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12 ipt 0305 Communication Issues


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12 ipt 0305 Communication Issues

  1. 1. Communication Systems 3.5) Issues Related to Communication Systems
  2. 2. • Messaging systems have improved communication, however they have raised a number of issues. • Social context – messages have difficulty conveying feeling • Misinterpretation – body language, inflection and intonation and context are not available to filter messages • Power relationships – an organisational structure could fail if messaging changes traditional routes
  3. 3. • Privacy – Messages can be stored and accessed by unauthourised people. • Electronic junk mail – unwanted message can use up time and filtering them can often lead to the missing of important messages. • Information overload – the ease of current messaging systems means that there is a greater volume of information to deal with and people also expect immediate answers to emails, texts and voicemails.
  4. 4. • There are also many issues related to the use of the Internet. • Internet trading raises many implications including: • taxation – hard to police across the ‘Net’. • employment – fewer shop fronts and less employees • the nature of business – 24/7 trading & home shopping • trade barriers – these barriers become more irrelevant
  5. 5. • Censorship – there is an argument between the banning of content that contravenes a countries’ laws vs the freedom of the Internet. • Many unsuccessful attempts have been made to regulate Internet content. Too hard to police. • Internet banking – Provides 24/7 home banking services • This leads to a change in the staffing of banks, including job losses and branch closures.
  6. 6. • Radio and television – the way we receive content is changing with radio accessible via the Internet and catch-up TV and streaming video services now providing more and more video content. • A lot of people now do some or all of their work from home via communication systems. • This is known as telecommuting.
  7. 7. • Advantages: • greater flexibility in work hours • saving money on transport, food and clothing • beneficial to people with a disability • helps families with small children • employer save on overheads, such as building space and furniture
  8. 8. • Disadvantages: • less social and professional contact • some people feel isolated and lonely • can blur the distinction between work and home • the costs of secure connections and equipment