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Social Media Strategy


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Presentation for The Association of Boarding Schools.

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Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIASTRATEGYPre-Conference WorkshopDecember 1, 2011TABS Conference Boston
  2. 2. Social Media Audit• Content Audit • What are you sharing? Why are you sharing it? When are you sharing it?• Branding Audit • Are my profiles complete? Well branded? Consistent?• Integration Audit • Are you integrating social media profiles? Are you thinking about online to offline content?• Measurement Audit • What do you measure? How do you share success?• Overall Management • How much time to you put in? What are the results?
  3. 3. Simple Audit Review of TABS sites• Homepages • Did the school‟s homepage have social links? • Did I immediately understand what the links were for? • Were the links up to date and functional? Did they display well?
  4. 4. Facebook• Where did the Homepage link take me?• Are there multiple pages for different school components?• Has the school “claimed” the business page?• Is the “info” tab up to date?• Are there tabs with no content?• What kind of community is happening there?• What has the page „liked‟?• What kind of FBML pages are there?
  5. 5. Poll: which email contact is best?a) admissions@farragut.orgb) info@ashbury.cac) No email addressd) webmaster@fuma.orge) communications@fvs.eduf)
  6. 6. Twitter• Does the brand/icon look like other brands/icons?• Are the tweets primarily a feed from Facebook?• Is there an unusual balance of followers/following?• Are there quiet periods with no tweets? Long updates?• Does the school have multiple accounts with limited traction?• Are there retweets, replies, favorited tweets?
  7. 7. Two Twitter ExamplesAll updates over 140 characters or “long updates” Over a year lapse in tweeting
  8. 8. LinkedIn• Who is the community for?• Who manages the community? Staff? Alumni?• Is there any activity or communication?• Has the “company” page been “claimed?”• Who is following the school?
  9. 9. One LinkedIn Example
  10. 10. Foursquare• Did you know people were checking in to your school?• Have you “claimed” the location?• Are there any suggestions or tips?• Is this the mayor of your school?
  11. 11. Sloppy Mistakes in Social Media• Not having social media links from your home page.• Not managing your brand well.• Failing to use accounts you set up.• Not “claiming” your accounts. (including Google+)• Noticeable gaps in content delivery.• Updates without content context (links, photographs).• Failing to engage the community(asking for comments, retweets, likes, etc.)
  12. 12. Planning & StrategyChristine Tempesta
  13. 13. Define Your Goals• How does social media fit with your other communications?• How will the content complement or differ from the content on your web site?• Do you want to engage? Or just broadcast?
  14. 14. Listen to your Audience• Who is your audience? What do they find compelling?• Are they active in existing social media communities? “Listen” to others conversations.• What tone are you using? Your tone should reflect the expectations of your audience. Content contributors will have their own tone. It‟s ok to be less formal.• BUT, remember what you say will represent yourschool and its brand.
  15. 15. Plan• How frequently will you publish? You‟ll need to define a plan for maintaining your Twitter feed, Facebook page or blog, especially if your staff resources are limited.• How will you distribute the work among colleagues or volunteers?• What kind of tools will you use to schedule updates, track results, and create metrics?
  16. 16. Best Times/days to PostHere are a few key takeaways from DanZarrella, HubSpots Social Media Scientist:• The best time to tweet is 5PM ET• 1 to 4 tweets per hour is ideal• The best days to tweet are midweek and on the weekends• The best day to share on Facebook is Saturday• The best time to share on Facebook is Noon ET
  17. 17. A Shared Delivery Approach• Consider having multiple administrators of pages/accounts • Divide responsibility by area expertise, by date, or by community • Train the administrators and give them clear expectations of what to do (and what not to do) • Utilize unusual suspects – students may be excellent bloggers, support staff might enjoy tweeting. • Explain how you expect personal accounts to be used, before you encourage cross promotion. • Be willing to give up a little control, but monitor and reward regularly.
  18. 18. Promote• Cross-promote: “like” and “follow” other school pages and accounts.• Include links/buttons/icons on email communications, web site and print materials.• Add “share” buttons to encourage people to share your content.• Use feeds from your Twitter or Facebook pages to populate content areas on your site.• Create trackbacks by commenting, retweeting.• Consider Facebook Ads.• Use and promote hashtags.
  19. 19. Measure• Review your goals and focus on measurements most meaningful to you. • Number of followers/likes (careful, may not represent engagement) • Number and quality of interactions with followers including likes, comments, tweets • Number of posts per week• Use tools provided to help you aggregate and analyze your data• Evaluate regularly (audit quarterly) and make adjustments
  20. 20. Stay Current• As you gain new insights, determine how to incorporate them in to your strategy.• Learn to be agile. Don‟t invest all into one technology. Consider how new products/approaches fit into your overall strategy.• You don‟t always have to be an early adopter. It is sometimes wise to watch others and learn.• Don‟t make assumptions that products other schools have used will automatically address your needs.
  21. 21. Resources• TABS School Facing and Family Facing Media Guides These guides illustrate how you can use the TABS social media presence to enhance your own.• How to Position your Social Content from Peter Baron content• CASE Social Media White Papers rts/WP_SocialMedia.html• Mashable Social Media
  22. 22. Resources• EdSocial Media• Two links with blog and article resources:
  23. 23. Questions?Christine L. TempestaDirector, Strategic InitiativesMIT Alumni AssociationPhone: 617-253-8222Email: tempesta@mit.eduTwitter: In:
  24. 24. SOCIAL MEDIASTRATEGYPre-Conference WorkshopDecember 1, 2011TABS Conference Boston