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Ca Sun Virtualization Solution Brief 225013

  1. 1. CA and Sun—The Power of Two CA Management Software and Sun Virtualization Solutions Virtualization is a wave sweeping A joint offering that addresses the risks through the world of corporate comput- Sun Microsystems and CA offer a strong ing today. Many enterprises are near- suite of combined solutions to ease ing full capacity as far as availability this transition. The offerings include of physical space and power in their Sun’s leading open server virtualiza- data centers. At the same time, they tion products along with a range of CA are often using less than a third of their software management solutions that are computational resources. The benefits designed specifically for virtualized envi- of using virtualization to consolidate IT ronments to enable better understand- applications onto fewer, more power- ing and control of the entire network ful, energy-efficient servers are widely and computing environment. This makes understood. Even so, the use of virtual- it simple to perform timely problem ization technologies has not yet become resolution in complex, hybrid physical as widespread as might have been and virtual environments. expected. “We’re making use of container virtualization in Solaris 10 Operating System and embedded virtualization features, so we can actually expand our IT infrastructure without having to physically grow the datacenter space.” Highlights – Paul Bartle, Senior Manager of Technical Services, BC Ferries • Cost savings through built-in Solaris virtualization Why virtualization is not pervasive yet Customers greatly reduce their risk by Despite the general agreement on the being able to control virtualized environ- • Complete control of complexity through virtues of virtualization, only 27% of ments as securely as they control access an integrated software suite that offers applications were running on virtual to their physical platform. Proactive per- deep visibility into business transactions, machines in 20091. In the same survey, formance monitoring to identify emerg- root cause analysis, and the automation almost half of respondents indentified ing issues and the ability to pinpoint the of formerly manual, error-prone activities virtualization as their greatest emerging root cause of problems and resolve them • Improved service levels through dynamic quickly leads to improved service quality. technology challenge. This is mainly due resource brokering and comprehensive The deep visibility offered into business to the potential associated risks, such as performance monitoring through simply transactions and the reliability made virtual server sprawl and concerns about set up dashboards innate by the automation of routine security. In addition, there is a perceived lack of control over where applications activities leads to improved operational are running and where critical data is excellence. Critical applications can be stored. put in production much faster, leading to much improved agility and faster time to market. 1 “State of the Network Global Study 2009”. Sun Microsystems: Solution Briefs assets/pdf/state_networks09.pdf
  2. 2. CA and Sun—The Power of Two CA Management Software and Sun Virtualization Solutions Thought leadership in virtualization System Solaris 10 OS Sun has redefined virtualization with a broad Global Zone Administrators range of open, scalable products and services Zone #1 Zone #2 —from desktop to server to storage. These (Branded) open virtualization solutions allow customers to consolidate their applications on Sun serv- ers with no additional licensing costs. Logical Applications Applications Domains (LDoms) technology is built in as standard on Sun systems based on the Ultra- SPARC® T1 and T2 processors. Solaris™ Zones Solaris 10 OS Solaris 9 OS (also called Solaris Containers) technology is built into the Solaris 10 operating system. CA Virtual Solaris Zones have also been open sourced Performance Management through the OpenSolaris™ project. Logical Domains Hypervisor LDoms let customers consolidate their ap- plication tier by dividing Sun servers into Hardware multiple logical servers so that they can Resources CPU Memory Resources Resources securely isolate application instances yet eas- ily reallocate re¬sources across domains. Each Logical Domain is an independent, discrete Figure 1. Sun virtualization technologies and CA VPM software work system, separated from the others, with its own OS and system resources. One can even together to enable flexible virtualization while enforcing strict control run multiple different operating systems and performance monitoring. simultaneously in different domains. Solaris Zones CA management software for Sun applications and database domains. Business Solaris Zones offer a low-overhead partitioning virtualization services cross these domains, and CA has con- approach that combines fine-grained resource CA has a history of strong support for multi- tinued to increase and tighten the integration controls with the ability to securely isolate platform, multi-vendor server technologies between these management products so that application workloads in separate partitions across the entire infrastructure. Its decade a single, cross-domain view of all infrastruc- on the same instance of the Solaris 10 OS. long partnership with Sun leverages CA’s ture components is possible. Branded zones also allow the running of appli- expertise in simplifying management of cations against an older version of the Solaris complex IT environments. CA Virtual Performance Management OS without incurring the overhead of another (CA VPM) is an add-on capability to CA’s complete OS instance. By reducing the number CA has a range of products in its portfolio IT operations and management solutions of OS instances to be managed, Solaris Zones that are geared to Service Assurance, cover- and is optimized to run on Solaris. can help minimize administration costs. ing network, physical and virtual system, Sun Microsystems: Solution Briefs
  3. 3. CA and Sun—The Power of Two CA Management Software and Sun Virtualization Solutions “If you don’t have visibility into what’s going on, and the ability CA’s virtualization management solutions are to think through sophisticated service levels, the risk goes up. comprised of the following products: • CA eHealth® Performance Manager You must have an aggregated view of elements that takes into • CA Spectrum® Infrastructure Manager account all policies, service levels and metrics dealing with both • CA NSM virtual and physical resources. CA’s decades long partnership with • CA Insight™ Database Performance Manager • CA Spectrum® Service Assurance Sun enables us to provide management of Sun Solaris Zones and • CA Spectrum® Automation Manager Sun Clusters in addition to comprehensive support for Sun operating systems.” The CA eHealth® Performance Manager proactively monitors the performance of net- – Stephen Elliot, VP of Business Unit Strategy, CA works (both data and voice), systems (both physical and virtual), databases (DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase), and client/server applications. With this visibility into perfor- mance within the infrastructure, any threat of performance degradation to the business service is identified, allowing for corrective action to be taken before internal and external customers are impacted. Extensive reporting includes trending analysis so IT operations can be informed and proactive on how to plan and prioritize remediation of performance issues. CA Spectrum® Infrastructure Manager offers deep visibility, rapid fault isolation and out- of-the-box root cause analysis for virtualized environments, based on a patented, real-time, operational model of the infrastructure. CA Spectrum provides an automated approach to discovering, monitoring and managing host physical servers and their guest virtual machines, and extends the value of an exist- ing infrastructure management solution to eliminate the need for a domain- or vendor- specific tool. Figure 2. CA eHealth Performance Manager with CA VPM allows examination of resource utilization per Zone Host. Sun Microsystems: Solution Briefs
  4. 4. CA and Sun—The Power of Two CA Management Software and Sun Virtualization Solutions CA NSM provides automated management of diverse physical and virtual environments through a single, consolidated console. NSM makes the connections between people, processes and the various management tools being used. It helps identify operational issues before end users or critical services are impact- ed, allowing IT organizations to establish their priorities according to business requirements. Through clear visualization and policy-driven self-management, NSM effectively monitors and optimizes critical system resources ensur- ing availability and performance levels, dynam- ically meeting the variable demand of today’s most complex business-critical processes. CA Insight™ Database Performance Manager monitors databases such as DB2 LUW (Linux, Unix, Windows), Oracle, SQL Server and Syb- ase. It fully supports management in Solaris zones based environment. It keeps track of and triages performance issues seamlessly across hybrid database environments. The software is designed for proactive management of issues in order to allow the monitoring of conditions over time before they reach a point of critical- Figure 3. CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager with CA VPM ity. Because the precise information is provided in an appropriate context and at the right time, provides a highly graphical view of the Solaris global and database administrators can collaborate with non-global zones. IT Operations for effective problem resolution. CA Spectrum® Automation Manager responds to rapidly changing business demands with automated policy-based provisioning of physi- cal, virtual and cloud resources to provide the capacity that business services require. Using repeatable processes, automated provision- ing permits greater control and compliance of physical and virtual resources and better management over change control and drift. Sun Microsystems: Solution Briefs
  5. 5. CA and Sun—The Power of Two CA Management Software and Sun Virtualization Solutions Benefits of CA virtualization management solutions CA Virtualization Management helps organiza- tions confidently deploy and run virtualization to gain a competitive edge and to plan for growth. Customer benefits include: • Faster Time-to-Market: Accelerate the time taken to get critical applications into pro- duction and reduce the manual, error-prone activities that compromise agility. • Operational Excellence: Discover, classify and manage change across physical and virtual assets, enabling enterprises to gain visibility and operational control into their business transactions and end customer experience. • Improved Predictability: Customers gain greater visibility into their performance Figure 4. CA Spectrum Service Assurance provides a real-time which allows them to optimize computing view of service status. resources and plan for growth. Conclusion CA leadership in virtualization management Joint solutions from CA and Sun deliver “With strong innovation, heterogeneous proven, mature, end-to-end management for support, highly capable, proven solutions, both physical and virtual environments across and a customer satisfaction rating of 4 out systems, networks, databases and applica- of 5 CA is stepping up to the virtualization man- tions. Virtualization can be transformed from agement challenge like no other vendor, taking being a back-room experiment to a front-line a well-deserved solo spot on the Virtual System business asset for enterprises. Management All Star First Team.” – EMA Report, 2008. Sun Microsystems, Inc. 4150 Network Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA Phone 1-650-960-1300 or 1-800-555-9SUN Web © 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, Java, J2EE GlassFish, Netra, and Solaris are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. or its sub- sidiaries in the United States and other countries. All SPARC trademarks are used under license and are trademarks or registered trademarks of SPARC International, Inc. in the US and other countries. Products bearing SPARC trademarks are based upon an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Information subject to change without notice. 11/09