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Can ICT really help meet farmers' needs? Yes, but ...


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Presentation by Mark Bell, Director – International Learning Centre, University of California, Davis
Session: Impacts of ICTs for Agricultural Development Interventions
on 6 Nov 2013
ICT4Ag, Kigali, Rwanda

Published in: Education
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Can ICT really help meet farmers' needs? Yes, but ...

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  2. 2. Who are they? What do they need and want? What is practical and relevant to meet the needs? What do people need to know to make the change? How can the message be best packaged and delivered? How can each step be improved? (Photo Heidi Carrubba 2011) Bell et al., 2013
  3. 3. Credible message and messenger Engage farmers Practical Demand-driven Clear benefit Easily tested Photo – Bell et al., 2013. UC Davis