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Nairobi, 14th July, 2014. Presentation by Jermaine Henry (AgroCentral) at the "Plug and Play" day, Fin4Ag conference

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  • AgroCentral

    1. 1. Your Logo Here
    2. 2. Vision To create a value added service for both farmers and businesses. What is the problem? 1. Farmers unable to source buyers for their agricultural produce 2. Businesses unable to source large amounts of Agricultural produce 3. Foreign buyers unable to access local value chain 4. Agro-processors unable to source crops in shortages 5. Farmers getting small margins on their produce.
    3. 3. Agrocentral: Jamaica’s very first digital agriculture clearing house. Use Web to SMS technology to connect small farmers to big businesses Allow farmers to post their available produce to the platform using SMS. Fill orders by using our database of crops to source and deliver produce to businesses Our solutions
    4. 4. How it works Businesses share their demand using Buying Requests Farmers share their supply using Selling Posts.
    5. 5. Bidding Bidding allows farmers to competitively respond to selling posts made by businesses.
    6. 6. Why choose us?
    7. 7. Payment We handle payment in two simple steps: Payment is received from businesses. Payment is then processed and sent to farmers via bank transfer, mobile money or a money transfer service.
    8. 8. The market The are roughly 5,000 restaurants in Jamaica (Spending $20,000+(JMD) a week on produce) More than 250 Hotels in Jamaica (Spending $100,000+(JMD) a week on produce) 122% mobile penetration 166,652 registered farmers 5,000 restaurants 250 Hotels
    9. 9. Large database of Agricultural stakeholders Utilization of ICT (Web, SMS and Smartphone application) to allow inclusion of all stakeholders in value chain Potential partnerships with Telecoms provider and governments entities Our advantages: A Value added service for both end users.
    10. 10. ● Paid Subscription Business Model(Businesses) ● Transaction Fees (10-15%) ● SMS/Mobile Advertising for Agricultural stakeholders and financial institutions. ● Sale of relevant supply and demand data to various stakeholders. How we will make money 0 4000 8000 12000 16000 2015 2016 2017 2018
    11. 11. ● Winners of Jamaica Startup Weekend 2013(November) ● Showcased at Kingston Beta (Jamaica's largest startup events) ● Winners of the InfoDev Investment Readiness Bootcamp ● Selected to showcase at the Fin4AG conference in Nairobi Kenya Plug and Play Day (July 2014) Achievements
    12. 12. Contact http// Jermaine Henry | CEO