GPS and GSM based location techniques. The Geolink platform will be utilized to handle this task.• VisioThink will also design and develop mobile software to transfer data from mobile sensors carried by the patients to the datacenter for monitoring purposes.
  24. 24. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs• VISTEK Isra is a software company specialized in computer vision and pattern recognition• to improve patients’ safety by means of automated visual monitoring.VISTEK is specialized in developing the following solutions for application areas like hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living for the elderly:• -Monitoring patients in the anesthetic recovery room:automatically detecting wake-up and possible self-threatening behavior• - Monitoring patients beds: falling out of bed, unusual movements, sleep anomalies (e.g.apnea, unusual motion)• - Activity monitoring for assisted living: measure daily activity and interactions of residents in assisted living homes. Alert in case of substantial activity reduction e.g. due to dementia. Provide data for protocols to be analyzed by human experts.
  25. 25. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs• FP7 ITEA2 VICOMO: Visual context analysis project concerns the extraction of the visual context in which an environment is or objects are being observed by multiple video sensors. The system is based on advanced video interpretation algorithms and data are typically acquired with multiple cameras• FP7 VIPSAFE has the goal to develop novel techniques for automated visual monitoring of patients and elder people living in nursing homes or in their (assisted) home environments
  26. 26. ISTANBUL RDC SMEs• Gordion is founded in 1995 with a mission is to design and implement high technology software solutions. Expertise areas are mainly in four categories: Network Technologies, Future and Emerging Technologies, Web Based Business Applications, Mobile Applications.• 15 employees• 2.7M Euro turnover in last two years
  27. 27. ISTANBUL RDC SMEsGordion accomplished more than 140 software projects in business applications over mobile and networked systems. Most of them were mobile handheld devices, GSM devices, RS232 C based computer controlled devices (automated warehouse management, anaestesy device management, laboratory analysis device communication, intensive care monitor connection, etc) and web based business applications.EDAFMIS. Embedded Decision and Data. Fusion for Medical. Intervention Support (ITEA2 Project.To start in 2010. About to participate as a new partner)SALLY. Safe Ambient Assisted Living for Later Years (FP6. Coordinator: iPIC Iberian Productivity &Innovation Centre)Road SensiNet. Wireless Sensor Network based road control systems (FP7. Coordinator: ATOS Origin)Smart Road. WSN based rural area road advanced warning system (FP7. Coordinator: ATOS Origin)