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TechTeam Presnetation


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This presentation is designed for TechTeam project participants.

Published in: Education, Technology
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TechTeam Presnetation

  1. 1. Mary Churchill Technology Integrationalist Duluth Public Schools Chery Takkunen, Ph.D Chair, Assoc. Professor Graduate Education Programs The School of Education The College of St. Scholastica Takkunen:
  2. 2.  Framework(s): Technology for Learning and 21st Century skills  Empower students for optimal learning  Higher level thining Takkunen:
  3. 3. Facebook and Twitter Digital Immigrant Takkunen:
  4. 4. What is the best example of technology integration you have witnessed in your school in the last year? Takkunen:
  5. 5. 21 st Century Skills LoTI ISTE Standards Takkunen:
  6. 6. Takkunen:
  7. 7. Takkunen:
  8. 8. We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist . . . using technologies that haven’t yet been invented . . .in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet. — Richard Riley, Secretary of Education under Clinton Takkunen:
  9. 9.  Core Subjects  Global  Critical Thinking Awareness  Collaboration  Information  Creativity Literacy  Communication  Technology Literacy  Innovation  Life/career skills Takkunen:
  10. 10.  Return to basic skills- safer?  Concerns: NCLB state tests?  Deep learning vs. shallow learning  Have faith 21st Century skills teaching and learning works.  Not either/Or  A Vision of K-12 Students  Article in folder cites research to support 21st century skills Takkunen:
  11. 11. Bloom, Lorin Anderson, revised Bloom's Taxonomy and published this- Bloom's Revised Taxonomy in 2001.Key to this is the use of verbs Takkunen:
  12. 12.  Quantity  Quality of use  Number of computers  How students are  Internet use using technology  Quality of product  “How much?” Old Way New Way Takkunen:
  13. 13.  Six Levels  Level Four- Target Level  Adopted by many states  At Level Four best chance for student learning potential  Dr. Christopher Moersch (1995)  LOTI- Connection Formerly named Levels of Technology ImplementationTakkunen:
  14. 14. Level 0 Non-use 1 Awareness Teacher use only- Grades, email, etc. (Productivity) 2 Exploration Student us (Lower level thinking) Teacher directed Technology is an extension or enrichment 3 Infusion Higher level thinking and engaged learning used to care out teacher-directed tasks 4 Integration A and B (Mechanical vs. Routine) Learner Centered- Student inquiry driven process 5 Expansion Goes beyond the classroom 6 Technology infusion Technology goes beyond the walls classroom Takkunen:
  15. 15. Bloom, Lorin Anderson, revised Bloom's Taxonomy and published this- Bloom's Revised Taxonomy in 2001.Key to this is the use of verbs Takkunen:
  16. 16. Students use of digital tools and resources is inherent and motivated by the drive to answer student-generated questions that dictate the content, process, and products embedded in the learning experience. Takkunen:
  17. 17. Takkunen:
  18. 18. 1. Standard texting rates only (worst cast US $0.20) TIPS 2. We have no access to your phone number 3. Capitalization doesn’t matter, butctakkune@css.eduspelling do Takkunen: spaces and
  19. 19.  Promethean Lesson  Maui Movie  Tessellations  Promethean HS Math  Edutopia Lesson: Geometry Let’s give this the “sniff” test…. Takkunen:
  20. 20.  Administrators  Teachers  Students  Student Profiles  44 states have adopted these or other tech standards  Minnesota still does not have a set of grade level measureable technology standards….. Takkunen:
  21. 21.  Visionary Leadership NETS-A  Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning NETS T  Creativity and Innovation NETS S  Communicate and Collaborate NETS S Takkunen:
  22. 22.  What did you identify as the best technology project you saw in your school last year?  What LoTI level do you believe it is?  Did this project encourage 21st century skills?  Did it meet any of the ISTE standards? Takkunen:
  23. 23. Marzono’s Work Classroom Instruction that Works Promethean: 17% Achievement Gain "You don't get gains from technology... you get gains from changing the learning environment with technology" Twitter quote from #ties09 “quoting Marzono” Takkunen:
  24. 24. Higher Empower Level and Thinking Engage 21st Century Skills LoTI ISTE NETS Takkunen:
  25. 25. Takkunen:
  26. 26. The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn. Alvin Toffler Takkunen:
  27. 27. Where to start? Awash in too many ideas… Takkunen:
  28. 28. It’s a little like herding cats..…. Takkunen:
  29. 29.  I like the Smartboard, but I think that all kids should have their own small smartboards so that we could do more stuff….  1st grader from Northern MN  When I go to school I have to “power down”…  5the grader from Illinois Takkunen:
  30. 30.  Digital- Age Literacy ◦ Kids need help with this  Remember that schools may be the only place for some children to access technology  Research: $70,000 for full technology access with high speed internet at home  TALK to students- they know!  Let Children Create Takkunen:
  31. 31.  Tech Team Project  0 credit course available for student teachers  1 credit course ($125.00) available for cooperating teachers ◦ Mentor student teachers/training etc. ◦ Read several articles ◦ Reflection paper  Student teacher creates a technology- integrated project Takkunen:
  32. 32.  Student project (Student teacher in charge) ◦ Can this project fit in with work that is already being done? ◦ ISTE standard ◦ MN academic standard ◦ Higher level thinking ◦ LoTi level 3 or higher ◦ CSS lesson plan Celebration: A day to share projects! Takkunen:
  33. 33.  What other support do you need?  Will the tentative dates work?  Would you prefer to have support/training in your classrooms? Takkunen:
  34. 34. Thank you! Twitter@ctak10 Takkunen: