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ORCID at the OU - March 2018


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Slides of a presentation on ORCID IDs at The Open University, March 05 2018

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ORCID at the OU - March 2018

  1. 1. ORCID at the OU Why, what and how
  2. 2. Where have you heard about ORCID?
  3. 3. Why? 1. Disambiguation
  4. 4. Why? 2. Connecting
  5. 5. Open Research Online
  6. 6. Why? 3. Because someone told me to
  7. 7. What it is? 0000-0002-0268-4704
  8. 8. Data marked as Public (visible by everyone) will be available to the public for viewing and use under a Creative Commons CC0 waiver. Data marked Limited Access (visible by those you trust) may be viewed through the Registry by you and your designated Trusted Individual(s) (if any) and Trusted Organizations (if any). Data marked as Private (visible by you) may be viewed through the Registry only by you, any Trusted Individual(s) you designate, and a Trusted Organization that added the data (if you gave it permission to do so).
  9. 9. What it isn’t?
  10. 10. The ORCID hub
  11. 11. ORCID integration at the OU
  12. 12. Picture credits • Privacy by Isengardt CC BY 2.0 • One by andrechinn CC BY 2.0 • I need validation CC BY-NC-ND 2.0