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Corey Makes Healthcare - Coordinate, Efficient and Mobile


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Corey suite of products provide context based coordination solutions for perioperative services, ambulatory services, outpatient services and care transition.

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Corey Makes Healthcare - Coordinate, Efficient and Mobile

  1. 1. A & Backed Company Corey™ Makes Healthcare – Coordinated, Efficient & Mobile Chandra Tekwani CEO, Core Mobile David Sherman VP Sales, Core Mobile Naunihal Virdi, MD VP Products, Core Mobile Debra Cupp VP Healthcare Sales, SAP Devin Virta Account Executive, SAP David Delaney, MD Chief Medical Officer, SAP
  2. 2. Why: We believe in making healthcare Coordinated, Efficient and Mobile How: We do this by realtime coordination of activities. What: The Patented Corey Suite of Products
  3. 3. Value Proposition for Hospitals • Reduction in Patient turnover times - 5 to 15 minutes per patient • Operational Savings – Between $1M and $10M per year • Improvement in Operating Room Utilization - Between 5% and 30% • Hospital recovers investment in 2 to 3 months of deployment* * Results calculated at major hospital group Reduction in turnover time: 5 minutes per patient Reduction in turnover time: 10 minutes per patient Reduction in turnover time: 15 minutes per patient Savings for Hospital: $1 Million per year Savings for Hospital: $5 Million per year Savings for Hospital: $10 Million per year Increase in Operating Room Utilization: 15% Increase in Operating Room Utilization: 22% Increase in Operating Room Utilization: 30% Increased revenues for Hospital: 5% to 15% Increased revenues for Hospital: 10% to 20% Increased revenues for Hospital: 20% to 30%
  4. 4. What are the problems to be solved? Coordination and collaboration are cumbersome Anesthesiology, Surgery, and Nursing are waiting for answers Patient location is not always immediately available Families do not know when surgeon wants to provide an update HCPs are tethered to the workstation Not able to review and update patient information on mobile device Need streamlined view of patient data It is difficult to find what information was updated on your patient Administrators 1 2 3 Need better metrics and analytics to investigate sources of OR inefficiency Information not available on the go and in real time Cost of deploying a solution for this must be justifiable by other functionality 4
  5. 5. 1 Lack of coordination leads to Frustration Inefficiency Unnecessary Costs 5
  6. 6. How Does Corey™ Solve the coordination 1 problem? 1 All Users can publish from their device that their task is completed in real time with comments Work Flow real time status 2 Pre-op ANES Consent Nurses OR Surgeon 3 Obstacles for patient care tasks 4 Notification for families of patients via push to smartphones or text messages to basic phones 6
  7. 7. How Does Corey™ Solve problems of metrics/analytics and access to info on the go? 2 3 5 Analytics and measurements of improved efficiency * Time spent at each stage * points of optimization 6 Only relevant info from EMR, Radiology, Lab Results info for task completion for specific location and procedure 7 Secure access to records and related info from outside sources 7
  8. 8. CoreyMD™ and CoreySurg™ Demo 1 2 Watch Video 8 3
  9. 9. Corey™ Patent Portfolio 1 2 3 (Granted Patent) Instant access to just the relevant information from multiple clinical systems made available on mobile devices based on user’s context like patient on surgery schedule, task completed in perioperative services workflow, phone call from patient for care provider when provider is not in office, location of care provider or explicit request by care provider. This patent has been granted per US Patent Number: 8,606,923. This patent covers 5 verticals - healthcare, field sales, field service, trucking/transportation, airlines. More details at, (Patent Pending) Update of just the relevant information in enterprise systems from mobile devices based on user’s context right at the point of use and application leveraging big data analytics in real time using in-memory databases. This patent is pending per USPTO Serial No. 61/780,999. (Patent Pending) Communication, Coordination and collaboration of activities within the healthcare provider team optimizing the existing workflow without changing it. This patent is pending with USPTO Serial No. 61/921,946 9
  10. 10. Corey™ Offerings Context Based Coordination Solutions 1 CoreySurg™ 2 CoreyER™ 3 CoreyRehab™ CoreyMD™ Pediatrics Cardiology 10
  11. 11. Corey™ Is Affordable & Deploys Quickly • • • • • Corey™ Offerings No need for extensive technology validation Not disruptive to existing operations Incremental to existing operations Seamless integration into existing work flow 4 weeks pilot, 4 weeks per source to go live Snapshot Trial Corey™ Communicator Corey™ Starter Corey™ Standard Corey™ Ultimate # of users 100 users for 30 days Per User Annual Price 250 Users 1000 Users 2500 Users Corey™ Price $2,500 $25 per user per month $250,000 pa $750,000 pa $1,500,000 pa Functionality Customer defined Secure Communicator 1 context 1 source 3 contexts 3 sources 5 contexts 5 sources
  12. 12. Summary Advanced mobile software solution for healthcare providers to, • Optimize provider coordination to increase efficiency • Increase OR utilization 15% to 30% • “Untether” the healthcare providers from workstations • Real Time Analytics to improve efficiency • Increase patient throughput • Reduce patient turnover times • Increase OR utilization Leverage existing IT systems Integrate seamlessly with current workflow Contact: 12 1 2 3