Help Get Out Of Credit Card Fast


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Are you struggling with your finances and looking down the cold barrel of bankruptcy?
Are you in debt up to your eyeballs and struggling to make ends meet?
Go Here To See How You Can Lower Your Monthly Payments Up To 60%

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Help Get Out Of Credit Card Fast

  1. 1. ==== ====Are You Struggling To Make Your Monthly Payments? Go Here To See How You Can LowerYour Payments Up To 60% ! ====Rule Number 1: If youre in debt you need clear, impartialadvice that works - not another loan!Does it seem fair to you that there are simple hints, tips& strategies that are already freely available to the wealthyand privileged few?Is it fair that the rest get lukewarm, impassionate advicefrom the help-lines, or jaded and recycled assistance fromcommercial parties with a strong self-interested?Why should you suffer the humiliation of learning by trial anderror when help is at hand? You need good, practical (andspecialised) knowledge.Before we go further I should warn you that what follows isdifferent.My views are not always mainstream and I can be edgy andopinionated. I focus on what works. The views expressed hereare based on my own observations, research and life experienceas to what works in regard to the topics discussed.In case there is any doubt; this report should not be takento construe financial or legal advice - if you want that,ask one of the usual suspects - a licensed professional(and see how far you get)!I do offer something that is unique - you will not find this(highly specialised) information anywhere else.I would like to open your eyes to a growing body of practicalknowledge that is aimed at delivering a series of highlyspecific outcomes for you. The whole includes the knowledge,the tools and the support that you will need to realise yourgoals.You are now at the starting point for understanding and
  2. 2. acquiring detailed knowledge of three essential skills you can(and must) master if you are to escape the debt trap forever!If you want real success - and freedom from debt - then youneed to venture beyond mere legalities and nuts and bolts.Your ChallengeYou cannot and will not, live free of debt unless you focus ondoing three things;1. Fix Your Debts (this takes specialised knowledge)!2. Create Ongoing Success in Your Life (that means recognisingand changing some of the behaviours that got you into troubleas well as recognising and adopting some of those that lead tosuccess)!3. Radically Increase Your Income (this is not so hard to do,but again, it takes specialised knowledge)!What it Takes to Get Out Of Debt.You CAN clear all your debts (no matter how large) and evenreverse them into sheer wealth if you are willing to;i) learnii) work at itiii) be persistent andiv) pick the right help.Please dont make the mistake of constantly hopping from oneapproach to another. You can waste years of your life (I knowI did) by starting one approach, losing confidence and thentrying another only to do the same.Just choose one that feels right and stick with it!This is one of the key secrets of the wealthy and successful -they make decisions quickly and then stick to them unlessthere is a darn good reason to change!They also trust themselves to make the right decision. Thisability to Trust Yourself is the topic of another Report.Just ask if you would like a copy.
  3. 3. You will also find that you need support. It is enormouslydifficult to accomplish anything that is truly new andworthwhile working alone.You need someone to bounce ideas off to ask for an opinionor to share progress or frustrations with.That someone should ideally be a small group of people whoare in a similar position and trying to achieve similarresults - people like you!How to Save Thousands on Debt Consolidation!There are thousands of people who will offer you some feebleand useless advice, whilst really hoping to get your money byselling you a consolidation loan.Buying more debt to pay off your debt can make lots of senseto a Lender!A Debt Consolidation Loan may work for you - but only in theright circumstances and at the right time. Take this step atthe wrong time, or in the wrong circumstances and it can costyou years of your life - years that will have been needlesslywasted!Your Choices Make Your Life!There are many options open to you. Which you adopt and whichyou reject at the present moment in time depends on a fewfactors.However, dont ignore anything that might be able to get youcloser to your goals - times change and what looksunattractive today can look very good if things get rough.Probably the two most important considerations are;i) where are you in the grand scheme of things? andii) what is your appetite?Let me explain;Where are you in the grand scheme of things - what stage areyou at?
  4. 4. It could be any of the following;1. You have realised that you are gradually sailing deeperinto debt and you need to get back on track before youdevelop serious problems.2. You are in a hole. Your debt repayments are making suchlittle progress that you will be paying your debts off fora long, long time - and you naturally want to make betteruse of your funds, rather than making the lender rich!3. You are in trouble. Cant pay your bills as they fall dueand are behind with your payments, but you still have a clearcredit rating.4. Legal action has started against you and your creditrating is already damaged.5. You are being harassed.6. You are facing Bankruptcy.7. You are Bankrupt and need to recover as much groundas possible in as short a time as possible.If you need help, no matter what your situation, there isinformation and help available - arm yourself with theknowledge you need and get some help you. Help isavailable - and much is free.What is your appetite?This really means how desperate are you? Are you more or lesson target in your life - just want to make some smalladjustments now that will have a big effect on your long termfinancial well-being?Or are you in up to your neck with very little to lose?* Are you the sort of person who wants to tread cautiously?* Are you confident and dont mind taking people on?* Are you willing to really push the envelope?Now know this - some rules apply to your situation;1. You always have more options open than you realise!
  5. 5. 2. You are in a far stronger position than you realise!3. The strength of your position depends on you - if youdont know that you are strong then you will not be!I cannot stress this enough - there are three things you needto focus on simultaneously.Miss one out and you will eventually find yourself back whereyou started.So what can you do?Well here are just a few of the options open to you. Bear inmind that this is a complex area and you will need access tospecialised information and resources to make a go of things.You want to fix Your Debts - How do you fix anything?You first need to know how it works right?If you want to know more take a short-cut. Today You canacquire a detailed knowledge and understanding of the waydebt works.You must learn how to manage the burden of debt. Youll startto sleep better at night just as soon as you begin to reallyunderstand the debt process - and how much power you reallyhave over events!For example, there is a trick with debt. The credit cardcompanies and banks all rely on this trick. They think thatyou think that the debts are a very serious and graveresponsibility - one that you cannot evade.The truth is that debts are serious. You cannot evade that -if you owe money, you owe money, full stop.BUT - debts are negotiable. Everything is negotiable! Yourdebts have value to your debtors - and that value fluctuatesaccording to certain basic principles.These are simple and constant principles of supply and demand.As soon as you understand these principles you have the powerto manipulate your debts - to your advantage!Did you know that when you have a debt that you are struggling
  6. 6. to pay, the lender may ultimately SELL that debt to acollection agency or they may even decide that it isnteconomical to recover the debt and give up!They may sell for pennies on the dollar or even write the debtoff and stop bothering you.But of course they want you to be intimidated - they will playto this but there are a great many ways you can fight back!Did you know, for example that;* Many debts are NOT legally enforceable in a Court of Law -how will you know if this is the case with Your Debt withoutthe right knowledge?* Other debts can be delayed, often forever.* Often the methods employed by finance companies andcollection agencies to steal your money (usually withyour consent) are actually illegal!* Bankruptcy can usually be avoided or stalled indefinitely.* Private Investigators and Debt Collectors locate "skipped"debtors through information held on you in both Governmentand Private databases. Information that is often illegallyaccessed by these people acting under instructions from thecountrys leading financial institutions!* Repossession is often achieved illegally and it is possibleto avoid having anything illegally repossessed ever again.* You can control your affairs, manipulate your creditorsand organise your finances so that YOU can determine whenyour debts will be repaid at YOUR convenience.OK Thats all we can squeeze in on part one.Dont forget to get hold of Part 2 which will give you somevital clues on where to find information that will allow youto;* Create real, ongoing success in your life - permanently!* Radically Increase Your Income - a huge andlittle-understood business from home opportunity.
  7. 7. Email me and tell me what youliked or didnt like in Part 1.David P Cross is Principle of Debt Clearance Secrets.A growing body of knowledge & tips to;i) fix your debts,ii) create ongoing successiii) radically increase your income.Want more? Visit [] and we will show you how to fix yourdebts.If you like the Report, or hate it, let me know. I reply to all of my emails. I can be reached atdavid@debtclearancesecrets.comArticle Source: ====Are You Struggling To Make Your Monthly Payments? Go Here To See How You Can LowerYour Payments Up To 60% ! ====