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What Is Social Media?


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A short romantic view of Social Media.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
  • thank you :)

    My socialising tries to be as global as possible, though it remains difficult to stay in contact.

    That is also a good point about the universal thing, but I believe that it's spreading so soon the world will be connected :) Especially with the one laptop a child scheme, it should only be a matter of years.
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  • Quite a global perspective Chris. Does your socialising take place on this scale or do you find yourself networked more locally?

    You need a computer yes - so this is not a universal thing.

    I think you have used a good balance of image and text to get your message across.
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What Is Social Media?

  1. 1. What is Social Media? By Christopher Wells
  2. 2. Social is: <ul><li>‘ Increased circulation by people of all nations with fewer restrictions’ </li></ul>
  3. 3. Meaning anyone can use the internet...
  4. 4. ...all you need is...
  5. 5. A Computer...
  6. 6. A Laptop...
  7. 7. Or a 3G Phone!
  8. 8. To connect to the World Wide Web!
  9. 9. And there is so much to do!
  10. 11. And so much more!
  11. 12. But they all mean the same thing!
  12. 14. That we all stay networked as one planet of people.
  13. 15. People who complain. People who argue. People who share. People who help. People who love. People who shock. People without shame. People who entertain.
  14. 16. People Connected.