Social tourism in malta


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Social tourism in malta

  1. 1. Social tourism inMaltaA Calypso Study
  2. 2. Summary• Malta, a good destination for tourism• Social tourism for Maltese people• Social tourism for European people• Development of products for social tourism
  3. 3. Maltaa good destination for tourism
  4. 4. Where is Malta?
  5. 5. Some Facts• 3 main islands: Malta, • Medium Age: 40 years Gozo and Comino old• Land area: 316 km² • Per capita GDP (Growth (smaller than Andorra!) Domestic Product): USD• 2 languages: Maltese 25.700 (USD 35.000 in and English (Italian and France) Arabic also) • Minimum wage: € 665 (€• Population: 409.836 1.365 in France) people (2012) • Unemployment: 6,5% • At risk-of-poverty-line: €5.477
  6. 6. Analysis of the tourism in Malta• A central industry • Services inside - Arrivals by plane or ferry - 27% of the national GDP - English language - 1.3 Million tourists - Many accommodations arrivals (mainly British, from lower to higher prices German and Italian) - Some units specialized for - expense average : € 791 seniors citizens - high season: summer - Simple access to health services• Maltese tourists - 270.000 in 2009 (236.000 • Lack of Infrastructures in EU) - For Disable people - 65% of Maltese people - For seniors can’t pay 1 week annual holiday
  7. 7. An attractive destination• For Culture: • For landscape: - a large historical - some beautiful heritage (more than beaches and creeks 7.000 years of history) - snorkeling and diving in - a mix of different the Mediterranean sea civilizations, religions - a nice climate and buildings - trekking in Gozo
  8. 8. Social tourismfor Maltese people
  9. 9. What are the general structures andplayers for social tourism?• Malta Tourism Authority: national contact point for Calypso• TSDU (Tourism and Sustainable Development Unit): depends on the Office of the Prime Minister and deals with policy• Malta Hotels and Restaurant Association (off-season)• Ministry of Social Policy: it provides support to the target of social tourism (except for the youth)• General Worker’s Union (GWU): this trade union aims to protect the worker’s rights• Untours Travel Ltd and Travel Malta group: support the action of GWU by offering good opportunities for holiday for different trade unions (online portal)
  10. 10. Senior Citizens• Who are they? • What do they want? - 13.5% over 65 years old - No specific constraints - 20%: at the risk-of- nor needs (destination, poverty-level accommodation, - Duration of stay for activities, equipment) Holiday (in EU): 10-15 - The sensitivity to price days for 24% of seniors is high - No specific barriers for - Preferred period in non-participation Summer - Support systems: Ministry for Social Policy and The National Council for Elderly
  11. 11. Young people• Who are they? • What do they want? - Age: 13-30 years old - No specific constraints - No statistic available - No specific need for - about 17% of the destination, departing tourists: in accommodation, different EU destinations activities, equipment - Barrier for financial (but lowest prices) participation - Sensitivity to price is - Support systems: low Ministry of Education, - No specific seasonality Youth and Sports aspects, except for summer
  12. 12. Families facing difficult circumstances• Who are they? • What do they want? - No clear statistics: - Financial Constraints 45.188 families with - Destinations, child allowance, 708 accommodations and families with disabled activities centered on child allowance, 2.687 children and disabilities, families with family with specific equipment benefit - The sensitivity to price - Main barriers are the is very high school holidays - Support systems: Ministry of Social Policy
  13. 13. Adults with disabilities• Who are they? • What do they want? - 10.226 persons in 2010 - Constraints: a very low with pensions income, traveling in group, - Duration for stay: 7-15 personal assistance days (mainly in EU) - Adapted accommodation - No statistic for average - Specific and varied spending and participation equipment (it depends on - Barriers are accessibilities the nature of impairment) and financial resources - The sensitivity to price is - Support systems: Ministry high for Social Security and The - Preferred periods: National Commission summer, Christmas and Persons with Disability New year, Easter; off- season
  14. 14. Social tourismfor European people
  15. 15. Tourism for the 4 targetgroups• Young people: • Seniors people - English language courses - Accommodations and - Low price restaurant opened in accommodations: hostels, winter season guesthouses… - Climate - Specific centers• Families facing difficult (Scandinavian) circumstances • Disable people - Accommodations with - Some adapted very attractive prices accommodations and - Some adapted transports accommodations
  16. 16. Development of products forsocial tourism
  17. 17. Sustainable tourism• By developing the tourism in Malta, sustainable tourism is in line with Calypso goals: enhance the low-season and reduce the number of tourists for decreasing the pressure of the high-seasons• Create an eco-certification scheme for the Maltese hotels• Create constructions to respect the cultural and nature heritage
  18. 18. Infrastructures and prejudices• Malta has strong traditions in the field of tourism and could develop the accommodations structures and facilitate the transports for disable and elderly persons• Government has to fight again prejudice due to the facilities to Disable people in accommodations: some of them think it gives a “hospital-like atmosphere”
  19. 19. Development of web portals• A Website ( is available to give to people of the participating unions the possibility to have a 8-10% discount of the price in comparison with other websites. It includes hotels search, with the field for promotion code. It could be extended in a European project, and attached in more global European portal.• Another Website could propose many offers directed at the 4 targets:; it could include another section for social tourism.
  20. 20. Thank you for your attention…