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Cynthia S. WetzelPerkinston LibraryMississippi Gulf Coast CommunityCollegeErin E. BoydRosa Parks LibraryTroy University – ...
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Make Mine To-Go: Comparison of Web-Based Bibliographic Management Tools


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Poster Session at ALA2011, New Orleans, LA

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Make Mine To-Go: Comparison of Web-Based Bibliographic Management Tools

  1. 1. Cynthia S. WetzelPerkinston LibraryMississippi Gulf Coast CommunityCollegeErin E. BoydRosa Parks LibraryTroy University – MontgomeryAbstract: The ubiquitous mobility of todays researchers and students requires accessibility to sources and resources at alltimes and in all places. Web-based bibliographic reference management platforms, such as CiteULike, EasyBib, and Zotero, providethis accessibility, in addition to assisting the user to produce the desired documentation. Keeping track of research citations,properly formatting those citations by style, and preparing a bibliography are time-consuming and often tedious tasks for both thestudent and the professional researcher. Finding the best economical, one-stop tool for one’s needs is critical to managinginformation today. This presentation will review three popular, no-cost or low-cost platforms for ease of use, scope of resources,and limitations. This poster compiles and compares features, upgrading options, product support, and sociability via communitiesand forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. On-site laptops display screen shots from each service, as well as brief tutorials.Handouts are available via the Internet or by email from the authors.Make Mine To-Go:Comparison of Web-basedBibliographic Management ToolsCost /Upgrade Options- Free- No upgrade options- Free- MyBib Pro ($4.99/mo., $14.99/6 mo., $19.99/yr.)- Free- Additional fee for storage beyond 100 MbEase of Use - Moderate to steep learning curve- Refined search requires use of syntax inquiry- Citation & bibliography creation- Extremely user-friendly interface- Visually intuitive- Moderate learning curve, some hitchesScope of Resources - “Trusted” sites via search- Non-supported journals or URLs via manual entries- Creates citations for up to 58 formats - References are saved on your computer, backed up on the webSharing/Collaboration - Create a “Group” to share files publically or privately - Download files to Word or Google Docs (share externally) - Create a “Group” to share files publically or privatelyCitation Manger/Generator - Both a citation manager and citation generator - Citation generator only - Both a citation manager and citation generatorImport Methods - Use bookmark to add individual articles as they are found - Bibtex, Endnote & text files (Pro account; beta) - Use icon in browsers address barOutput - Cannot create bibliography (citations article by article) - Citations, bibliography- MLA (free), APA or Chicago/Turabian (with paid subscription)- In-text citations, citations, bibliographies in multiple formats.Accessibility(Internet, Smartphone)- Web-based only- Operating system independent- Web-based only- Operating system independent- iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app- Planned Android app (Summer release)- Web-based functionality- Local and “cloud” synced storage- Operating system independent- Convenient tool for laptop usersAdvantages - Facebook login- Collaborate with groups- Everything is housed in “the cloud”- Works with EndNote, Reference Manager (exports), Zotero(imports), and syncs with Mendeley- Third-Party Login- Google Apps (Docs)- Provides citation reference guides (MLA, APA, Chicago)- Off-line access (synced with “the cloud”)- Collaborate with groups- Stores PDFs and website citations- Extensive support (tutorials, help guides, screencasts, forums, blogs, etc.)Limitations - Best used with supported journals- No off-line access- Only works with traditional academic formats- Commercial advertising- Only MLA in free version- Does not allow group collaboration- Commercial advertising (free account)- Must use Firefox- Lack of duplicate record detectionComparable Management Tools - ColWiz; Connotea - Citation Machine; BibMe; OttoBib; NoodleTools (similar butlimited);- EndNote; RefWorks; Mendeley; ProCite; Sente; HeuristCiteULikeStore - Organize - Share Specifically designed for researchingacademic papers (in particular, fromsupported journals)• Quality content; but not always free full-text (limited by institution access orsubscription) Search limiters available only as syntaxinquiry (e.g., year:[2001 TO 2003],tag:literacy, author:”Smith John D” Sociability: neighbors/connections (i.e.,friends), groups, messaging, blog(user/group), forums, interests Share via Facebook, Twitter 16 citation styles available Browser button for Firefox, IE, Safari Follow on Twitter (@CiteULike)ZoteroSee it. Save it. Sort it. Search it. Cite it. Cite in multiple styles including APA, MLA, Chicago; dozens more available(e.g., Turabian) Application plug-ins (MS Word, OpenOffice/LibreOffice/NeoOffice) Will work with Google Docs Standalone Alpha for Mac, Windows & Linux Connectors for use with Chrome & Safari (IE is planned) Follow on Twitter (@Zotero)EasyBibWrite Smart.Fast ISBN citingMostly benefits those in thehumanities (free citation = MLA)Log-in links through third-partyservers: Facebook, Google,Yahoo, AOL, OpenIDUpgrade to Pro version foradditional citation styles &outlining/notecard functionalityMobile platformsFollow on Twitter (@EasyBib)©2011 ©2011 ©2011