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1.2) Information systems in context


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1.2) Information systems in context

  1. 1. • A system is a group of elementsthat work together to achieve apurpose.• An information system performsa set of information processesrequiring participants,data/information and informationtechnology.• The relationships between theelements of an information systemare shown below.
  2. 2. [ DRAW Figure 1.3 from p.7]• Information systems have a purpose,which means that they address theneeds of a group or individual.• The environment is everything thatinfluences, or is influenced by, aninformation system.• Information technology is the set oftools used by the information systemor its participants to perform work.
  3. 3. • Hardware is the physical equipmentinvolved in processing information.• All devices perform one of the fivefollowing functions: •input •output •processing •storage •control• All these different functions worktogether.
  4. 4. • Software is the detailed instructionsthat direct the hardware to performcertain tasks.• There are two main kinds of software: • application – programs for a specific task • system – manages and controls computer• Data is the raw material that is entered intoan information system.• Data is unprocessed and not yet useful tothe user.
  5. 5. • Information has been processed andgiven meaning.• It is created or modified by one ormore information processes.• Participants are the people who carryout the information processes.• Participants are also called directusers since they interact with thesystem.• Indirect users are NOT part of thesystem but they are affected by it.